the war of 1812

  • presideent madison takes desk

    Americans are angry at britain for giveing guns to the native americans that live in the northwest .The british keep taking american ships and crew . James madison knew the tensions were hight with britain.
  • Period: to

    the war of 1812

  • Britain blockades amrican ports

    Britain surounds ports making a blocade around ports. There was a major battle on the sea but in the end america defeated the british warships.
  • second battle of sackets harbor

    the british were planning to take over the great lakes . In the first couple of weeks of the war the british seized control of the great lakes .
  • battle of plattsburgh

    the last invasion of the nothern states a british army lead by lieutenant general sir george . anerican was lead by brigadier generalalexander macomband ships commandedby master commandant tomas macdonough .
  • battle of new orleans

    The battle of new orleans had a stunning victory by the americans . The war was lead by general andrew jackson. The new englandes were mad and resalt was that they secad from the united states .