The War Of 1812

By Katt!
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

  • James Madison Takes Office.

    Amiraicans Did not want to make peace with the Britsh Just war so preisdent Madison Jumped in and help right the conustion to keep Amaricans Out Of war,Tension with brittan beacome high when Madison took Office In 1809. Tyhe amaricans wanted war wioth brittan beacuas they had armed The native amaricans Also The amaricans also did not like the impressment of the amarican soldiers.The Amaricans Won.
  • War Halwks Take Power

    The war halwaks were the South and west Congress men,Who Were very violente and Declared war with brittan. The Britsh
  • Realtion with Great Britten Worsen

    Already tense relations continued to get worse with Britain. They had told The United States that they would continue to impress American sailors. In the meantime, the Native Americans had begun to attack on American settlements.
  • Congress Daclares War

    In New york harbor May 1811 a war begin betwenn Amarica and Brittan, The war Begin when Brittan Tryed to steal The new england Seaports And stopped the amaricans with trading with france.Amarica Left 32 Wounded Brithsh People and Amiaricans Fine.The amaricans hads won.
  • Amarica Is not ready for war.

    The United sates had Not been ready to fight and had fallen under attak Because They had relied on the goverment and voulteers from the land to go in to battel the People who would go in to battel would recive 124 dollares and some farm land. The brittsh Won.
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    In just the first days of war, the American coast was blockaded by British warships. In 1814, American ports were blockaded by 135 Britain warships. By the end of the war, all of America's ports had been blockaded by the British navy.
  • Invaison of Canda

    Even Befor the Battel the war halwks were plnnig on an invaison in canda.The Amarican troops Under Genaral William Hull Invaded candas from detroit. Hull Feared his Army Was too Littel,Brittan took over 2,000 Amiraican soldier's. The amaricans Soon won and brittsh were forced to Go to Detroit.
  • US Cunstitution Scores Avictory

    Isaac Hull,Captin Of the counstion Saw a britsh ship and attack . The counstion But holes in to the britsh shiips.The Amarican ships won.
  • Battel of lake Erie

    Oliver Hazared Bulit His own ships For Battel, On september 10 1813 he saild his tiny fleet aginst the britsh.Heput hisflag down and Fought. The Amarricans Had won after the battle Caption Perry wrote a message on the back of an envlope he wrote....'We Have Met The Enemy And They Are Ours.'
  • Horeshoe Bend

    With the United States and Britain engaged in the War of 1812, the Upper Creek elected to join with the British in 1813 and began attacks on American settlements in the southeast. This decision was based on the actions of the Shawnee leader Tecumseh who had visited the area in 1811 calling for a Native American confederacy.
  • Battel of Thames.

    Battle of the Thames, also called Battle of Moraviantown , Jin the War of 1812, decisive U.S. victory over British and Indian forces in Ontario, Canada, enabling the United States to take control over the Northwest.
  • Attack On Baltimore

    The Battle of Baltimore was a combined sea/land battle fought between British and American forces in the War of 1812. It was one of the turning points of the war as American forces repulsed sea and land invasions off the busy port city of Baltimore, Maryland, and killed the commander of the invading British army forces.
  • The stardpngled Banner

    The Star Spangled Banner Was Written During war and was written by Scott key.The Star Spanggeld Banner was then maade the National anthoame.
  • Treaty Of Ghenty

    The treaty of Ghenton was signed in the city of ghent on december 24 1814.Brittan and The us had signed in the conditoins Of pre war but had said nothing about impressment.But thoses isssues had gone away after the battel with Napoiline.The amaricans had finally won at the end.But some amaricans Had felt that the war was a mistake.
  • Battel of New Orleans

    The Britsh Had Prepared a attack on New orleans and Hoped to Sail up the Mississippi.During The battel More than 2,000 britsh fell under the deadly fine of amarican shaper shouters And only 7 Americans Died. The amaricans Won and The leader andrew jakson had dided But became a national Hero.