The war of 1812

  • President Madison takes office

    President James Madison Takes office in March 1809. Americans angry at britain for arming native americans in the north west
  • Period: to

    The war of 1812

    Rosemary Woolworth
    period 9
  • War Hawks takes power

    War Hawks Takes Power House of Representative in congress in March 1810 john C.calboun and hanry clay
  • Relations with Great britain Worsen

    Relation with great Britain Worsen united states in the early feb Britain told the U.S. they would continue impressing sailors and Native americans in the northwest began new attacks on frontier settlements
  • Congress Declars war on Britain

    congress Declares war on Britain congress june 1812 *congress british impressing sailors and native americans continued to attack frontier settlements
  • America is not ready for war

    america is not ready for war united states in june 1812 Thomas jefferson (spending cuts had weakened american military strength) and Weakened Military strength and navy had only 16 warships and army was also small
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    Britain Blockades American Ports Blockades American Ports american coast in july 1814 Britain america british navy had 135 warships blockading american pots
  • Invasion of canada

    Invasion of canada,canada july 1812 American troops-General William hull and British General isaac Brock and 2,000 american soldiers where captured and serious depeat for U.S.
  • USS Constitution scores a victory

    USS Constitution Scores a Victory North america august 1812 united states Britain USS Constitution defeated british warships,Guerriere
  • Battle of lake Erie

    Battle of lake Erie Lake erie putin bay september 1813 united states we have met the ememy and they are ours1 britain forced to leave Detrait
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames canada oct 1813 united states britain tecumsen native american General killed william henr7y harrison led by land
  • Washington, D.C attacked & Burned

    Washington,D.C. attacked and burned nations capital washington D.C. aug 1814 united states Britain British set fire to several govern-ment buildings, including the white house
  • Washington, D.C Attacted & Burned

    attack on baltimore& the writing of the star spangled Banner
    *washington,D.C. harbor sept 13, 1814 americans british *americans defeat the british at fort Hchenry *National anthem created by francis scott key
  • attacked on Baltimore & the writing of the star spangled Banner

  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention december 1814 united states british independence from british
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent Ghent, Treaty december 24, 1814 united states british U.S. officially independent allowed to be free *treaty of Ghent singned ended war
  • Battle of new Orleans

    Battle of new Orleans new orleans, louisiand january 1815 united states:sndrew jackson british andrew jackson won a stunning victory over the british