The War of 1812

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    The War of 1812

  • President Madison Takes Office

    President Madison took office in 1809. In the beginning Madison didn't want war. Eventually Madison was convinced by warhawks and gave into "war fever". War was declared duing his first year in office. The Whitehouse was burned during his Presidency.
  • War Hawks Take Power

    The warhawks were a group of people in the united states that were predominantly southern. They controlled much of the government and were very rich. Many of them dreamed of adding lands to America such as Canada and Florida. Also they thought it would get them more respect. But since the British were also supplying the Natives with guns that they could drive the British off American soil for good.
  • Relations with great Britain worsen

    There are a lot of ways things got even worse with Britain. First of all the British navy were capturing American sailors and impressing them. Also the British were giving the natives weapons and encouraging them to attack American settlements.Anothger thing is because the British were attacking American ships America lost a lot of major exports to France. And the British blockaded American ports.
  • Congress Declares War on Britain

    There were many reasons why congress declared.One reason was that Britain was blockading American ports. Another reason is that the warhawks (more info on this timeline) controlled most of the government. The British were also attacking American trading ships and impresing their soldiers.
  • America is Not Ready for war.

    During June 19, 1812 the Americans were tired of the British taking their ships and impressing their sailors.But since the warhawks basically controlled the government President Madison eventually "gave into war fever"-The American Nation.Since Jefferson reduced the military budget and the army size. The army had aproximately 2,500 soldiers and the navy had about 16 ships. There were also no experienced soldiers.
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    Britain began blocking ports so they could not import or export any goods. They also started taking American ships and impresing their sailors. (taking their sailors and forcing them to work for the British navy. Britain mainly did this to stop them from trading with France. During 1811 a small battle broke out between a British ship and an American frigate. the British ship was destroyed.
  • Invasion Of Canada

    The Americans have attempted to invade Canada quite a few times. Evidently all have failed. The first of them was General William Hull. He attacked with a relatively large force. The leader of the British was Isaac Brock. He was smart and knew that the Americans outnumbered him. he dressed Canadians in British uniforms and told the Americans that the Britsih army was larger than it really was.
  • The USS Constitution Scores A Victory

    During the war there were many miraculous American naval victories. One was by an American ship called the USS constitution or "Old Ironsides". it was called this because cannonballs would bounce off it's thick oak wood hull. Isaac Hull was the captain of the USS Constitution. during the battle the USS Constitution shot off both the masts of the other ship.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    During this battle a Captain perry had to build his own navy. He had a very small flet compared to the British. The British focused on whatever ship they thought Perry was on. Whenever Perry's ship was destroyed he would justb go to a different ship and continue the fight. The Americans eventually won the battle.
  • Battle of Thames

    During this battle in the war of 1812 Indian leader Tecumseh was killed. The leader of the American forces was General William Henry. The battle was fought because the Americans were pursuing the retreating British from a previous battle. This battle was fought in Canada. Tecumseh was allied with the British.
  • Horseshoe Bend

    This battle was between the Americans and the Creeks. During this battle Andrew Jackson led American forces. the Americans won this battle. During this battle the Cheroke nation aided the Americans. During the middle of the night the Creek walked into the American camp and surrendered.
  • Washington DC Attacked and Burned

    When the British attacked Washington they landed in Chesapeake bay. Before they got there they fought a battle at Bladensburg. The British won. President Madison was there and when the British got to Washington Mrs. Madison took all of President Madisons important papers and fled. The British, once there burned the White House which was miraculously saved by a freak thunderstorm.
  • The Attack on Baltimore

    Baltimore's main defence was fort McHenry. After the British burned Washington they advanced straight for Baltimore. Ships bombarded the harbor and inspired our Nations national anthem by Francis Scott Key "the star soangled banner." America was victorious on this battle.
  • Writing the Star Spangled Banner

    This poem is today's National Anthem for America. It was written by Francis Scott Key about his observations on the battle at Fort McHenry. This Poem was written on an envelope. During this battle Francis was imprisoned on a British ship. It was mainly inspired because in the morning after the battle the flag was still waving over the fort.
  • Hartford Convention

    The New Englanders didn't like this war. So they decided to start a convention at Hartford. Most of these people were Federalists. During this war New England also threatened to secede. These people called the war "Mr. Madisons War" and met in Conneticut Hartford.
  • Treaty of Ghent.

    This treaty was made because the British were tired of the war. This treaty ended the war officially. It returned things to normal. Although the war is over there was still one battle fought after this. Although this information took weeks to reach the US.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    During this battle there were at least 2000 British casualties and maybe 7 American casualties.The Americans had a good strategy, they dug trenches and just waited for the British to come.The American army included not only the normal soldiers but thousands of fronteirsman and some of the villagers offered to fight as well. Andrew Jackson was the famous leader of these American soldiers.