the time of my life

  • I was born

    I was born on the 29th of June. It's great to be alive
  • baptism

  • my first birthday

    this was my first ever birthday party but only family was there
  • Moved into the house we built at Rouse Hill

  • starting to talk and walk

    it was sometime in this area i started walking and talking
  • my second birthday

    this birthday i dont remember
  • started pre school

  • my third birthday

    still getting boring
  • started playing rugby union

  • my fourth birthday

    my life is boring until i get to kindy
  • my fifth birthday

  • starting school yay

    my first day at school so fun
  • Was given a Year 6 buddy - Sarab

    on the seconed mounth we got buddies but only at the end
  • started little athletics

  • my sixth birthday

    so happy having friends at a party
  • starting year 1

    starting year 4 what a fun year
  • got year 5 buddies - Josh & Issac

  • my seventh birthday

  • starting year 2

  • my eighth birthday

  • starting year 3

  • started playing baseball

  • moved house to Kellyville

  • my nineth birthday

  • starting year 4

  • my tenth birthday

  • confirmation & reconciliation

  • starting year 5

  • get year 1 buddies

  • my eleventh birthday

  • moved house again

  • cultural day

  • get kindy buddies

  • starting year 6

  • weetbix triathlon

    so cool
  • started playing rugby league for Kellyville Bushrangers

  • my twelveth birthday

  • my cruise with family to the South Pacific

  • finish my cruise

  • last ever assembly at primary

  • graduation

  • end of year dance

    last day to see my friends
  • start year 7

    2012 end of the world
  • today doing this homework on my life wow