The Struggle for Southern Africa

  • Nov 1, 1458

    Portuguese arrive at the Cape of Good Hope

  • The Dutch establish a settlement on The Cape of Good Hope

  • European settlements extend throughout the southern part of The Cape and east

  • The British gain control of The Cape

  • Many Dutch farmers (called Boers) went on a northern migration known as the "Great Trek".

  • Along the "Great Trek" they interacted with many African groups. Under their leader, Shaka, they overpowered them all.

  • Shaka was assassinated and replaced by his half-brother Dingane.

  • The Zulus fought on after Dingane was killed.

  • Dingane was defeated and deported ater the Battle of Blood River

  • The Dutch established the Republic of the Transversal.

  • The Dutch created the Orange Free State.

  • Diamonds were found.

  • With their superios weapons, the British were able to defeat the Zulus.

  • Period: to

    Angelo-Boer Wars began in reaction to the many British immigrants traveling to the Dutch republics.

  • Large gold desposits were found in the Transversal.

  • Large amounts of European immigrants began to travel to South Africa.

  • Transsval and Orange Free State were tooken over and added to the British Empire.