The story of my life

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    My life so far

  • The day I was born

    During the eleven hours in the morning of a typical day,a girl called Florencia was born at Calzada´s hospital.Rodolfo and Monica´s daughter was born after thay had been married during ten years.
  • My first day at school

    When I was six years old my mother enrolled me to the Primary school number 50 in Burzaco.It was such a new experience for me because I had not had direct contact with so many children and had not been separated from my mother before becuse I didnot go to a kindergarten so that day became very important in my life.
  • Choosing my future degree

    I had always liked studying English,so after having a chat with my seventh grade English teacher she explained me that if I wanted to be a teacher someday I should start studying as soon as posible so she recomended me an institute called ´Spectrum´.My mother was glad with this idea so she enrolled me there,where I started to be taught.
  • Last day at primary school

    this day means a big step for me since I left primary school to enter to the secondary school,It meant a big change to my because I had to grow up a bit and had more responsabilities,apart from the fact that I had gone my whole childhood to that same school.
  • Starting High School

    I had been enrolled to the High School Number two in Burzaco,this meant an important change in my life because I had not been changed from my old school during nine years,at that moment I had to deal with different teachers,subjects and classmates.
  • Finishing the High School

    This day was awarding of diplomasat our school.Giving this enormous step was very difficult,It meant to leave my childhood,my adolescence behind and start to think as an adult.I had to decide which way would I take.
  • A big step

    My mother had been recomended a place where I could study the degree that I have always wanted,The I.S.F.D y T nº 35 in Monte Grande,which seemed the best option,becuse I had known about others but I did not like them.I went there for a meeting where we would be explained about the degree.
  • A defininig day

    I had enrolled to the profesorado nº 35,there was a final requirement to belong to the degree,we had had a written test and we had to pass the oral test,fortunately I passed it and so far I`m on first year.