The Roman Empire

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    The ending of the Macedonian war

    the Macedonian War ended after 4 years
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    The beggining of the Macedonian war

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    It was starting the war against King Phyrrus of Epirus

    War against King Phyrrus of Epirus.
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    The end of the war against King Phyrrus of Epirus

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    The 12 tables were created

    The 12 tables are like Roman Laws. they are like the present 10 commadments. was the ancient legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law and formed the centerpiece of the constitution of the Roman Republic.
  • 509

    The Beggining of the Roman Republic

    Early in the republic, all power was concentrated into the hands of the patricians and some aristocrats . Plebians were anyone who was not a patrician (the equestrian class would come later), and many were just as wealthy as the patricians. These "aristocratic" plebians came to fight what has been called the "War of the Orders" with the aristocrats in charge over the next 200 years.
  • The Declination of the Roman Republic

    The declination of Rome came towards an end by the death of Julius Caesar
  • Julius became council

    Julius after all these years, he became a council which was an important event of the history of Rome
  • Julius captured by the pirate

  • The begging of the Punic Wars

    A long time ago, when Rome was still a Republic, a big fight broke out between Rome and Carthage. Carthage was an ancient city-state in North Africa, about 300 miles from Rome. Carthage and Rome had never liked each other, but they had, for the most part, left each other alone in the past. Both cities were busy building empires of their own. Carthage had grown into a huge empire. Carthage had a strong army, a strong navy, and a strong government.