Ghana 1

The Rise And Fall Of Ghana

  • 300

    The Beginning Of Ghana

    The Beginning Of Ghana
    The Soninke began to band together for protection against nomadic herders. This was the beginning of Ghana.
    This brought many people to the land.
  • 500

    Discovery of Iron

    Discovery of Iron
    In 500 BC, West Africans found that they could heat certains kinds of rocks to create a hard metal. This was iron.
    This helped the people with everyday life and work.
  • Nov 16, 1200

    Ghana Declines

    Ghana Declines
    The empire collapsed; only 3 major factors contributed to the decline: invasion, overgrazing, and internal rebellion.
    Many of the people abandoned the empire, leaving it to crumble.
  • Ghana Builds An Empire

    Ghana Builds An Empire
    By 800, Ghana was in control of West Africa's trade routes. Ghana's army kept the trade routes safe. Trade increased, and so did Ghana's wealth.
    Many merchants moved to Ghana because this was where the wealth was. The people felt very protected.