The Life of Lindsay LaBean

  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    I was born premature 3 weeks and 4 days early. I was born at 5 pounds 4 ounces and 18 inches long.
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    First Two Years

  • First Two Years

    Biosocial- I first crawled at 9 months, and I took my first steps at 16 months.
    Cognitive- I said my first word at 20 months, saying "momma"
    Psychosocial- Very happy baby I slept through the night. Hated car rides, cried from the moment the car started moving till it stoped.
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    Early Childhood: Play Years

  • Early Childhood: Play Years

    Biosocial- Very tiny child (skinny and short). Very picky eater, would refuse to eat a sandwhich if the mustard tounched the cheese.
    Cognitive- Started preschool at the age of 4
    Psychosocial- Social butterfly my teachers called me. In preschool a little boy named Jacob kissed me on the mouth before class and I punched him in the nose.
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    Middle Childhood

  • Middle Childhood

    Biosocial- Healthy, average weight and short. A test in 3rd grade showed my memory skills were above average, reading skills below average & lack of focus.
    Cognitive- In 3rd grade I was put in a special tutoring class to bring my reading skills up. I hated homework.
    Psychosocial- Very sociable and had alot of friends. In 6th grade got into my first fight with an 8th grade girl, but didnt get serious.
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  • Adolescence

    Biosocial- Started puberty at age 16. Fluctuated in weight, weighed 150-160 pounds at ages 12-15, weighed 110-115 pounds at ages 15-18.
    Cognitive- Got average grades in school all c's and b's. Graduated highschool in 2007.
    Psychosocial- First got drunk at age 15, first tried drugs at age 16, first had sex at age 16. Had lots of friends and went to lots of parties, popularity was very important to me.
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • Emerging Adulthood

    Biosocial- Begin taking birth control at age 18. Dealt with minor stress that comes with paying bills. Anxiety has become high with being sued at age 22, for involvement in a minor car accident.
    Cognitive- Started college at Schoolcraft at the age of 19. Graduated from massage therapy program at 21, but continued education to become a physical therapist.
    Psychosocial- Moved into my first apartment at 20 with my fiance. Got engaged at 19.
  • Adulthood

    Biosocial- Body weight has increased to a maximum of 180 pounds flexuating back and forth. Had my first child at age 27 and my second child at age 29 (both boys). Begin menopause at 54 years old.
    Cognitive- Graduated with my Doctorate in physical therapy from Wayne State University at age 27.
    Psychosocial- Married my fiance at age 27 and bought our firt house at 25. Put 2 children through college from age 45-50. Happily retired from physical therapy at age 54.
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  • Late Adulthood

    Biosocial- Crows feet has hit my face and gray hair has becomed completely white as my age increases. Walking has become difficult since a broken hip at age 65, so life has come with a permanent cane.
    Cognitive- Diagnosed with Parkinsons at age 66 which runs through my family history.
    Psycosocial- Still happily married to my husband of 50 years. Still living in my own house with a twice a week nurse to help with my health starting at age 67. No grandchildren.
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    Late Adulthood

  • Death & Dying

    Finally at the age of 98 I painlessly died from my long battle with Parkinsons, however my husband death three years earlier to natural causes has made my death easy to accept. I died in my house in bed with homecare nurses near by and my family at my bed side to say my final good bye's to. I went peacefully and ready.