The Life Of Jessica

By jshort1
  • Biosocial- beginning to crawl

    I remember falling down the stairs when I was one year old, and breaking my right arm. I still have the cast!
  • My Birthday

    The day I was born. I was the only girl out of four brothers, so it made my dad very happy! Ive always been a daddy's girl.
  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Biosocial- sleep

  • Cognitive- My first word.."Momma"

  • Biosocial- develop eating habits

  • Psychosocial- Growth and development: attachment to my mom

  • Period: to

    Early Childhood

  • Cognitive- Learning to read with my dad

  • Psychosocial development- Making new friends

    Meeting my best friend, Amy at school only to learn she moved in a block away from me. This is when we began our lifelong friendship.
  • Biosocial- Learning to live with 4 brothers

  • Biosocial- growth and development during elementary school

  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

  • Biosocial- joining dance and maintaining health

  • Psychosocial- Graduating from high school and starting my first job

  • Cognitive- I was accepted into the nursing program in Toledo, OH

  • Psychosocial- Dealing with my grandmas death.

  • Cognitive- Early childhood education. I started kindergarden

  • Congitive- Graduating from nursing school and beginning my career as an RN.

  • Psychosocial- Getting married to my best friend, and beginning our lives together.

  • Psychosocial- watching my nieces and nephews grow into their own person and begin their journey through life.

  • Biosocial- Maintaining and monitoring health habits and disease prevention of age related illnesses.

  • Psychosocial- Retiring from my career as an RN and traveling the world to see all the beautiful places I have never been.

  • Psychosocial- Learning to adapt to losses of friends and family. Coping with all the changes the life brings.

  • Biosocial- Learning to cope with the physical changes of my body as I get older.

    Possibly having to use a walker or a cane as a result of aging.
  • Psychosocial- Learning to accept my age and coping with death and the end of life processes.