The Journey Of My Life

By s24055
  • The Day I Was Born

  • Graduate from Park Hill High School

  • Go on a mission trip with my church to Coasta RIca

    Cost maybe around $2,000 for flights and hotels
  • Attend the University Of Missouri in fall of 2016

    will cost maybe $60,000 dollars for all 4 years. I want to double major in TAM and Political Science
  • Take a vaction o Hawaii

    Costs roughly around $2,500 dollars
  • Graduate from Mizzou

  • Move to New York City and rent an appartment

    this will cost roughly $1,500 a month for rent and to get up there will cost $600
  • Become a buyer for Henri Bendel or Bergdorf

  • Run a half marathon

    Cost maybe $300 for signing up, shoes,hotel where I'll stay
  • Spend 2 months in Cape Town, South Africa

    I really love their culure and want to learn more about it and really experiance it.
  • Go to winter olympic games as a visitor

    I absolutly love the olypics and what they stand for and how it brings all the countires all together and I would love to attend one of the games. This would cost quite a bit of money maybe like a total of $9,000 dollars for tickets, hotes, plane tickets
  • Move back to Missouri and be elected to be a member of the 2028 election

    cost roughly around $2,000 to move everything back
  • buy a house in Missouri

    this will cost me roughly $450,000 dollars over all
  • Get married

  • have a kid

    I don't even know how much this will cost at all, I just know it will costs a lot of money, I don't even want to guess becuse I will be way off.
  • Adopt a child

    Same goes for this child, kids cost lots and lots of money
  • put my kid s through a good college

    Maybe cost around $100,000 doallrs for both or a little more
  • Still work with fashion and maybe that in New york and just commute to nyc from Kansas City

  • Move back to Nantucket to retire

    Im just going to guess this will cost $500,000 i have no clue how far off I am from this, it's just a wild guess.