The Imperial Era

By mslye15
  • Quinine is perfected

    The drug Quinine led to the protection of europeans from the disease malaria, found in the african interior
  • Trading With Africa

    European Trading with africa becomes well established.
  • The Crimean War

    The Crimean war was between the ottomans and the russians over the Black Sea.
  • The Sepoy Mutiny

    A mutiny of the Indian sepoys because they believed their gun cartridges which they had to bite, were coated in pig fat, which they are not allowed to eat. They believed that the british had done that purposely.
  • Diamonds are discovered in South Africa

    The discovery of diamonds in South Africa lead to an increased interest in colonizing the area
  • Suez Canal

    Originally built with money from French private investors. But Egypt could not even pay interest on that sum of money so the British stepped in and took control of the suez's finances.
  • Berlin Conference

    The Berlin Conference happened because the European nations feared they would fight amongst themselves for African territories. So they had a conference to lay out the rules for claiming african lands.
  • Gold is discovered in South Africa

    The discovery of gold in South Africa lead to an increased interest in colonizing the area.
  • United States Acquires Phillipines

    After the Spanish-American War the United States acquired among other places, the Phillipines.
  • The U.S. annexes Hawaii

    The U.S. annexed Hawaii only after the the president
    (an american sugar farm executive) pleaded them to do so.
  • United States Wins the Spanish American War

  • The Boer War

    The Boer War was between the British, the Boers, and some africans. They fought over the right to explore the Boer and African lands for gold and diamonds.
  • Maji-Maji Rebellion

    In 1905 a belief rose among german east africans that a magic water sprinkled on their bodies would turn the germans bullets to water. Long story short, around 75,000 were gunned down in a rebellion.
  • Most of Africa is under European control

    By this time the Europeans had taken most of the africans lands.