The History of Management

  • Period: to

    pre-modern (early 1900s)

  • The compact and modern vacuum

    The compact and modern vacuum
    Hubert Booth invents a compact and modern vacuum cleaner. The invention of the vacuum made it much easier to clean floors and did not take the amount of time it took to use a broom.
  • Air conditioner

    Air conditioner
    Willis Carrier invents the air conditioner. The first air conditioner was put in a Brooklyn printing plant. Willis Carrier developed the first residential “Weathermaker” in 1928, an air conditioner for private home use. The new air conditioning machine created a stable environment when a building or rooms of a house where unbearable.
  • Pop up toaster

    Pop up toaster
    The pop-up toaster invented by Charles Strite. It was a remake of the toaster invited in the late 1800s. The pop up toaster only toasted one side of the bread at a time and it required that someone stand by to manually turn it off when the toast looked done.
  • Blender

    In 1922, Stephen Poplawski invented the blender. Blender made liquidizing of food easier as well for it to be done in a shorter amount of time. It also made mixing food beverages easier.
  • Mechanical television

    Mechanical television
    The mechanical television a precursor to the modern television, invented by John Logie Baird. The mechanical television allowed the first pictures to be showed on a screen. This was ground breaking for households of the future.
  • motor top refrigerators

    motor top refrigerators
    In 1927, General Electric introduced this "Monitor Top" refrigerator, so-named by the public because of the resemblance of the exposed compressor on top of its cabinet to the cylindrical turret of the Civil War gunship, the Monitor. The product, priced at $525. The first in home refrigerator was originally produced in 1911. The invention of the air condition helped in keep food fresher for longer in the refrigerators. This meant less waste of spoiled food for the families.
  • First Garbage disposal

    First Garbage disposal
    John W. Hammes developed the first garbage disposal in his basement. He created the garbage disposal to all clean up to be easier for his wife. The garbage disposal help speed up the clean up process.
  • Modern color television

    Modern color television
    Peter Goldmark invents modern color television system. This invention allows for families to watch tv films in color.
  • Microwave oven

    Microwave oven
    The microwave oven invented by Percy Spencer. The microwave oven allowed for families to cook food quicker or warm up food that was cold.
  • Period: to

    modern (1950s)

  • Bonnet Hair Dryer

    Bonnet Hair Dryer
    This new hairdryer freed up hands which allowed for multitasking. It also would dry your hair faster because of the constant flow of air now on your head. All in all this new hair dryer saved much more time also.
  • Automatic coffee Pot

    Automatic coffee Pot
    Russell Hobbs invented the first automatic coffeepot. This invention also was a time saver, it took less time to get your coffee exactly the way you would like it. The percolator regulates the strength of the coffee according to taste.
  • 12- Speed Mixer

    12- Speed Mixer
    This invention made cooking much easier. It helped saves so much time in the kitchen that cooking took 1/3 of the time, leaving plenty of time to do other things such as cleaning, bonding with family, or really any other thing we could think to do with all our free time.
  • Automatic Can Opener

    Automatic Can Opener
    Automatic can opener that allowed individuals a faster and safer way to open cans. This invention also made it safe for a child to use. Most food for cooking where packaged in cans this made this new invention a plus to have in the home.
  • Email invited

    Email invited
    Ray Tomlinson invented internet based email in late 1971. This made sending letters a thing of the past. Actually people still sent letters, having a quicker faster option allowed for quicker responses with communication to others.
  • Digital Cellaur Phone

    Digital Cellaur Phone
    Digital cellular phones invented. This allowed people to stay in contact when not at home. Made family contact much easier.
  • World WIde Web invinted

    World WIde Web invinted
    Tim Berners-Lee was the man leading the development of the World Wide Web. The world wide web brought information to families in there home. It also allowed for shopping to be done at home rather then just in a store.
  • wifi

    WiFi made having the internet even better. Now we can access internet from a variety of sources instead of our home computer, making the retrieval of information even easier and freeing up even more time for our families or tasks that need to be done.
  • Digitial asnwering machine

    Digitial asnwering machine
    in 1991 the digital answering was invented for the use of if your not home and someone calls you and you cant answer it allows you to let them leave a message to tell you something important or just saying hello.
  • Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    Now the family doesn't even need to get up to clean the floors! This saves so much time from chores and gives the family ample amount of time to do other things or just spend time with one another.
  • DVR

    DVR made it easy to watch things on your schedule.Now you could handle more important task and come back to your tv shows at a later time. This made family time a lot less hectic as getting the show or movie started takes a matter of seconds.
  • Period: to

    postmodern (early 21st century)

  • Double sealed window unit

    Double sealed window unit
    Toreduce fuel bills by improving the energy efficiency of windows, the double-glazing sealed unit was developed. The double glazing sealed unit has a moisture absorbent seal between two panes.
  • first vertical-axis high efficiency washing machine

     first vertical-axis high efficiency washing machine
    Whirlpool introduced a high efficiency washing machine to be top-loading. A washplate in the bottom of the tub nutated (a special wobbling motion) to bounce, shake, and toss the laundry around. Simultaneously, water containing detergent was sprayed on to the laundry. The machine proved to be good at cleaning, but gained a bad reputation due to frequent breakdowns and destruction of laundry.
  • Water Purifier

    Water Purifier
    This new device was said to help kill unseen bacteria in drinking water. The device would attach to the home water supply and push purified water all through your house. Safe water to drink as well as soft water to bathe in.
  • Skype

    Skype transformed the way people communicate. Skype allowed families that are far apart communicate via skype app on there computers. It allows families to stay in touch from the comfort of your own home.
  • Home generators

    Home generators
    At times when the weather could be really crazy the back up home generator would be helpful. For those families that live in areas where the weather cause issues it was a great help, as well as comforting to be able to have some electricity.
  • Intelligent Oven

    Intelligent Oven
    The Intelligent Oven, an appliance that can cool and cook food and follow instructions sent via a cell phone or the Internet. It even has two separate compartments that can heat and cool independently of each other. This would make dinner for busy families much easier.
  • Wii

    Nintendo created this game system so it would be very interactive. The main goal of this game system was to promote good physical health. This would make family game nights competitive as well as keep families healthy and spending time together.
  • I phone

    I phone
    One of the first touch screen phones that brings the entire would in your hand as well as at home. The new touch screen I phone allowed you to keep track of family members at the touch of the screen in your house. It has apps to allow you to shop for clothing items, fast food delivery. I phone was a marque invention.
  • High-Speed Internet

    High-Speed Internet
    No more dial up. The new high speed internet allows you to get your information you are looking for faster. Moms can now shop for items on line, and dad and the kids can do the same as well.