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Gage & Courtney

  • We first met.

    We first met.
    We met through deviantart, an art/media sharing website.
  • Period: to

    We were friends.

    We became fast friends. There was a bit of innocent flirting, but nothing more. We talked all the time.
  • The First Note

    The First Note
    He sent me this note:
    "I don't know how to start this note without it being horribly awkward."
    After that, we mainly talked through notes on dA.
  • Period: to

    I was gone in Guatemala...

    For a week. I started noticing how used to talking to him everyday I had gotten.
  • Anniversary

    We first "kissed" online. That is the day we call our anniversarry as unofficially being boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Our first date...

    Our first date...
    We watched V For Vendetta "together" on Meebo. It was a Friday night.
    I told everyone I had a date with myself. XD
  • Period: to

    The Relationship Thickens

    Around here was our first time Skype-ing via my friend, Erin.
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "We may be 2888.8 miles apart, but together we are, together at heart."
  • A horrible night...

    A horrible night...
    She found out about him, and didn't approve. She found out when she was helping me study for a History test and I had doodled his name and hearts in my notebook. I fought and screamed with my mom all night. She forbid me to see him.
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "The skies weep for us today.."
  • Drawings by Jenny

    Drawings by Jenny
    His friend drew two pictures: one of us and one of me!
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "Before I had met you, I feared that my heart had dried, burnt and cindered, like a leaf in the fall, yet you showed me otherwise. You showed me how much there was to live for, and that I could truly love someone... "
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "When you leave...I hear your voice as a whisper in the trees.
    While we're apart, I am the lone breeze which caresses you."
  • He told his mom...

    He told his mom...
    According to him:
    "Her first instinct is to just brush it off as a relationship. Not really as us being united in faith and love... "
    "She thinks you're gorgeous ..."
    "She says she understands your mom not liking me, and the fact that I'm older could be a hindrance, but she's moreso seeing it from the point of view that your mom is just protecting you.
    Like I said, she probably thinks you're just a passing thing..."
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "He took the most beautiful rose and blew it into your cheek. He saw crystal blue waters and knew they were all that was fitting for your eyes, and decided to add a dash of starlight into them for that extra sparkle... He took the most beautiful grains on Earth and formed each strand of hair by hand to lay upon your hair."
  • A Poem Only I've Seen

    A Poem Only I've Seen
    My Rose,
    You've always been my favourite flower.
    Your crimson scent has power
    to intoxicate my every sense.
    A fragrance so very intense
    you set my soul in a trance.
    You're the true gift of romance!
    My nose, enthralled in your scent,
    my mouth waters, longing for a sip
    Of such sweet nectar inside...
    If only you would be my bride.
    My nose lingers on your fragrance,
    My lips long for yours.
    O Rose, do come shed,
    your beautiful petals
    in my bed...
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "It's not the most vivid memory I've ever had, but my favourite memory is the first time I heard your voice, and with that the first time I heard you say you loved me... "
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "When you tell me ''I love you...'' my heart skips a beat in disbelief, as if this amazing woman could actually mean it..."
  • Unconditional Love - Day by Day

    Unconditional Love - Day by Day
    I got the first sneak preview of the book he's writing for me.
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "I don't know if it's a side-effect of the love, but each day you get more beautiful... Seven months ago, I never though it was possible. 4 months ago, I figured that I just misjudged it. Today, I see that you get more beautiful with every passing second."
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "Simply put, love is setting your heart upon a cutting board, handing someone you may (or may not) know well a knife, and trusting them not to cut your heart up into little pieces."
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    {at the end of a note}
    "Only for you.
    Gage Prdy.
    (For I am not complete without "u")"
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "You're my Rose and you think you're barely a dandelion..."
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "I think loving me is a skill greater than any of those... Accepting me when I weak and when I'm strong, when I'm happy and sad... You're a musician, a woman of Christ... You're young, too. You have nothing to worry about.
    I can fix a car, computer and a house. You can fix my heart..."
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "Head over heels in love with you and I'm three thousand miles away... Now that is a love story."
  • Gage Quote

    Gage Quote
    "You make time fly and you make it stand still, you make my heart race and skip a beat, you take my breath away with every word and hand it back with the next... You make me feel whole..."
  • Six Month Anniversary

    Six Month Anniversary
  • Separation

    I decided to keep us apart for two years while I better my relationship with God.
  • Reunited

    We both decided we couldn't live without one another.
  • Period: to

    Our First Week Together

    We went roller skating, saw a few movies, and went around book stores. It was the best week of our lives and solidified that our love is real.
  • One Year Anniversary

    One Year Anniversary