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Hailey's Musical Marathon

  • 1st flight from Maimi to Brazil

    1st flight from Maimi to Brazil
    You have to board the international flight from Miami to Brazil, flight number 777 at 11:56pm - 11:17am the flight will consist of 8 hours and 23 minutes, you can get some shut eye on the play its oing to be a long day.
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    Hailey's Musical Marathon

  • Arrive in Brazil/Taxi to Dock

    Arrive in Brazil/Taxi to Dock
    You must take a taxi to the dock from the airport at 11:30, where you will take a boat to Manaus the city.
  • Arrive in Manaus

    Arrive in Manaus
    Once you arrive in Manaus at 2:30 you must take a taxi to the Manaus Opera House. You have to be there by 3:15 for dress rehersal and cannot be a minute late. While your on your way you can see
  • Arrived at the Teatro Amazonas Theatre

    Arrived at the Teatro Amazonas Theatre
    You arrive at 3:00pm you have 15 minutes to get dressed and make your way to the stage. You will have 2 hours of practice and then its show time.
  • Taxi to the MAO-Eduardo Gomes Intl.

     Taxi to the MAO-Eduardo Gomes Intl.
    You will need to take a taxi from the Manaus Opera House at 6:30pm, so that you can make your 8:00 pm flight. American Airlines 964 Airbus A319, the first flight will be a total of 5 hours and 26 min and wil arrive in Miami at 1:26am. On the flight they will supply dinner and breakfest, and there will be an 11 hour and 44 min layover in Miami.
  • Performance time

    Performance time
    It is 5:30pmtime to perform. You will enter through stage left and stand to the left of the violins. There will be an X on the spot you need to stand on. All of the paintings on the sealings you see from the stage, the artists who painted them were brought from all over europe and sent to brazil. The CULTURE COMPLEX (The group of traits that defines a particular culture) of Brazil is shown by the performances shown at the theatre; the many spanish performances and spanish operas.
  • Boat Ride

    Boat Ride
    You should arrive at the dock by 12:00 to make the boat cruise at 12:30 from Rio de Janeiro, along the Amazon river, and stop in the city Manaus. The duraton of the cruise is 2 hours.
  • Performance Time

    Performance Time
    One of the members of your team will play Juliet, (preferably a girl), and one will play Romeo(preferably a boy), and the rest of the team will be backround characters. The chandeliers were made in 1952 in Holland by an Italian designer; replacing the original candeleirs which hung from the central rose motifes and were lowered by a winding mechanism.
  • Arrive in Miami

    Arrive in Miami
    You will have an 11 hour and 40 min. layover in Miami. You will need to take a taxi to the Hampton Inn & Suites Miami. The hotel isnt far from the airport shoukd check in 1:40am, and you wil have to wake up at 11:00am. Then you should eat lunch and head to the airport to catch your flight at 1:20pm to London, England. US Airways flight 7083, the flight wil consist of 8 hours and 20 min. They will provide a meal, and you should get extra sleep on the plane.
  • The Midnight Matinee in London, England

    The Midnight Matinee in London, England
    You will need to be at the York Theatre Royal in York, by 11:30pm. You will be performing in Romeo and Juliet, Full of music, dancing and a healthy dose of chutzpah, one of the best-loved stories ever told. Your performance time will be at 1:00am.
  • Taxi to the Airport

    Taxi to the Airport
    The show will end at 2:30am, and you will need to take taxi to the airport. You will need to take a taxi to the LHR-Heathrow airport, and take British Airways flight 572 at 3:30am. The flight will be 1 hour and 55 min. to Milan, Italy. You will arrive at 5:25am.
  • Arrive in London, England

    Arrive in London, England
    Your flight will arrive in London, England at 10:40pm, you will need to take a taxi to the York Theatre Royal right away. When you're in the taxi you will notice the SEQUENT OCCUPANCE (notion that successful societies leave their cultural imprints on a place each contributing to the cumulative cultural landscape), the early british imigrants left their prints behind by creating the old hand carved stone buildings you see today, which are a part of London's everyday culture culture.
  • Time to Perform

    Time to Perform
    You will be performing at 9:00am at the Teatro Carcano. The play you will be performing in is La Cenerentola. The story is a twist on Cinderella, the made of the castle,doesnt fall in love with the "prince" she falls in love with the "help". Though it turns out that the prince was pretending to be the princes servant while the prince's servant was pretending to be the prince. When the evil stepsisters find out they are furious, but there is nothing they can do,because the prince lves her too!!!!
  • Taxi to Airport

    Taxi to Airport
    The show has ended it is 11:00 am and you will need to take a taxi to the aiport to make your flight at 1:00pm. Emirates flight 102 , it will consist of 6 hours and 5 min. on the first flight, heading toward Singapore, Asia but will take 1 stop in Dubai for 2 hours and 10 min. You wil eat dinner in Dubai, and then catch your next flight
  • Arrive in Milan, Italy

    Arrive in Milan, Italy
    You will arrive in Milan, Italy at 5:26am, and you will need to take a taxi to Fioraio Bianchi Caffè for breakfast. Then you will have a performance at lunch. The Teatro Carcano theatre is where you will be performing. The theatre opened in 1803 and has hosted Donizetti’s “Anna Bolena” and Bellini’s “La sonnambula”, along with many more premieres of opera masterpieces. You will be performing an Opera composed by Gioachino Rossini called La Cenerentola.
  • Airplane to Singapore

    Airplane to Singapore
    Your flight will be at 9:05pm, and it will consist of 7 hours and 10 min. Emirates flight 352 to singapore you will arive there at 4:15am. When you arrive you wiil need to take a taxi to your hotel.
  • Arrive in Singapore

    Arrive in Singapore
    You will need to get a taxi to your hotel, once you land at 4:15am. You will be staying at the Swissotel Merchant Court hotel, you should get some sleep you have a performance at the Esplanade Theatre at 12:00pm. Your performance will only be an hour long, and you will be performing with The Basque Country vocal and percussion trio Kalakan.
  • Taxi to Hotel

    Taxi to Hotel
    You will need to take a taxi to your hotel the Swissotel Merchant Court, you should get about 6 hours of sleep. Then when you wake up you have to take a taxi to the Esplanade Theatre where you will be performing at 12:00pm.
  • First Flight

    First Flight
    From Singapore (SIN) to Guangzhou (CAN) China Southern Airlines flight 3040, your first flight will be 4h and 20m and they will provide dinner. You will have a 3h 40m stop in Guangzhou, you relax while you wait for your next flight at 10:00pm.
  • Second Flight

    Second Flight
    You will need to take China Southern Airlines flight 399, this flight will consist of 15 hours and 40 min. You will arrive in New York at 12:00pm the next day, so you should sleep on the plane and get at least a good 10 hours of rest. There you will have a 4 hour and 29 min. layover, when you should get lunch.
  • Taxi to Airport

    Taxi to Airport
    When your performance is done you will need to take a taxi to the airport so that you can catch your flight at 2:00pm. You should finish performing at 1:00pm, givin you only an hour to get to the airport.
  • Performance Time

    Performance Time
    It is 12:00pm and it is performance time, you'll be performing with Singapore’s very own ONE chamber choir. You won't just be performing, you'll be headling in the Voices festival. The 30-member strong young adult choir established since 2009 will make their debut at the Esplanade Concert Hall. ONE endeavours to engage the community through our music and deliver performances that entertain and touch the hearts and senses our audience, through the exploration of various themes and product.
  • Third Flight

    Third Flight
    Your next flight after you land in New York will be in 4 hours 30 min. You will take Delta flight 464 to Montego Bay Jamaica at 4:30pm and this flight will be 4 hours and 16 min. long. When you arrive you will need to take the Knutsford Express shuttle to the Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica.
  • Arrive in Jamaica

    Arrive in Jamaica
    When you get off the plane you can hear all of the Reggae Jamaican music everywhere. Music is a huge part of the Jamaican culture, and you will be performing in the Blues and Jazz festival, a song from Bob Marley. In the 1970s, a new musical craze shook Jamaica. Reggae brought Jamaica’s roots to the fore incorporating the rocksteady beat with the mento shuffle, as well as with the increasing popularity of funk from America. Reggae isn't just music but a language spoken in Jamaica.
  • Taxi to airport

    Taxi to airport
    You will be done performing at 12:00am and you will need to take a taxi to the airport so that you can catch your flight at 2:00am.
  • Time to Perform

    Time to Perform
    It is 10:00pm and it is time to perform. You will be performing "Redemptions Song" by Bob Marley his last song ever made. In the song he says “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery/ None but ourselves can free our mind," and he is suggesting that the people he is addressing have the means within them to break free from any figurative bonds. The bongos and base guitar, and the drums are ARTIFACTS (Tools and instruments used by a culture) in Jamaican culture used to make Reggae music.
  • Flight Home

    Flight Home
    Your flight is at 2:00am American Airlines flight 2225. Your flight will be 1 hour and 43 min., and when you land a taxi will be waiting at the airport to take you home.
  • Arrive In Home

    Arrive In Home
    You did it, you finished all the tasks and now you get to go home and sleep!! Great Job, your taxi is waiting.