Tom and Jing

By tom99
  • Met cute stranger in globe cafe

    I went to Globe cafe with Mituo and found it quite strange, felt a bit like I was the only english person there. Then I saw some cute Chinese girl at the end with kissable lips and gorgeous eyes. I went to the pub with you while tommy got burgers (what?!) and then walked you home thinking... cute girl. Never mind.
  • Period: to

    Tom and Jing

  • Hotpot 1

    Nice of you to invite us around for hotpot. I knew you were just using the other guys to make it look like you didn't fancy me. I wanted to stay behind, help and sweet talk you but you were too shy. So cute.
  • first date

    Don't say it wasn't because it was. Why did you want to go to the German society? Anyway no-one was there and so we talked for a bit before you asked me to go to the cinema with you. How could I say no. That was so much a first date that the guy gave us a free bag of maltesars. I let you have them, and the popcorn.
  • Hotpot 2 and Famous night

    I spilt my heart to you because I couldn't stop myself any longer. When we were having hotpot I was just hoping none of the girls would realise I only had eyes for you. You seduced me and enchanted me all night in the famous pub (never been there before or since) and I'm sorry about my drum heart beat and my excitement but it felt so so good to finally have the girl of my dreams in my arms. I'll never forget that kiss even if you do.
  • New Year

    and more hotpot. I wonder if any of them realised. We played ping pong, played the piano a bit and we kissed again at midnight to start 2009.
  • Valentine's day

    I spent 2 days making that lasagne and it was still burnt around the edges. You made me those little chocolate hearts with benben on. I got you a card and some flowers and we watched soppy films like titanic together on the bed. Such good simple times.
  • Home for easter

    You met my parents and we went around exploring sutton and sutton park. Took some lovely photos of you in the park, I hope we will be back there soon together. My family said you were cute, sweet, tolerant and obviously you cared about me. Dad was impressed by your piano skills.
  • York

    We shared an amazing hotel room in York for 2 nights, seeing the city and relaxing together before you left england. Im glad of the photos we took together and the great time we had, just us two and no-one else. Honestly this was a great great memory and I did think how I love being your boyfriend. Beautiful city, beautiful girl.
  • In Beijing

    Back together with you after too long but distance makes the heart grow fonder. I started to think there are some things keeping us apart, maybe the 3 month separation was not good for us at such an early stage. The more I got deeper and deeper into you, the more in love I was with what I was seeing.
  • Day out at Hutong

    We went around the old hutong in the autumn sun together. The same week we rented a bicycle and rode around the qinghua campus until we found a lake. We sat by the lake for a while and cuddled. In that same week we also went to tiananmen square, although it was full of people.
  • 1 year anniversary

    Got you some flowers and we met at Dawanglu before going to some korean restaurant. You looked so beautiful, I knew I had good taste in girls :P
  • We decided to buy a wii

    A fake one, which took us hours to buy from the fake store. I remember we used to play super mario olympics with you as princess peach and me as baozi. Unfortunately baozi was shit at virtually everything. We also used to play bowling and that weird rabbit game, you even bought a dance game but I was rubbish at that I think. Watching you play was good fun though.
  • Meeting your friends

    phd girl, normal girl, banker girl and software girl. Sorry I know they have real names too. I dont think i understood the card game really but it was fun, they are nice and you were really nice to me too. Of course me and you went shopping afterwards and then slumped on the bed togther watching Ugly betty probably. Good fun.
  • Home to Jiujiang

    We met your parents and stayed up to celebrate the new year. I was pretty nervous and uncomfortable but you made me feel better about it. Remember the little girl who followed us around making sure we didnt go to your room for a cuddle? And playing your mom's piano together.
  • Valentine's day 2010

    Remember those little rats I bought you. Sorry to compare ourselves to rats but I thought they were cute.
  • 3 hour sex

    You even paused to collect a package and then resumed. I was exhausted for 2 days afterwards.
  • Happy Valley

    KPMG strong as can be etc etc... you wanted to get out of there pretty quickly didn't you. Went on some ride, saw some scary show inside and avoided Tom Jenkins with his baby. Then we went shopping again. We like shopping don't we ;)
  • Changcheng

    We went to the great wall at badaling on the coach. We walked up the great wall taking photos (of each other) and then attempted to climb down even though you were scared of the height. We did really well on such a hot day and it was unforgettable for me.
  • Your birthday

    We went to an Italian pasta restaurant for your birthday and had a romantic meal for 2. I dont know how good the food was but the company was perfect and I remember you had a photography book and a travel book from me. I was not looking forward to the separation but trying to hold onto you while I could. We went Ice skating as well and I felt a bit weird on ice but we had fun anyway.
  • Visiting Devon and Birmingham

    Seeing you again was so awesome, a sight for sore eyes. I loved being in the house in devon with you too. (amazing we both trusted me to drive there safely and back) (even more amazing my parents trusted me). It felt like being in our own little house together and we could do what we wanted. My favourite memories are 1: watching you doing aerobics. Sexy. 2: walking up on the cliff with you where we could see the sea and 3. fucking you in the shower twice.
  • In Beijing for Christmas

    Both of us back together for a few weeks at christmas. Best xmas present ever was seeing you. I woke up on the next morning and saw you asleep, I thought what a lucky person I am, so sad I can't have this every day of my life. Soon I will be able to. Love you loads Xiaojing
  • Rock climbing

    I tired myself out on the rocks and we could only just get to the top of the most basic wall. But still we had a good laugh together and rolled around wasting time together. I remember those screams when you fell down onto the mattress.
  • Tom visits for 1 week