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An Endless journey

  • Jab We Met

    Jab We Met
    Just classmates once upon a time. Living in our own little world. This day got us close. You in high heels struggling to get down the stairs like my own very cindrella.
  • Lavasa

    Finally got to know you better this day. Had lots of fun. Your laughs "more like screams" amused me. Felt really good seeing the genuine smile on that face.
  • That Dandiya Night

    That Dandiya Night
    Can't forget that night. Hours of pre planning, hours to dress up, my favourite suit once again, night out, roaming aimlessly. Became close friends in true sense
  • That evening on the terrace.

    That evening on the terrace.
    Still remains my favourite kurta. You and me on department rooftop, nice chats, good view.That pic was still your contact image in my phone uptill the last few days.
  • The "days"

    The "days"
    Loads of fun, Halloween day, traditional day, As usual you looking stunning. Unfortunately missed the tie and saree day. Enjoyed the college life to the fullest with you
  • 31st December.

    31st December.
    New year's eve. Evening with you, night on Bapdeo ghat. Just the two of us.
  • That wonderful evening at Bapdeo Ghat

    That wonderful evening at Bapdeo Ghat
    Resting in your laps and you patting my head putting me to sleep. Nice view of the city with the most amazing talks.
  • Sinhagad

    Amazing day with you at Sinhagad, Aquarius, Rehan ka tamasha lol, Baskin Robbins.
  • Lavasa part 2

    Lavasa part 2
    A day very well spent. Amazing ride, serene atmosphere, peace of mind, Got really close to you.Hoping for more further experiences with you
  • Main Tera hero

    Main Tera hero
    Tarkarli. Should I say anything more. Weeks of pre planning, amazing bus journey, you being the "neta", great fun with friends, amazing photo shoots, fights, and last but not the least "Main Tera Hero" incident. Exactly one year has passed. Unbelievable
  • The 2nd Farewell.

    The 2nd Farewell.
    This time it wasnt love at first sight. It was love long before that. wink As usual took hours to dress up but my god amazing you looked. My date for the evening.
  • Scribble Day

    Scribble Day
    Some random shit happened. Also happened was "bestiee muuaaaahhhhhhhh" . Enough said. Please keep my t shirt safe with you. Lol
  • Random Shit 1

    Random Shit 1
    Compilation of random stuff we did daily during that period. Too many photos to share. But thouand times memories too
  • Random Shit 2

    Random Shit 2
    Another compilation of random shit we experienced during that time. Sorry for the embarassing photos.
  • Aqua Imagica

    Aqua Imagica
    The fight before and the love and hugs after you convinced me to come . #gangadham.
    Great time with everyone.
  • That amazing morning

    That amazing morning
    Entire night project work and the next morning sunrise with you with a breakfast of chai- donuts with you
  • Last few days of college

    Last few days of college
    Loads of fun and memories, studies, projects, fights, love, exams, project orals, parties........ Friends made forever......... Say no more
  • Aaaaannnnddddddddd its Goooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aaaaannnnddddddddd its Goooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Too much fun. I guess officially that begins the first phase of our relationship wink
  • Goooooaaaaaaaa........ just for you baby

    Goooooaaaaaaaa........ just for you baby
    Fun and more fun. Enough said......
  • The day of separation

    The day of separation
    I guess that's officially the day when you had that "realization".
    Nevertheless it was one of the most painful days ever. The feeling of being separated by distance is one of the worst, Till today struggling with it.
  • Sasural

    Just when the distance was getting to me, decided to visit pichhwada. Nice time with you, saasumaa and our kid wink
  • The day of proposal

    The day of proposal
    Still remember the day I proposed you. Was a bit lame and I have no other photos to show you exept this but one thing is for sure that I love you to no limits. Just like the huge ocean
  • First kiss

    First kiss
    Nothing to say. Just heaven. Still remember that day as if its yesterday
  • You back to Pune

    You back to Pune
    Nervousness seeing each other for the first time as couple, First night together. Exam, Fun, Official relationship disclosed amongst close friends. Lots of stuff
  • Nagpur

    Needless to that what happened in Nagpur stays in Nagpur.
  • Pune again

    Pune again
    Trupti's wedding cough cough , chakkar, New gorgeous dress, Atmosphere 6, Late night outs, friends, Lavasa and so much more. Best time spent with you till date.
  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day
    This time line was made specially for this day. Even though we are far away from each other you still stay in my heart. I love you baby