British Pathe

  • First steam train

    First steam train
    First Flight
  • Atol

    These independent tour operator members specialise in offering you an unrivalled collection of financially protected quality to every corner of the globe. The reason why we should have an AITO agent is because if you have a business and something goes wrong AITO can help you with your businesses and make sure you are fully protected. They specialise in in certain holidays such as a cookery holiday in Thailand, learning how to cook food, from a different origin. Also there are many other topics s

  • ABTA 1950

    ABTA- Association British Travel Agents 1950-
    This Law helps customer trust in the company trust in the company holiday makers feel confident. Travel agents and tour operators pays to be a member of ABTA. A member of ABTA can get compensation that suites you, you can get your money back from ABTA because you are protected if anything goes wrong whilst your on holiday for example your flight home is cancelled you can get one straight away because you are protected.
  • Transport development-air

    The aviation industry in travel and tourism includes airlines and airports. The sector is heavily dependent on aviation for transporting passengers to their destinations. An example of transport development would be the Boeing 707 was introduced then it was further developed to the boeing 727 that was introduced in th 1963.
  • Transport Development- Sea

    Channel Tunnel-
    For many years between France and England was just an idea. In 1987, Foregin Affairs ministers of both countries signed the Franco-Britan Treaty in Canterbury. Work on boring the tunnel began in the UK in 1987. Super Ships-
    A new passenger ferry has been created by a French naval architect, agailes Vaton.It is called Bateau a Grande Vitesse (BGV), which means high-speed boat. Because of its high speed, the ferry could cut the journey grom Portmouth to Caen in France.
  • The Boening 747

  • Lord Thomson created family holidays

    1965 Lord Thomson, took the first steps to creating Thomson holidays
  • FCO

  • Trade Discription Act

    This act prevents manufactures retailers of service industry. The law punished companies that sell products that are not described as they were advertised as. If your holiday is not what you expect because of false advertisement this act can be put in place. This act ensures that products are sold as described with good quality.
  • Development of Tourism Act

    The development of Tourism Act established a British tourist authority and tourist boards for England, Scotland and Wales. Since this act was past the responsibilties for tourism funding and development in Scotlannd and Wales has been devolved to the Scottish Parliment and the Welsh assembly.
  • First Jumbo Jet

  • Health and Saftey

    Health and Safety Act 1974-
    The health and safety act is one of the most important acts to be created. The reason for this is because health and safety is essential when doing work or in any environment. This act makes sure when people are working that they are covered if they have an injury. There are rules in a work place such as, turn all machinery off when finished working on wood, so that no one gets injured.
  • Introduction and growth of low-cost airlines

    In 1987, when cost related fares were first allowed and certain types of doscount fares were first allowed.
  • Introduction and growth of low cost airlines

    The European Union started the liberlisation process in 1987, when cost-related fares are certain types of discount fares were first allowed. The final stage of deregulation came in 1993.
  • Unfair Contract

    This act protects consumer against unfair standard terms in contract. It is an offence for a trader selling goods to use an exclusion clause which purports to restrict the right of consumers to goods which are as described and are of satisfactory quality.
  • Cunsumer Protection Act

  • Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations

    These three components came together to create
  • Package Holiday

    The regulations set out the tour operators responsibilties to their customers and what those customers can do if the regulations are breached.
  • Disability Discrimination Act

  • Employee Rights Act

    The Employee Act 1996-
    When a business employees people into their business they have to sign a legal contract. The reason for this is because it gives you rules and regulations and also dates and times when you are allowed off. In the contract it will tell you the hours you work, how much you get paid and what to do if you are getting bullied or harassed. Having a contract is a must within every work place because it tells you everything you need to know about the company’s rules and regulation
  • Data Protection Act

    The Date Protection Act 1998-
    The data protection act protects your data when giving it to your doctors or dentist. When you give data out such as your name, address, telephone number and bank details the company must not share it with anyone else. The data protection has been put in place to ensure that companies keep your information safe, so they have special files and passwords to get into these files. There is 8 different rules to ensure that everyone’s information is kept safe.
  • Tourism Strategy 1999

    Tomorrow's tourism, a growth industry for the new millenium.
  • Super Planes Air Bus A380

    The Airbus A380 can seat between 555 to 800 passengers. Singapore airlines was the first airline to fly the plane in 2007 at Sydney.
  • Destination Development

    As the world realises te ecomic benefits tourism brings, more and more goverments plough money into attracting tourist overseas. China increased in popularity with the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. The authorties have allowed more tourist and developed facilities accordingly.
  • Transport Act 1980 and 1985

    The transport act ended liensing regulations affecting express coach routes and tours of over 30 miles.
  • Online check in for airlies

    Online checking is so much easier for some people, because using this system, passengers can check in without even being at the airport. From home or the office they go on-line and follow instructions to check in.
  • Transport development- Rail

    High-speed trains-
    High speed train lines, such as France's extensive Train a Grande Vitesse TGV network, have helped maintain the success of the railways in some countries. The TGV is operated by the French nationally owned and subsidiled rail company. For the future, in order to compete with low cost airlines, international train services in Europe will need to be overhauled. The European Commission wishes to open up compettion in cross-border passenger rail links, including high-speed links.
  • Lifestyle Changes

    Holiday Patterns-
    There has been a vast increase of in growth
  • Self check-in at airports

    Passengers can save time by checking in at a Kiosk where they can choose their seat and print their own boarding pass. Also they can go to a 'fast drop' and leave their hold baggage. Passengers without baggage can go straight to the boarding gate.