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  • You sent me this text!! smh!

    You sent me this text!! smh!
    How's that heart of yours? :)
  • Period: to

    Talking period

    This is the period of time that we just "talked". we werent official, we were just starting to explore this part of ourselves. Realizing that maybe this could work

    This day, I missed a soccer match and made my entire team mad, but i dont care. this night, in atlanta at the masqurade, it was one of the best nights of my life. I took my bestfriend to a NeverShoutNever concert. Christofer Drew is both one of our most favorite artist ever. I would do it all over again if i could. <3
  • I think she's addicted ;P

    I think she's addicted ;P
    Sent me this message: I dont know what it is about you, but i just can't seem to keep my hands off you. I've never been this way before, but i just want to kiss you all the time and not let go. It's fucking weird. Help me. D:
  • She's officially asked me:

    She's officially asked me:
    "Christal Riley, will you be my girl?<3"
  • Period: to

    I'm all hers :)

    This is the period I was her girl, she had exclusive rights to me. <3
  • A small poem she wrote me <3

    A small poem she wrote me <3
    "I love you my Christal, your beautiful face
    Your soft skin, your smile, your flowing grace
    If we stick together, I’m sure we’ll be fine
    And I’ll be all yours, if you’ll be all mine."
  • Her wish on 11.111.11. at 11:11pm

    Her wish on 11.111.11. at 11:11pm
    "Christal, my beautiful love.
    Despite this mood i'm in, i cant pass up this time on this date that wont happen again in our lifetime. I just want to say that i love you so much and i really am glad you're mine. And i kinda wish that we had started months ago so i could use this crazy special moment when millions and millions of people are wishing to ask you out ;P but for right now i'll settle for just saying i adore you and your amazing self and you're just absolutely the best. te amo bebe<3
  • She bought be BRODY!

    She bought be BRODY!
    I love you babe:) enjoy your retarded lookin backpack thing
  • Period: to

    I got to spend christmas break with my girl :)

    This was our trial run to see if we could survive as roommates :P we had tooo many good nights
  • First Christmas as my girl <3

    First Christmas as my girl <3
    I woke up to this text: You're the absolute best, and i'm crazy about you. I love you more <3 Merry Christmas. Text me when you get up
  • Its official!!

    Its official!!
    As the clock hit 11:59, I began kissing my girl, and proceeded to do so until the beginning of the new year. We sat on her floor, and i handed her a small black box. Inside, was an aqua blue areopostle silicone bracelet that says, "I'm awesome".As she opened her box, i officially asked her to be my girlfriend....she said yes ^___^
  • Period: to

    Girlfriend adventures and beyond!

    First 6months!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Surpise! I left her a departing gift <3

    Surpise! I left her a departing gift <3
    I gave her my varsity college soccer hoodie <3 10!
  • I'm in love with you...what?!! :DD

    I'm in love with you...what?!! :DD
    -I tried so hard to avoid falling in love.
    -What are you trying to say?
    -Nothing >_o
    -No, what?
    -Adele tells me to waste no time telling someone, so...
    Christal Riley, I know for a fact that i'm in love with you. I'm not sure if i'm more thrilled with that or terrified. But you deserve to know. It took me no time at all. It should have taken months at the least, but you won my heart so effortlessly. I'm crazy about you, baby.
  • Sparks of marraige

    Sparks of marraige
    A text from her to a friend: FWD: Shoot i wanna marry this girl steph. i know that sounds absolutely ridiculous because this is new but you know i'm not one of those dramatic lil kids that hink that about everyone they date. I've never felt like this before. It just feels so right. Like this is who i'm supposed to be with. Its so weird.
  • A promise in due time...

    A promise in due time...
    From her: Ah babe! I cant wait to live with you. Endless kisses and hugs and snuggles and we can sleep naked together and intertwined and have late night lovey conversations:)
  • Happy 1st month!

    Happy 1st month!
    from her: Happy 1 month to you as well:) and many more to come. I love you :)
  • Ya gotta love me :3

    Ya gotta love me :3
    From Her: You know, you make it hard to be mad at you for a long amount of time. Smh
  • That ephoric hill moment <3

    That ephoric hill moment <3
    This day, in that moment, sitting on the hill at the veranda, nothing else mattered. The world was still, and silent, and bowed, and watching, waiting. Holding her in my arms made me complete, and whole. I love you, Krista. <3
  • Happy two months!

    Happy two months!
  • Sweet texts like this <3

    Sweet texts like this <3
    You really are everything to me Christal. You really are. Like every ounce of my heart belongs to you. Every single cell loves you to death. idk. i just love you so much.
  • It's a ritual...

    It's a ritual...
    From her:
    You are always the first and last person i text, every day. unless you go to sleep earlier than me which is like 1 in every 10000000. so i have to text you to keep it in the same way tonight. its ritual.
  • Hunger Games Weekened Excitement!

    Hunger Games Weekened Excitement!
    Was an amazing weekend the 23rd!
    From her:
    Omgggggg so am i. Holy Crap. My girlfriend + kisses + the hunger games HOLY FUCKING SHIT I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF
  • The bloody bloody fight :/

    The bloody bloody fight :/
  • 6hrs on the phone!

    6hrs on the phone!
    (after a 6hr phone conversation. 4 of arguing. 2 of lovey)
    From her: Baby, I love you and I’m glad we’re good again. No fighting okay? We’ll both live and learn. I hope you learned a couple relationship rules though but you say you have. And I’m sorry for messing with your mind. I’m glad its done with. I love you a lot.
  • *pause for the drop*

    *pause for the drop*
    Worst anniversary day ever, but with time near to an end
    From her:
    Five minutes till and once again i want to say that though todays been shitty. I love you and i'm happy for my five months with you bc you're amazing and you've filled me with more love than i ever thought i could hold.
  • She's got Christal Pride<3

    She's got Christal Pride<3
    From her: haha & im christalsexual :P nobody else is attractive

    We're one step closer to the dream! She's in at our dream school, and now all we gotta do is keep her A-game and get there.
  • *Accepted*

  • Our baby died :(

    Nugget died today,
    I think its from heat, all weekend its beein 100 degrees plus. and i think he just couldnt handle it. :/
    I'll miss my little fur ball :(