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Beyond Forever

  • The time I saw you.

    The time I saw you.
    This is the date of the first time that I saw you and was awestruck with your beauty,
  • Really wanted to talk to you.

    This was the time that I really wanted to talk to you. I really wanted to get to know you but I couldn't do it.
  • Period: to

    No communication.

    We had no real communication during this time. All I did was admire you and look at you everytime you walked by. During this time you stalked me ;)
  • You messaged me and wished me a Happy Birthday.

    It really made my day. I really did not expect it. It really meant a lot, but it caused a problem because I strated to think about you.
  • Period: to

    Played "word with friends" and messaged through it.

    It was a very fun time. I beat you many times. lol I also got to know you a little.
  • Meassaged you through Facebook.

    It was the day of your graduation. I sent you a message to congratulate you, but you were worried because it was going to rain. I told you not to worry and to have faith. With faith we can move mountains.
  • First date.

    We had our first date. Well the excuse I used was that I wanted to help you with your homework, but really I just wanted to take you to lunch. We went to Traditions first and then Chipotle.
  • Went to Stuart park.

    Went to the park in Stuart. This was the time I held your hand and had you in my arms.
  • Shaving Cream Picture.

    Shaving Cream Picture.
    Sent me a picture of the shaving cream project telling me that you missed me. Also the end of the 2 weeks that you wanted to take but only did a week. lol
  • Play at Barn theater.

    We went to the Barn theater and we had our first kiss.
  • Text message.

    Received a text message telling me that kissing me felt so natural.
  • Note.

    You sent me this note saying that you missed me more everyday.
  • Night picnic.

    I tried to give you a night picnic, but it was horrible. We then went to traditions...
  • Period: to

    No Comunication.

  • Called me back.

    I got a call from you. I really didn't know what to do when I saw your missed call.
  • Ice Skating.

    We went skating with the youth. I really didn't know where we standed. I really wanted to hold you. I wanted to hold your hand and skate with you, but I decided not to.
  • Crazy, Stupid love

    You finally agreed to a date again. I was in the movies and all I wanted to do was hold your hand. I wanted to hold you.
  • Test.

    I took the test to see if I knew you and I did very well on it.
  • You told you mom.

    You told your mom about us.
  • Cindy's house

    Went to Cindy's house beacuse you were scared to be alone with locksmith.
  • Matching.

    We were matching at church.
  • Abi.

    Met you and Abi at the park.
  • School shopping.

    We went school shopping. It was one of the best days I had. I just wanted to be with you.
  • Your mom at church.

    I said hi to your mom like I always do, but this time she looked me in the eyes and tapped my hand three times and said "Juan, Juan, Juan."
  • Mini Golf.

    It was our last date for the summer. We went mini golfing and I kissed you again. After two months.
  • Period: to

    You told me you really liked me.

    You told me that you really liked me. These was two weeks before you left to Ignite. We really got closer here.
  • Good-bye.

    It was a horrible time for me. I had to say good-bye to you.
  • FRED

    You got FRED. It is important becuase you called me and you were all excited about it.
  • I love you.

    I was 100% sure that I loved you,
  • You called me your baby.

    You thought it wasn't a big deal, but to me it was. You made my day.
  • Dinner with my parents.

    Went to dinner with my parents for the first time. I was nervous, but also was really excited.
  • Your Birthday.

    Your Birthday.
    It was your Birthday! I went with you to dinner with your family. I was really excited and nervous to be with everyone. Our first picture together.
  • You love me!!

    This day was the day that you did an amazing surprise for me. This was the day the told me that you loved me for the first time.
  • New Years Eve.

    Our first New Years eve togther. ;)
  • My Girlfriend.

    I asked you to be my Girlfriend and you said "YES"!!!!!
  • My Birthday.

    This was my birthday celebration that you prepared for me. It was something so special that everytime that I think of it, I fall in love with you more.
  • Period: to

    Our first summer as a couple.

    We did so much this summer. We went to the zoo twice, safari, aquarium, and museum. We fought, but we always found a way to work it out. We spent time with both of our families. You also surprised me in so many ways. I look at you and things that you do for me and ask myself "what did I do to deserve your love?" During this summer I was able to be part of important event for you. You truly made this summer amazing and we created many memories together.
  • To be continued...

    our story is still being written.
  • Engagement

    This was one of the best days of my life.