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Sehun/Suho Select Moments

By L9C
  • [OSH] Arirang Radio

    [OSH] Arirang Radio
    Sehun: “Mine [lucky charm] isn’t an object, it’s leader Suho-hyung who’s sitting in front of me right now. As much as his name he’s always protecting me and giving me luck. He’s also my roommate. Since he’s my roommate, it always seems like he’s protecting me even when we’re sleeping.”
    video link
    translation cr:ALTELIUS
  • Exo-K Kakaotalk Post

    Exo-K Kakaotalk Post
  • [KJM] Ivy Club

    [KJM] Ivy Club
    Q: The members’ sleeping habits? A: My roommate is Sehun, I’m sensitive to cold while Sehunnie’s sensitive to heat, at dawn, if I close the window because I’m cold and sleep, Sehunnie will be hot and always kicks his blanket at the bottom of his bed to sleep~^^* source: seanymph1122
    translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
  • [OSH] Sukira Kiss the Radio Sehun's Letter to Exo

    [OSH] Sukira Kiss the Radio Sehun's Letter to Exo
    Suho hyung!! When I first met you, I would’ve been in 8th grade. That day, I don’t know whether it was because you got a new haircut but you were full of confidence and you looked at your own reflection in the mirror and walked in really confidently didn’t you?? In that moment when I saw you, I fell for you. I thought, “wow, SM is a place like this. A place where there are only hot and cool hyungs like the one I just saw” [referring to Suho]
  • Star Cast: Trend's Core Exo Life of Research Part 1

    Star Cast: Trend's Core Exo Life of Research Part 1
    Sehun → Suho : A hyung I go to when I have a lot of troubles. Although there are times when it doesn’t get solved, I still look for himㅋㅋ Suho about Sehun : I always see him as a kid, he’s a member with a big heart who I want to give a lot of affectionate and that I want to hug source: Naver
    translation cr: nahbit & saphira @ exok-trans
  • [KJM] Sukira Kiss the Radio

    [KJM] Sukira Kiss the Radio
    A few days ago, Sehun borrowed a bike from me...When I fell asleep, Sehun rode the bike back and whispered in my ear: “Hyung, when I was riding it, I fell but I think the bike is fine.” and so I woke up. The bike is fine but Sehun was a bit hurt. Sehun had told me that he’s going to ride it well but he rode it too fast and fell. He didn’t kept his promise that’s why I’m a bit angry.
  • [OSH] Men's Health Interview

    [OSH] Men's Health Interview
    Who is truly the most perfect hyung among all your members for you? (心目中, is a little tricky to translate but it's like in your heart's eye, so basically deep down in your heart)
    No matter what, to me Suho hyung is the perfect hyung~ source; 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
    trans credit; amy @ exom-trans
  • [KJM] Sukira Kiss the Radio

    [KJM] Sukira Kiss the Radio
    SUHO: how was our first meeting?
    OSH: i can’t forget our first meeting at all. to me.. to the innocent child who didn’t know anything.. he told me what kind of greeting is that… his expression serious…
    SUHO: greeting is important.... K: do you guys talk a lot normally?
    OSH: … yes..
    K: so you guys talk to each/contact each other a lot?
    SUHO: we contact each other at least once a day.
    OSH: : yes we do. we’re the closest. @ggamjongin
    video link
  • [OSH] Exo Showtime Episode 1 (air date)

    [OSH] Exo Showtime Episode 1 (air date)
    Q. Who do you think is the most handsome member?
    Sehun: I'll say Suho hyung video link starts @ 13:05
  • [OSH] Exo-K Website Update

    [OSH] Exo-K Website Update
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I took this picture quite some time back, Suho hyung after he wash up… so handsome. EXO’s guardian, Leader Suho!
    translated by:
  • [KJM] Exo-K Website Update

    [KJM] Exo-K Website Update
    (posted 6 hours after Sehun's initial post)
    iya ~~~~~~
    Sehunah you are the most handsome.
    Our maknae who is the most handsome ^^
    I can't sleep anymore thanks to you^^
    yehet yehet yehet ee ee ee ohorat ohorat ohorat
  • [OSH] Exo Showtime Episode 12 (air date)

    [OSH] Exo Showtime Episode 12 (air date)
    "Our Suho hyung is... I like you the most."
    video link
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] XOXO Ep 2 (air date)

    [OSH] XOXO Ep 2 (air date)
    Sehun: It's the first time Suho changed his hair to blonde since our debut. His image has changed completely. Now.../licks bottom lip/ wow.
    Credit: Baekhundred
    Video link
    Starts at 35:48
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post

    Sehun, Junmyeon, and Tao vacationed over Chuseok holiday in Hainan.
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] Naver Starcast Comeback Special Letter

    [OSH] Naver Starcast Comeback Special Letter
    My beloved Suho hyung,
    You always comfort me and understand everything I want to say even without my putting it into words.
    I’ll be here for you whenever you’re feeling down, so feel free to find me.
    Unless I’m sleeping.
    You can trust your maknae, hyung. Credit: translation,
    video link
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Exo Japan Fan Meeting

    Exo Japan Fan Meeting
    MC: Which member do you like? Who would be your bias in Exo?
    Suho: Sehunnie... If I have to say why, it's because he's sexy.
    translation: Kyungsoo_lover
  • [KJM] Interview with Yeonhap News

    [KJM] Interview with Yeonhap News
    [TRANS] Suho mentioned Kai and Sehun during his interview with Yeonhap News cr. Avecsehun
  • [KJM] Chat Event

    [KJM] Chat Event
    Fan: Which member laughs the most at your jokes?
    SUHO: Hunnie.
    Fan: Are there other shirtless photos of you on Sehun's phone?
    SUHO: kekekeke a lot, look forward to it English translation by @OSHxciv Screenshots by @jm91_0522 link
  • [KJM] Moviestalker Interview

    [KJM] Moviestalker Interview
    SUHO at Moviestalker Glory Day’s Interview 151001. Q. At the filming time, which EXO member supported you the most? A. Sehunnie
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Exo Second Box Couple Talk (release date)

    Exo Second Box Couple Talk (release date)
    Q: Are both of you close?
    Suho: He's like my little brother just that we have different' surnames.
    Sehun: You can change your name to Oh Junmyeon.
    Suho: You can change yours to Kim Sehun.
    Suho: why did you save my name that way? do you love me?
    Sehun: yeah, i want to marry you
    Suho: Me too. video link credit kyungsoo_lover
  • Exo Second Box Disc 4 (release date)

    Exo Second Box Disc 4 (release date)
    starts @ 15:59 video link
  • Exo Second Box Disc 3 (release date)

    Exo Second Box Disc 3 (release date)
    Q: Do you think you two are made for each other?
    Suho: Yes.
    Suho stretches You can see my belly button.
    Sehun: He always has to show something off. Show it, show it, don't be shy. Show us (tries to get Suho to show his abs) Highly recommend watching the entire video as it is a giant Seho love fest:) They shared a room during this as well.
    video link
  • [KJM] V App Broadcast Exo's Funniest Member

    [KJM] V App Broadcast Exo's Funniest Member
    SEHUN(sulking): I'm watching VApp right now!U called me last
    SUHO: Its cause i had faith u would answer
    SEHUN: Only JONGDAE hyung did,i saw!
    SEHUN: Ur VApp is funny, SUHO hyung! Be confident!While reading VApp comments i saw a few..weird ones but dont be affected by those!
    Fan: Who's your roommate?
    Suho: Until death, it's Sehun.
    Suho: I think of Sehun to be more than a family, I also care for other members too but it's only natural when you become a roommate often
    cr avecsehun
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Exo-L Japan Official Book Vol. 3

    Exo-L Japan Official Book Vol. 3
    Q: Have you been out with one of the members recently?
    Sehun: I went to the movies with Suho-ssi. (lol) I go to the movies a lot with Suho-ssi.
    Suho: On my off days, I’m with Sehun a lot! Working out together, eating together, watching movies together… He’s really like a true brother to me and we’re always around each other a lot!
  • [KJM] Nonno Magazine Interview

    [KJM] Nonno Magazine Interview
    Q: If you were a girl, which member you’d think you’d date? A: If I were to choose one, perhaps he would be Sehun. If I had a sister, Sehun is the only person I’d like to introduce to. I think I’d be relieved as Sehun would be faithful towards women. Q: When is the moment where you feel deep/close with member? A: When I think and am about to call Sehun, Sehun calls me and when I call Sehun first he tells me ‘I was just about to call you’ (laughs).
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
    160412 oohsehun: 자려고누웠는데 ……기절할뻔했다 생일축하해세훈아
    I lay down to sleep but…… I almost passed out, happy birthday Sehun
    Trans cr: FY Exo
  • Fan Meeting in Japan

    Fan Meeting in Japan
    [160502] Fan’s question to Suho: which member doesn’t listen to you the most?
    Suho: Sehun san
    Sehun: aniyo~~ (it’s not/ no)
  • [KJM] EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 4

    [KJM] EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 4
    Q: Has there ever been a time where you listened to another member’s words or watched their actions and almost fell in love?
    Suho: I wouldn’t call it falling in love but while I was filming for a web drama, Sehun came to cheer me on. It was when I was full of stress and so my heart got full. I’ve known Sehun for about 7, 8 years, but at that very moment he seemed very reliable.
    cr: @SMent_EXO
    TR link
  • [OSH] The 보이는 (air date)

    [OSH] The 보이는 (air date)
    160511 THE 보이는 SM EXO NEWS 4: On Sehun's birthday, Suho walked into his room with a birthday cake, not wearing pants
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Star Show 360

    Star Show 360
    Junmyeon: We've been close since he was young. It's been 7 years
    Sehun: 9 years to be exact
    Junmyeon: ...
    Junmyeon: we're so close, he's like my real brother
    Sehun: I have a real older brother.
  • [KJM] EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 5

    [KJM] EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 5
    Q: What was the happiest thing happened in the tour?
    Suho: During Lucky One performance, Sehun watched me dance. I don’t understand why but I find it very interesting.

    tr cr: @seholy94
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
    커튼사이로보이는그대들 Trans: You who I see through the curtain trans credit: sehunix
  • ICN (SEOUL, S. Korea) ➡ CDG (PARIS, France)

    ICN (SEOUL, S. Korea) ➡ CDG (PARIS, France)
    Junmyeon accompanied Sehun to Paris for Paris Fashion Week.
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [KJM] Official Website Update

    [KJM] Official Website Update
    “Before the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, with my love Sehunie”
    “Although there were various other reasons for this Paris schedule, spending time together with my beloved maknae Sehun was he most meaningful. It’s the first time since début that just the two of us have travelled together like this. We talked a lot, too, and it was an enjoyable time. I hope you all got a sense of what a pleasant and happy time Sehun and I had.
    cr & more pics
  • NCT Night Night Radio

    NCT Night Night Radio
    Sehun: When we're in our room, Junmyeon hyung always sleeps on my bed together with me. I don't even know why he's on my bed when his bed is perfectly fine.
    Johnny: it's that time, you can express your discontent now, Sehun.
    Sehun: I'm not going to complain.. but we always cuddle.
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Period: to

    Exo Tourgram (filming dates)

  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Skechers Sweet Monster K-POP Dance Competition

    Skechers Sweet Monster K-POP Dance Competition
    Sehun had to ask Junmyeon what his (Sehun's) shoe size is because he forgot.
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [KJM] EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 6

    [KJM] EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 6
    Q2 Any rules in the dorm? I share a room with Sehun and he has his own rules. 1, Unplug electronics when they’re not in use. 2, Never lie on Sehun’s bed before shower. 3, Clean up. When I don’t follow those rules, he seriously gets angry.(laughs) But Sehun climbs onto my bed before shower, and never clean up spontaniously.(laughs) /////////////////
    Q: Out of the members, who has the most skinship?
    JM: Sehun
  • Kangta's Starry Night Radio

    Kangta's Starry Night Radio
    Sehun said bc Junmyeon's the leader he gave Junmyeon two flower (his punishment was to wrap flowers while answering questions, then give one to each of the hyungs). video of moment
    link to entire program
  • VLIVE Special Talk LIVE with Suho & Sehun (air date)

    VLIVE Special Talk LIVE with Suho & Sehun (air date)
    junmyeon says sehun keeps suggesting to split rooms, sehun says it's because they've been roommates for 6 years (since debut) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    cr:qtpiebyunbaek Junmyeon said there is something on Sehun's face and caressed his cheek. official link
  • Exo Tourgram (air date)

    Too many Seho moments to list. Highly recommended Seho viewing.
    Official link
  • SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time

    SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time
    JM: We were roomates for 5 yrs but not anymore
    SH: I said byebye to him
    JM: A room freed up in the dorm and he kicked me out.
    MC:Since you both have ur own rooms now, do you ever meet in the middle bcs you miss e/o & go let's play etc?
    JM:I go to Sehun's room a lot~
    MC: Suho keeps staring at Sehun whenever he talks...
    he also keeps touching his hand a lot. talking and staring like lovers... tr credit: @xunhuas
    video link credit @Sehunbubs
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Baekhyun Instagram Post

    Baekhyun Instagram Post
  • KBS Hello Counselor

    KBS Hello Counselor
    Junmyeon kept touching Sehun's thigh / leg during the broadcast. The hosts pointed this out and told them if they wanted to come out during the broadcast it would be good for ratings.
    video link
  • [OSH] The Last Kiss Musical Attendance

    [OSH] The Last Kiss Musical Attendance
    At the end Junmyeon cried really badly and fans cried along with him as well. Thank you to Sehun who stayed till the end, clapped for Junmyeon and said his name really loudly. note: this was shortly after the death of Jonghyun. He and Junmyeon were close friends.
  • EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 7

    EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 7
    There are a lot of scenes in Suho and Sehun's photo shoot that show off their close friendship. Like when the photographer was giving instructions regarding poses and expressions Suho rested his head on Sehun's shoulder and said, "Why not a pose like this?". Another time Sehun also wrapped is arms around Suho from the back and said "I wanna try something like this too" (hehe).
    cr: @mamoribaek
  • Instagram Live (in bed)

    Instagram Live (in bed)
  • Vlive Suho featuring Sehun & Chanyeol

    Vlive Suho featuring Sehun & Chanyeol
    Junmyeon: Ah also, not long ago, Sehun said that...what did he say again? That he’s lonely and felt empty? He was at the recording studio room in the dorm all alone and did an Instagram live. It hurt me (to hear that) so after my filming ended, I went back home. Sehun then said “Oh you’re back? I know that hyung would come so I was waiting for you.”...Sehun also thinks about the members the most.
    Sehun: Why are you saying that?
    JM: Because I’m proud of you.
  • [KJM] Viki Interview

    [KJM] Viki Interview
    Suho mentioned Sehun during his interview: "When it comes to Sehun, we read the script together. We share thoughts like "Oh this scene looks so interesting~"
  • [KJM] Exo Instagram update

    [KJM] Exo Instagram update
    /after Sehun sent 6 food trucks to the filming site of Junmyeon's drama, Rich Man/
    “The class of our Sehun. I love you.”
    The class of EXO’s maknae Sehun!! Sehun, I love you!!!!!”
  • Exo Japan Fan Meeting

    Exo Japan Fan Meeting
    Q Who is likely to leave his wallet behind when they go shopping?
    The rest of the members chose Jongin while Junmyeon chose Sehun and Sehun chose himself. Q: Instead of crying beside someone, who is the member that would hide and cry alone?
    JM said he would. Sehun said JM.
    cr: @baekfiring
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] Vogue Korea Interview

    [OSH] Vogue Korea Interview
    "there is a 'family like friends' relationship between sehun and suho. suho is like a bridge that allows sehun to keep going. no matter how busy sehun is and even if he came at 3am, sehun would go to bed after talking for an hour with suho"
  • [OSH] Arena Homme Interview

    [OSH] Arena Homme Interview
    You chose Suho as the member who you share a lot of deep stories with the most in exo. since Suho is also a senior actor, he must have given you a lot of advice?
    Sehun: of course. since we live in the same house, we both share a lot of conversations. suho hyung too appeared in rich man, so we talked a lot about each others' work. translation cr: @seholy94
  • [KJM] SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time

    [KJM] SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time
    when jongin was asked which member will he recommend crop tops to, junmyeon was softly said 'um... sehun?" before jongin picked him/ link
  • Period: to

    Exo Ladder Season 2 (filming dates)

    Sehun arrived in Taiwan on 11/20/2020 due to filming for Busted.
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
    HAWAII link
  • [KJM] Instagram Live

    [KJM] Instagram Live
    Junmyeon: Sehun, follow me.
    Sehun: .... why?
    Junmyeon: He asked why should he follow... laughs
    Junmyeon: I want to be Sehun's only one.
  • [KJM] Exo Love Shot Vlive

    [KJM] Exo Love Shot Vlive
    SUHO: "I really like Sehun's bellybutton"
  • Love Shot Fansign

    Love Shot Fansign
    chanyeol and jongin both said they had donkatsu at junmyeon's parents' house and that donkatsu is her signature dish, so sehun said 'no, i had samgyeopsal when i was there though??' so jm joked 'my mom is biased~'
    cr: [LittleAriel13] OP: During Elyxion, there's a Touch It performance right? You did a lot with Junmyeon-oppa everytime, whose idea is it?
    SEHUN: Ah so you like that~
    OP: Yes, I really like it!
    SEHUN: Of course it's my idea, this hyung just sits there
  • Santiago, CHILE (SCL) ➡️ Los Angeles, USA (LAX)

    Santiago, CHILE (SCL) ➡️ Los Angeles, USA (LAX)
    Sehun and Junmyeon remained in Los Angeles for a private vacation while the rest of the group flew back to ICN.
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • Instagram Post

    Instagram Post
    jkt1nypost: Where's the first place i take the lil bros in LA! The SuperMarket of Course!
  • Exo Ladder Season 2 Episode 17 (air date)

    Exo Ladder Season 2 Episode 17 (air date)
    sehun: gosh...
    suho: is it really hard for you to sleep alone?
    sehun: it’s true!! do you think i’m trying to be funny?
    suho: if you give me a wish, I'll come with you
    sehun: okay!!
    Baekhyun: did you sleep well (to sehun)?
    Sehun: I slept well but almost broke my neck. I keep sleeping but Junmyeon keeps on backhugging me.
    Jm laughs
    JM: It's been a long time since we slept together that's why.
    cr:baeksrapture x masuta
  • Exo Ladder Season 2 Episode 34 (air date)

    Exo Ladder Season 2 Episode 34 (air date)
    Sehun: I’m sorry but don’t touch me, don’t lift your legs up & don’t take the blanket away this time or I’ll make you sleep on the floor!
    Junmyeon: It’ll be over by tmr~
    SH: hits
    JM: Ah, why~Didn’t we used to sleep like this back then?
    SH: Aish! I love you~
    JM: All of a sudden?
    credit @xunhuas
  • [KJM] Instagram Post

    [KJM] Instagram Post
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
  • [KJM] High Cut Interview

    [KJM] High Cut Interview
    190828 SUHO
    DurinG the post photoshoot interview, Suho mentioned the other members. "Our maknae Sehun who debuted in his 10s is alr 25yo. That's how much time has passed. I think our members all express this maturity on stage well." Translation credit: @myeonmehmeh
  • [KJM] Instagram Story

    [KJM] Instagram Story
  • [OSH] Busted Interview

    [OSH] Busted Interview
    Q: If you could ask 1 EXO Member to solve a mystery on Busted, who will you choose? Sehun: A member who is good at studying.. Suho! Leader! He is really smart hence I feel that he is able to help us~
  • [KJM] Instagram Story

    [KJM] Instagram Story
    /they wore matching shoes on accident/
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
    Note: The pic is from when Sehun and Junmyeon vacationed in LA.
    Junmyeon responded: me too
  • [OSH] EXplOration DOT concert Day 2

    [OSH] EXplOration DOT concert Day 2
    Sehun said he touches Junmyeon’s abs sometimes and it’s really like a washboard~! It even makes the same sound too (He even mimicked the sound it makes)! He also mentioned that he really needs to do laundry on Junmyeon’s abs at least once~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • [OSH] EXplOration DOT concert Day 3

    [OSH] EXplOration DOT concert Day 3
    Sehun’s speech to Junmyeon after he calmed himself for a bit~
    SH: What was I saying again? Anyway, rather than talking for a long time, (I’ll keep it short)... I wanted to say that you’re the best leader to me. You’re the best, hyung! bows to JM
  • [OSH] Exo-L Japan Interview

    [OSH] Exo-L Japan Interview
    Q. Tell us an episode from Suho and Sehun's travels! S: Please mention that "Sehun said he doesn't want to go on trips with Suho in the magazine". I absolutely won't go! I have a lot of hard times on my trips with Suho hyung so I hope he can reflect on himself after reading this interview Suho hyung doesn’t really drink often but it's so fun to see him showing his hyperactive (high tension) side when he gets drunk while we're hanging out.
    tr credit:@xunhuas
  • [OSH] Instagram Live Comments

    [OSH] Instagram Live Comments
    sehun’s comments on junmyeon’s ig live~! “the man who laughs”
    “(i hope) it goes well”
    “bboong” (x2)
    “don’t go”
    “(i) miss you”
    “what are you going to do if your album does well?”
    “oh no”
    “why don’t you accept my (ig) live request”
    “no, accept it”
    “(i) want to do it”
    cr: @milkteus
  • [KJM] Instagram Live

    [KJM] Instagram Live
    Sehun joined Junmyeon’s ig live JM: I miss you... thank you for joining leader hyung while he’s doing a live
    SH: You don’t have to thank me
    JM: Since you’re the only one who listened to the album tell us your opinion
    SH: I think it’ll do well. Credit @kjmarchive
    Additional Translation in picture cr 48cm_skyline
  • [KJM] Vlive Portrait of Suho

    [KJM] Vlive Portrait of Suho
    Junmyeon said that he and Sehun had been roommates for 7 years. But it’s been over a year since they stopped being roommates/ Even without Sehun, he still keep the same routine of getting up and before going to bed as if Sehun was still there with him.
    Suho: When you bond with someone , get closer and understand each other well. Even if you’re not with that person anymore , you repeat the same habit without knowing it. There’s no problem of repeating while thinking of Sehun.
  • [OSH] Instagram Post

    [OSH] Instagram Post
    Sehun posts supporting Junmyeon's solo album.
  • [KJM] Unknown Interview

    [KJM] Unknown Interview
    q: i'm curious about the members' reactions who’ve been doing the slogan tgt. how did they react? junmyeon: until today, sehun is actually the only one who knows that the title track is the same as (our) team's slogan. he told (me), "(it's) interesting!" and "fans will like it!" cr: @milkteus
  • [KJM] SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time

    [KJM] SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time
    Q. The first EXO member who congratulated you when your solo album was released (digitally) at 6pm KST?
    Junmyeon: We have a group chat... The first might’ve been.. I can’t really remember bcs they sent their messages in all together at the same time but it might’ve been Sehunnie? tr credit: @xunhuas
  • [KJM] CultTwo Show

    [KJM] CultTwo Show
    JM: Sehunnie! I'm suddenly mentioned Sehun because prev he was talking abt his dad playing pool & that was really funny ㅋㅋthat time I wasn't able to appear with them on this how
    DJ: That's why you're here alone today?
    JM: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ JM: I used to share a room with Sehunnie, for abt 7yrs. It was so tough; in winter SH will use the boiler, in summer he'll have the aircon at 18deg,
    (JM mentioned that he doesn't really use the boiler) translation credits: @myeonmehmeh
  • [KJM] 200403 Lysn Chat

    [KJM] 200403 Lysn Chat
    200403 junmyeon lysn chat~ “(i’ve) been binge-watching busted on netflix”
    “sehun-ie didn’t even say anything ㅋㅋ”
    “sehun again ㅋㅋ”
    “ㅋㅋ one day one sehun” cr: @milkteus
  • [KJM] 200405 Lysn Chat

    [KJM] 200405 Lysn Chat
    200405 junmyeon lysn chat~ "but sehun-ie is really, in busted...”
    "in which episode does (he) start talking?"
    "(i'll) skip episode 4, (since i heard that) it's scary"
    "did sehun-ie even solve problem?" "ㅋㅋ (did you say) he’s good?" “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ hint”
    “taller than me”
    “ㅋㅋㅋ (x20)”
    “who said that everyone is taller (than me)”
    “come here”
    “who are you (x2)”
    “aren’t you oh sehun?”
    “don’t need to attack me with facts”
    “who just k*lled me twice”
    “it’s a forbidden word (x2)” cr: @milkteus
  • [KJM] Online Fan Meeting

    [KJM] Online Fan Meeting
    200412 | Suho Online Fanmeeting
    Junmyeon held his online fanmeeting, and at one point he called Sehun!
    When Sehun finally answered Suho made him do a mission, he had to say the slogan of the EXO, “EXO SARANGHAJA”.
    But then Sehun started thinking about the fact that Suho was at a fanmeeting and, at some point, this happened:
    SH: Why can’t I hear them??
    JM: Who don’t you hear ???
    SH: Fans….
    JM: It’s an online fan meeting Sehun-aa!! Tr credit: FY! Sehun
  • [KJM] Allure Interview

    [KJM] Allure Interview
    junmyeon’s interview with allure~ q: which member do you think knows suho the best?
    junmyeon: (it’s) sehun-ie. (i’m) the closest to sehun-ie. (because) sehun-ie is the babiest. q: member that you think you know him the best?
    junmyeon: of course, it’s sehun-ie. 1 day 1 sehun :) Translation credit: @milkteus
  • Volunteer Work

    Volunteer Work
    Spotted volunteering at the child welfare facility Sehun frequently volunteers at. op said that sehun and junmyeon went to 선덕원 (sunduk home) today~! op's acquaintance asked for sehun's signature so sehun told junmyeon to wait and sign for her. after sehun finished sign, he asked "you don't need his (sign), right?" and she said "no no, i need it too!" ㅋㅋㅋ
    cr: @milkteus
  • Fan Account

    Fan Account
    OP's friend saw Junmyeon and Sehun having a meal together yesterday~ Both of them were wearing hats !! SeHo spending so much time together.
  • Junmyeon Heart4U Episode 17 [air date]

    Junmyeon Heart4U Episode 17 [air date]
    sehun: not too long ago, when i was drunk...
    chanyeol: ah! i heard about this~
    sh: when i opened my eyes, i was sleeping in hyung's bed. it turned out that hyung slept in another bed and gave his bed to me.
    jm:you were thankful for that?
    jm:laughs i had no choice. you didn’t wake up. so i thought that you must've missed me a lot~
    chanyeol: miss what... it used to be his room so he just went there to sleep
    jm: no~no~he recognized me
  • Junmyeon Heart4U Episode 18 [air date]

    Junmyeon Heart4U Episode 18 [air date]
    [Junmyeon wrote sehun a letter of thanks]
    sehun: reads (sehun-ah) firstly, thank you for giving your time to be with me. you're like a real brother to me~
    junmyeon: what are you doing?
    sehun: i'm sorry but i already have a real brother. reads again as time passes, (...)
    sehun: reads there will be more individual activities and we may not be able to see each other as often... however, hyung is always on your side.....
  • EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 12 (release date)

    EXO-L Japan Official Book Vol. 12 (release date)
    Suho Schedule~ 12-1AM KST: Talking time together with Sehun
    1-2AM KST: SNS and YouTube Time
    2-10AM KST: Sleep
    10-11AM KST: Breakfast
    11-12PM KST: Exercise.
    Sehun's Schedule: 11PM - 2AM Fall asleep while spacing out/ after showering. cr: @xunhuas