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Life of Genius and Princess

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  • Arya ma'am's tuition

    Arya ma'am's tuition
    The first time I met you, you were such competition that all I could think about when I looked at you was how to win over you. Alas, never did I think that years and years hence, It would be your heart that I would want to win over more than your brain
  • Palta ma'am's Tuition

    Palta ma'am's Tuition
    This is the first time that I started to see you as a friend. I remember going home one day and telling my mom, 'mom, I met a boy named Raghav and he is a very good guy. I think he and I will become good friends'.
  • Board Results

    Board Results
    Board Results were announced and I remember feeling very proud to have beaten you a little by getting in a better college :P
    I remember how we went to check out colleges together, and that was perhaps the first time that we went out together.
  • College Begins

    College Begins
    I remember being on-and off in touch in college. I think we both found our own friends and circles and lives, and maybe ourselves in these years. I am glad that we continued to be friends through it all.
  • First Birthday Together

    First Birthday Together
    I remember your friends clobbering me, and you being all protective of me and telling Ghuran Bhaiya to go drop me home. It was possibly the first time I realised how safe you made me feel. That is how I feel even today. (except that now I feel 'unsafe' with you only sometimes :P)
  • Genius's IIM-A Celebration

    Genius's IIM-A Celebration
    The day I felt incredibly proud of you for having cracked IIM-A, and also immensely sad - that my friend is going away - far far away. I was worried that our friendship wouldn't survive you being away.
  • Trip Souveniers

    Trip Souveniers
    I would always love when you would get me something from your trips - made me feel very very special.
  • Weekends

    I remember dragging you for this - and you writing in the same way that you wrote in Palta ma'am's classes - illegible :P
  • The gesture

    The gesture
    I was absolutely taken by surprise when I saw this in my house. It was the sweetest most unexpectable gesture, and one I will never forget. You will always mean a latte to me too!
  • Late Night 'Activities'

    Late Night 'Activities'
    I remember how I begged you to show me some craft skills and you rose to the occasion and made me my very own Bailey!
  • Afternoon Dates

    Afternoon Dates
    This day will go down in history as the day I beat you in your own claimed to fame sport of mini-golf!
  • Enter Bailey

    Enter Bailey
    And then came Bailey - my little baby.
  • 'A Friendly Meeting'

    'A Friendly Meeting'
    I remember this being called 'A friendly Meeting', and we were both quite nervous about going out as a couple couple for possibly the first time.
  • Christmas Bells

    Christmas Bells
    You and I, in our favorite place ATM
  • New Year

    New Year
    Crazy drunk night. Could not think of a better way to welcome new year!
  • Genius's Birthday

    Genius's Birthday
    Loved the day spent together, to many many birthdays together in future.
  • Princess's Birthday

    Princess's Birthday
    To many many birthdays together in future. (You did not take me out for dinner then btw - I will always hold this against you!)
  • Evening Dates

    Evening Dates
    Our favourite place. I cannot wait to go back here with you.
  • Morning dates

    Morning dates
    Remember the historical music walk in north campus?
  • Dates

    I remember each of these most fondly. Thank you for making so many days of my life the most special ones.
  • Fake Novelty

    Fake Novelty
    Embarrassing moment of walking into that bedroom and seeing this written on the bed!
  • Kenya

    The trip with my favourite travel companion.
  • Masai Mara

    Masai Mara
    Our first hot air balloon ride!
  • C.O.A

    One year, seems like yesterday!
    I am excited to spend this day with you - no matter what location, what place or what time.
  • Zanzibar

    Our first beach holiday!
  • Rwanda

    Gorilla trekking - our first forest trek!
  • Ethiopia

    Our first arduous journey together - Danikail depression!
  • South Africa

    South Africa
    Our first time with penguins!
  • Europe trip!

    Europe trip!
    Our first Europe trip together :)
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    Graduate School

    Princess's time at school - busy studying.
  • Genius''s transition into unclehood

    Genius''s transition into unclehood
  • Summer Internships

    Summer Internships
    Pincess's summer internships in India
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    Forever Thine, Forever Mine, Foorever Ours
  • At age 85

    At age 85
    Even when we are old and grey - it will always be 18-6-12, 12-6-12.