Significant Technologies that Aided in the Advancement of Household Management

  • Motorized Vacuum Cleaner

    Motorized Vacuum Cleaner
    British engineer, Hubert Cecil Booth patented a motorized vacuum cleaner on August 30, 1901. Booth's machine took the form of a large, horse-drawn, petrol-driven unit, which was parked outside the building to be cleaned with long hoses being fed through the windows.
    Before this service families had to clean house by hand.
  • Lightweight Electric Iron

    Lightweight Electric Iron
    Earl Richardson of Ontario, California, introduces the lightweight electric iron. After complaints from customers that it overheated in the center, Richardson makes an iron with more heat in the point, useful for pressing around buttonholes and ruffles. Soon his customers are clamoring for the "iron with the hot point"—and in 1905 Richardson’s trademark iron is born.
    This makes life easier for families to not have to worry about wearing wrinkled clothes or trying to smooth out clothing by hand.
  • First commercially successful electric toaster

    First commercially successful electric toaster
    Frank Shailor of General Electric files a patent application for the D-12, the first commercially successful electric toaster. The D-12 has a single heating element and no exterior casing. It has no working parts, no controls, and no sensors; a slice of bread must be turned by hand to toast on both sides.
    This is a simple, safe, and quick way to heat up food without a huge hassle.
  • Electric Dishwasher

    Electric Dishwasher
    A couple of brothers known as the Walkers brothers from Philadelphia came up with the first electric dishwasher to put on the market. The machine had a pulley and belt making it automatic.
    This way families could throw the dirty dishes in the machine and continue doing whatever they wanted. it is a big time saver.
  • First refrigerator for home use

    First refrigerator for home use
    Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana, invents the first refrigerator for home use, a small unit mounted on top of an old-fashioned icebox and requiring external plumbing connections.
    This made it extra convenient for families to store foods that would spoil and expanding the life span on foods, making them safer to eat. This opened the door for even better products.
  • First automatic pop-up toaster

    First automatic pop-up toaster
    Charles Strite’s first automatic pop-up toaster uses a clockwork mechanism to time the toasting process, shut off the heating element when the bread is done, and release the slice with a pop-up spring. The invention finally reaches the marketplace in 1926 under the name Toastmaster.
    Having your food pop right up out of the toaster when it is finished making the cooking life just a little bit easier and not having to worry about if it was still cooking. A fun and safe way of cooking.
  • Handheld Hair Dryer

    Handheld Hair Dryer
    The first hand-held hair dryer was put on the market in 1920 by Alexander Godefroy. Unlike modern hair dryers, the first hand-held hair dryer was big, bulky and frequently overheated. Capable of producing only 100 watts of heat, the first hand-held hair dryer was not able to dry hair very quickly.
    Before this was invented drying your hair was a real hassle and took up so much time, but now it could be done fairly quick. Saving more time for important activities.
  • First garbage disposal

    First garbage disposal
    John W. Hammes, a Racine, Wisconsin, architect, develops the first garbage disposal in his basement because he wants to make kitchen cleanup work easier for his wife. Nicknamed the "electric pig" when first introduced by the Emerson Electric Company, the appliance operates on the principle of centrifugal force to pulverize food waste against a stationary grind ring so it would easily flush down the drain.
    This made cleaning the kitchen much easier and more convenient allowing to dispose of food.
  • Washing machine to wash, rinse, and extract water from clothes

    Washing machine to wash, rinse, and extract water from clothes
    John W. Chamberlain of Bendix Corporation invents a device that enables a washing machine to wash, rinse, and extract water from clothes in a single operation. This eliminates the need for cumbersome and often dangerous powered wringer rolls atop the machine.
    This invention made washing clothes very easy and time consuming. Making it to wear you throw clothes in and could do other things and come back to washed clothing.
  • First clothes dryer

    First clothes dryer
    To spare his mother having to hang wet laundry outside in the brutal North Dakota winter, J. Ross Moore builds an oil-heated drum in a shed next to his house, thereby creating the first clothes dryer. Moore’s first patented dryers run on either gas or electricity, but he is forced to sell the design to the Hamilton Manufacturing Company the following year because of financial difficulties.
    This saved families a lot of time and they could throw clothes from washer to dryer and move on.
  • Ironing machine

    Ironing machine
    You'll zip through a big family ironing in record time with the new Kenmore Automatic Ironer. Features two roll speeds--fast for flat work and slow for fancy ruffles and frills. Both shoe and press control helps to free hands for guiding work. Exclusive adjustable light for best work area illumination. New, large drop-leaf, lap shelf. This saves families a lot of time and a lot burns. This make life a little easier and more affordable in the long run. Never look wrinkled up again.
  • Twin Top With Griddle

    Twin Top With Griddle
    You can roast a turkey and all the trimmings, broil other meats and vegetables, fry apple rings on the griddle-all this at the same time! Smokeless waist-high broiler is oven-size. Three giant, two standard top burners, and two Warm-R-Burners. Cooktop covers with baking charts inside. Two utility drawers. Easily cook a huge meal at once for a big family without the fear of not having enough room or having to wait unnecessary amount of time for a burner. This is safe and makes wives lives easier.
  • Bonnet Hair Dryer

    Bonnet Hair Dryer
    This new type of hair dryer consisted of a more lightweight hand-held hair dryer connected by a tube to a bonnet which was worn on the head. When the hair dryer was switched on, air would flow through the tube and come out through holes in the bonnet.
    This hairdryer freed up hands to multitask. Now one could dry their hair while also knitting hats for their families or really any other task they could not do while their hands were full. Multitasking really saves quite a bit of time!
  • First automatic coffeepot

    First automatic coffeepot
    Russell Hobbs invents the CP1, the first automatic coffeepot as well as the first of what would become a successful line of appliances. The percolator regulates the strength of the coffee according to taste and has a green warning light and bimetallic strip that automatically cuts out when the coffee is perked.
    Making mornings so much more enjoyable and have to worry less about getting coffee ready to start the day.
  • Garbage Burner

    Garbage Burner
    Dump your food scraps, sweeper dirt and rubbish--anything burnable--into this Kenmore garbage burner... light it and leave. No more trash-burning sessions outdoors. No more bother with garbage cans. Heavy-gauge steel body has smooth, metallic brown baked-on enamel finish. Top, grate, burner are sturdy, warp-resistant cast iron.
    A more safe and efficient way to burn garbage without accidentally causing fires. Leaving more time for activities for family.
  • Microwave oven

    Microwave oven
    The first Raytheon commercial microwave oven was the 1161 Radarang. Rated at 1600 watts, it was so large and expensive that it was practical only for restaurant and institutional use.
    This invention cut cooking time in half, and with the presence of TV dinner's dinner could be done in just a few minutes! No more need to wait for the oven to preheat; this invention saves so much time and effort for a family it's almost criminal!
  • Coldspot freezer

    Coldspot freezer
    This freezer is especially recommended for large families or for farm or suburban use. Quick-freeze compartment, three food elevator baskets, two storage baskets and adjustable basket. Ready rack stores juices, ice cream and small items.
    This may not seem helpful but it saves a lot of time and money by preparing foods and just throwing them right into the freezer. It saves money while making it possible to make meals ahead of time and not letting foods spoil so quick. Saves a lot of food!
  • 12- Speed Mixer

    12- Speed Mixer
    One of the brightest cooking invention during the 1950's was the speed mixer. This mixer had 150-watts power and any choice of twelve speeds to choose from made by Herbert Johnson.
    This invention made cooking an absolute piece of cake This saves so much time in the kitchen that cooking took 1/3 of the time, leaving plenty of time to do other things such as cleaning or bonding with family. It also made arms ache a whole lot less!
  • Electric can opener

    Electric can opener
    Automatic can opener that allowed individuals a faster and safer way to open cans. This invention also made it safe for a child to use.
    Not only can kids help a bit more in the kitchen now, but families in general benefited from having this quick and easy way to open all of their canned good, which were many of the food items indeed. Any time cut down in the kitchen is good for families since it leaves more time to pay attention to the other food and keep an eye on the kids!
  • Electric Juicer

    Electric Juicer
    No better way to start the day! Every morning of the year will be brighter with eye-opening juices prepared by this new juicer. Oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit become delicious, healthful taste treats at the flick of a switch. Juicer has fan cooled motor, "on-off" switch. White enameled body and chrome plated top and base. Comes with white glass bowl, two juice reamers and juice guide. No more very unnecessary messes and tools that do not even work. Making families saving money and time.
  • Wifi

    In 1991, NCR Corporation with AT&T Corporation invented the precursor to 802.11, intended for use in cashier systems. The first wireless products were under the name WaveLAN. They are the ones credited to inventing Wi-Fi.
    If the internet wasn't great enough, WiFi made it even better. Now we can access internet from a variety of sources instead of our home computer, making the retrieval of information even easier and freeing up even more time for our families or tasks that need to be done.
  • Smart phone

    Smart phone
    A refined version of the product was marketed to consumers in 1994 by BellSouth under the name Simon Personal Communicator. The Simon was the first cellular device that can be properly referred to as a "smartphone", although it was not called that in 1994.
    Now with the smart phone we can accomplish everything our computers can, making socialization and information even more quickly accessible which gives us more time for other things to accomplish.
  • Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    The first robot cleaner to be put into production was Electrolux Trilobite by the Swedish household and professional appliances manufacturer. However, the most popular autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner is the Roomba.
    Now the family doesn't even need to get up to clean the floors! This saves so much time from chores and gives the family ample amount of time to do other things or just spend time with one another.
  • Swiffer mop

    Swiffer mop
    This makes it very easy to make sure the house is clean picking up any animal hair and saving families a ton of time and making it easier on their hands and knees. This invention has helped make even better inventions. It saves time for families and making it simple to clean up every day messes.
  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth makes it possible to talk on the phone hands free! this gives you two free hands to do any housework or take care of the family. This is also a big deal while driving. You can drive with two hands and focus leading to less crashes. This helps save times and lives.
  • DVR

    DVR made it easy to watch things on your schedule. No longer did you have to work around the TV, but the TV worked around you. And no more fussing with pesky VHS tapes!
    This invention made watching all your shows so easy and effortless it's criminal. No more worrying about taping over the wedding videos or babies first steps, now TV is easier than ever before! This made family time a lot less hectic as getting the show or movie started takes a matter of seconds.
  • Skype

    Skype makes it much easier on long distance relationships of any kind. Save time by not driving and going to see people and a couple buttons later you can see and talk to friends and family.Make it easier when you are sick or just do not have the time. This extra time can be spent with family and or chores.
  • Fitbit

    Inspires a more happy and fit life. Letting you easily track your lifestyle without the bulky notebooks and all the time it takes. It automatically tracks your time and sleep. Leaving more time to worry about other things and getting to be happy with family and friends.
  • High speed internet

    High speed internet
    Dial up is a thing of the past. Getting on the internet (and being on the phone at the same time!) is now effortless and much less stressful. This makes the access of information for school or for work so much easier and frees up unbelievable amounts of time for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Dyson air multiplier

    Dyson air multiplier
    A very safe and effective way to cool down the room without much noise or hassle. Just sit it there and do not worry about it. You will feel it working in minutes. If the baby is hot just pick it up and move it to the room. It has a fun look and is inexpensive saving the family money ad time.