Household Management Inventions

  • The Electric Vacuum Cleaner

    The Electric  Vacuum Cleaner
    There had previously been "the carpet sweeper" but 1901 is when the first electrice vacuum cleaner was invented. The vacuum cleaner was important to household management because it made cleaning the floors a faster process, giving you time to get other things done. It also was used as a status tool because they were so rare that you could show off if you had one! They were also huge at this point.
  • Hair Dryer

    Hair Dryer
    The hair dryer would have impacted household management by helping the women get ready faster and allowing her more time to either sleep or help her husband and children get fed and ready for work/school/their day.
  • Sticky Plasters

    Sticky Plasters
    This is another name for bandaids. These would have been important to household management because they would give you a much quicker and easier way to deal with a bleed. Instead of wrapping something about a wound or holding something on it you could just use a sticky plaster to cover it up. This would have been helpful to parents with a hurt child. They could quickly cover up the bleed and soothe the child!
  • Television

    I think that the television would indirectly have an impact of household management by adding pleasure to the lives of family members and allowing them to carry out ther household duties better. It could also be something that the family could bond over and closer realtionships could make everything is the household run smoother. Entertainment and fun is really important to handling the rest of life productively!
  • Frozen Food

    Frozen Food
    Frozen Food was invented in 1924 by Clarence Birdseye. In 1924 women would have spent a lot of time cooking in the house, so frozen food was something that could make the job easier at times by coming already prepared and just needing to be unfroze!
  • Pop up Toaster

    Pop up Toaster
    Like most inventions the pop up toaster is one that would have been a time saver for thos preparing food. It also could have added more creativity with what to do with bread since it was so convinent. For the man of the house who was working, it could help him get out of the house quickly with breakfast!
  • Antibiotics

    The first antibiotics were discovered in 1928. This helps household management by keeping everyon in the household healthy. It gets much more difficult to manage a household if you have sick people and not much to do to help them.
  • Ballpoint pen

    Ballpoint pen
    The ballpoint pen had an impact on household management by making it easier and more convinent to make lists and write notes. Organization can be a very important part of household management.
  • Microwave Oven

    Microwave Oven
    The microwave oven is another invention that could speed things up in the kitchen. In 1924 we talked about the invention of Frozen Foods, so microwave ovens were something that could make frozen food even more convinent. The microwave saves time and allows you to get what you want faster. Many household inventions made a womens role easier, and possibly gave her more time to do things she enjoyed.
  • Long Playing Records

    Long Playing Records
    Records are another thing that would have made things in the household happen more effectively by adding entertainement to lives. People could now turn on music while they cooked or clean which would make getting the job done more fun!
  • Credit Card

    Credit Card
    If not abused, this could give families the oppurtunity to buy things they needed on credit. It can obviously be a dangerous thing, but if used right they can be very helpful for household management.
  • Oral Contraceptive- The Pill

    Oral Contraceptive- The Pill
    This had a big impact on household management by giving couples a an easier/more effective way to manage the amount of kids in their household.
  • Video Tape/Recorder

    Video Tape/Recorder
    This is an invention that could be used a lot in the home. It can capture memories that happen within the home and in the family in general. This can add fun to a family and create bonding. My family LOVES watching old hom videos.
  • Handheld Calculator

    Handheld Calculator
    A handheld calculator could be a big help with keeping track of finances in the household. It could helpe keep you in the know about your budget and help you get your finances figured out quickly and more accuratley.
  • E-Mail

    Email was invented in 1971. This would one day be used as a way to often talk with others. You could email recipes, cleaning tips, or ask for advice. It also could be used for work and once there were personal computer it could possibly allow a husband to work some from home.
  • Personal Computer

    Personal Computer
    The personal computer gave people more access to the world from their home. You could look up more and you could get in touch with other people using it. It could be a great tool to get tips on how to manage your household better.
  • 3-D Video Game

    3-D Video Game
    Video games can have an effect on the household because they can be very distracting and take away from family engagement and household management.
  • Digital answering machine

    Digital answering machine
    This gave people away to leave messages for friends and family. It could be helpful to let your spouse or someone else know if you will be home late. It gave people a way to get important messages to you even if you weren't home. It would be very helpful for keeping organized within a household.
  • DVD

    This was a better and easier way to watch the movies you loved at home. It is another think that indirectily make houshould management easier by adding a break from normal tasks and making life a little more fun!
  • Digital TV Recorder

    Digital TV Recorder
    This made watching TV even more convinent. If gave families the ability to record a show and then watch it all together later. Families could look forward to time together to all watch a movie they had recorded. It also abled you to get things in the household done while recording a show that you wanted to watch.
  • Infrared Smoke Alarm

    Infrared Smoke Alarm
    A more effective smoke alarm to provide sfaety for your household.
  • Camera Phone

    Camera Phone
    The camera phone allowed people to take pictures more spontaneously of things going on in their household and in their life.
  • Roomba

    Robot vacuum cleaners that can clean your floor without you doing any of the work. These would be very helpful for saving time. It would be especially useful to a household were both parts of the couple work!
  • Facebook

    Facebook has allowed people to stay in touch when far away. It is a great way to connect with family members you haven't seen in awhile. It is also a great place to share and read articles that over guidance for families on all different topics.
  • Wii

    Wii is a video game system that has many games that require you to get up and move around. This is a game that a lot of parents use to entertain their children because there are many games that can be more educational and active. This is helpful because it can give parents a break and time to get more household management things done.
  • Mint

    This is a web-based personal financial management serice. It is great for a family to use to keep track of finances and a budget.
  • iPhone

    iPhones have come to be a huge household management tool. They have progressed to be able to do just about anything. They help you keep in contact with family throught the day, there is countless apps that can help with organization, and many apps that provide cooking, cleaning, and decorating skills. Now you can use your iPhone to track other family memebers and know when they have arrived somewhere safely. You can have linked grocery list to let family members know what you're out of!
  • Fitbit

    Fitbit was invented in 2007 but is very popular today. It allows people to manage their health. They can see how much they are standing up and walking around wether at home or work!
  • Find my Friends

    Find my Friends
    This is an app for iPhones that uses the GPS to track your location. You can then share it with friends and family members so they can check where you are. It is useful for when you are wondering if someone made it home safely or is on their way home.
  • Smart Appliances

    Smart Appliances
    Appliances that you can manage from your smart phone. For example, you can get notifications about when your laundry will be done and you can reset the cycle even when you are away from home.