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  • cadbury

    The special taste and texture of Cadbury chocolate is based on long traditions of expertise in chocolate recipe and processing methods unique to Cadbury. Techniques are improving all the time and new technology enables the process to be highly tuned to consumer.
  • 90mile beach

    90mile beach
    We are a pickup point for Cape Reinga Tours. If Fishing Surfing or just playing in the sand is what you desire. 90 Mile Beach has everything you could want and more.
  • pink and white terraces

    pink and white terraces
    The world famous Pink and White Terraces were considered to be the eighth wonder of the natural world and were New Zealand's most famous tourist attraction. Unfortunately they were completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption on the 10th June 1886, at 3:00 am by Mt Tarawera, which violently erupted, belching out hot mud, red hot boulders and immense clouds of black ash. Several hours later, the bed of Lake Rotomahana blew out.
  • Waitomo Caves

    Waitomo Caves
    The Waitomo Glowworm Caves were first explored in 1887 by local Maori Chief Tane Tinorau accompanied by an English surveyor Fred Mace. Local Maori people knew of the Caves existence, but the subterranean caverns had never been extensively explored until Fred and Tane went to investigate. They built a raft of flax stems and with candles as their only lighting, floated into the cave where the stream goes underground.
  • Lake Taupo

    Lake Taupo
    Lake Taupo is a lake situated in the North Island of New Zealand. With a surface area of 616 square kilometres (238 sq mi), it is the largest lake by surface area in New Zealand, and the largest freshwater lake by surface area in Oceania. Lake Taupo has a perimeter of approximately 193 kilometres, a deepest point of 186 metres. It is drained by the Waikato River (New Zealand's longest river), while its main tributaries are the Waitahanui River, the Tongariro River, and the Tauranga-Taupo River.
  • Mount ruapehu

    Mount ruapehu
    Mount Ruapehu, or just Ruapehu, is an active stratovolcano at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand. It is 23 kilometres northeast of Ohakune and 40 kilometres southwest of the southern shore of Lake Taupo, within Tongariro National Park. The North Island's major skifields and only glaciers are on its slopes.
  • NZ Rugby Union

    NZ Rugby Union
    The history of the New Zealand Rugby Union including its creation, the first New Zealand rugby game, the first AllBlacks, when rugby became professional and the history of the New Zealand rugby structure. The tour of the British Isles and France by the 1905/6 All Blacks will always be important in New Zealand’s sporting history for a number of reasons.
  • Rotorua rainbow springs

    Rotorua rainbow springs
    Kiwi Encounter evolved after Rainbow Springs’ many years of participation in the BNZ Kiwi Recovery Trust sponsored ‘Operation Nest Egg’, in conjunction with the Dept. of Conservation, where kiwi eggs are lifted from the wild and hatched and raised in captivity. This initiative decreases the mortality rate of kiwi chicks in the wild by avoiding the crucial first month of life where kiwi chicks have a 95% mortality rate without human intervention.
  • waiotapu thermal wonderland

    waiotapu thermal wonderland
    Wai-O-Tapu is associated with volcanic activity dating back about 160,000 years and is located right on the edge of the largest volcanic caldera (depression) within the active Taupo Volcanic Zone. With the largest area of surface thermal activity of any hydrothermal system in the Zone, the Thermal Wonderland is the most active part of the 18 square km reserve and has at its northern boundary the volcanic dome of Maungakakaramea (Rainbow Mountain).
  • Whale and dolphin watching

    Whale and dolphin  watching
    Blue Whales are the largest, heaviest and loudest animal that has ever lived on Earth. They can be as long as a Boeing 737 and six times as heavy. Their heart is the size of a small car and their tongue as big as an African Bull elephant.
    Most of whales are big too.
  • queens town nomad

    queens town nomad
    Nomad Safaris offers small, personalised tours into NZ back country. We explore historic gold mining areas, locations of Lord of The Rings filming and an exclusive high-country farm.
  • mud pool

    mud pool
    Hells Gate Geothermal Park is set in 50 acres with a large variety of thermal features. Walk past steaming fumeroles and hot pools of boiling MUD so violent they are unnerving. Follow the footsteps of ancient Maori Warriors through the swirling clouds of steam, past the hot pool where the Maori Princess “Hurutini” lost her life, see the violent geothermal activity of the Inferno and the Kakahi Falls, the largest hot waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Rotorua skyline skyrides

    Rotorua skyline skyrides
    As early as the 1920’s there were ideas of putting a roadway to Bob’s Peak. It was not until 1961 that Mr Ian Hamilton (the owner of a small bus company) had the strength of his convictions and had a very steep road (1.5 miles with an average grade of 1 in 7 and in places 1 in 4.5) constructed so he could bring visitors up to this vantage point by bus. During 1961, Mr Hylton Hensman, a local business man and a friend, bought a half-share in the project.
  • Kiwi house

    Kiwi house
    In 1969 the idea of a Nocturnal House to display live kiwi was born and in February 1971 construction of a purpose-built nocturnal Kiwi House began. It was paid for with donations and foundation membership and built with voluntary labour.-he Kiwi House was a New Zealand first, allowing for the shy nocturnal bird to be viewed throughout the day.
  • Bungy jumping

    Bungy jumping
    Preparation of the vines is crucial as they are relied upon to save lives. If they are cut too long when fully stretched the diver will catapult into the ground, but if they are cut too short he will crash through the tower. So, they have to be precisely the right age, have the right amount of "give" and elasticity to enable the divers head to graze the softened earth 30 metres below without giving him a headache. They don't use calculators and officially there are no practice sessions; instead,
  • Matamata hobbiton

    Matamata hobbiton
    The Alexanders moved to the property, 1250 acre (500 hectare) in 1978 where the property has been farmed as a traditional New Zealand sheep and beef farm ever since. It is still farmed the same today and is run by the three brothers now along with their father.
  • Wellington beehive

    Wellington beehive
    Lambton Quay, Wellington, North Island, 6001, New Zealand NZ
    The Parliament Buildings in Wellington's Lambton Quay area feature some of the city's most stunning and instantly recognisable architecture. Consisting of three magnificent structures, by far the most distinctive part of the Wellington Parliament Buildings is this breathtaking Beehive building, a modern executive office space, designed by British architect Sir Basil Spence.
  • rainbows end

    rainbows end
    Rainbow’s End began operating in 1982 with a variety of new attractions being added in the ensuing years.We take great pride in our current stable of nineteen attractions, the environment we have created and the friendliness of our staff.Our park presents great value for money and ‘full on fun’ with unlimited rides for the entire day, all for one price!
    So whether you visit with friends or with family, have a great time!On behalf of our team we hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit.
  • Kelly Tarltons

    Kelly Tarltons
    Kelly Tarlton's is proud to partner with Discover New Zealand to deliver our range of New Zealand holiday packages.
    Discover New Zealand is your one-stop shop for independent holiday options. Discover New Zealand offers a choice of rental car or motorhome self-drive itineraries, a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, luxury coach sightseeing options as well as New Zealand's best attractions and activities.
  • Rugby wordcup

    Rugby wordcup
    The Rugby World Cup is the premier international rugby union competition. The event is organised by the sport's governing body, the International Rugby Board (IRB), and is contested by the men's national teams. The inaugural tournament was held in 1987, hosted by both Australia and New Zealand, and is now contested every four years. The tournament is one of the largest international sporting competitions in the world.
  • Big kiwi fruit

    Big kiwi fruit
    Kiwifruit Country’ was established in 1987 to offer guests to New Zealand a fascinating look into this furry brown berry and just how it has become so popular, and responsible for so much success.
    We were also founded to celebrate the country within which the Kiwifruit has thrived.
  • White island

    White island
    White Island Tours has its beginnings in 1990 when Peter & Jenny Tait, seeking a change of lifestyle, gave up their farming careers and embarked on a new venture as fishing and diving charter operators. That same year, they began to build PeeJay I which was completed and launched in 1991. This first vessel had the capacity to carry just six passengers but was soon replaced in 1992 by the larger PeeJay II, able to carry 12.
  • Auckland sky tower

    Auckland sky tower
    The great and shinny sky tower builted in 1994 to 1997. Now many people come to see this beautiful tower from over seas. And if you see it at 6:30, you will enjoy watching sky tower with twilights. It ts pretty romantic too.
  • Christ church aquariam

    Christ church aquariam
    Southern Encounter Aquarium and Kiwihouse was opened in September 1997 as Southern Encounter, Aquarium of Discovery. In October 2000 the attraction was purchased by Orana Wildlife Trust and consequently now operates as a charitable trust, showcasing the marine and freshwater aquatic species found within and around the South Island of New Zealand.
    With the exciting introduction of the North Island Brown Kiwi.
  • L & P bottle

    L & P bottle
    L & P redirects here, you may also be looking for Lea & Perrins. Lemon & Paeroa, also known as L&P, is a sweet soft drink manufactured in New Zealand. Traditionally made by combining lemon juice with carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa, it is now manufactured by multi-national Coca-Cola.
  • Snow Planet

    Snow Planet
    its a great place for everyone. you can feel the snow and its fantastic for winter holidays.
  • Aukland zoo safari night

    Aukland zoo safari night
    Your Safari Night guides will lead you on a torch-lit evening walk to see what the animals get up to after dark. In the Zoo at night, it's just YOU... and the animals... and your guide who'll give you a fascinating glimpse of what's going on.
    You may also choose to sleep over at the Old Elephant House in the heart of the Zoo – a unique experience. Nicely tired after your night walk, you can lie back and enjoy the animal sounds as you nod off to sleep.
  • waikato river

    waikato river
    The Waikato River is the longest river in New Zealand. In the North Island, it runs for 425 kilometres from the eastern slopes of Mount Ruapehu, joining the Tongariro River system and emptying into Lake Taupo, New Zealand's largest lake. It drains Taupo at the lake's northeastern edge, creates the Huka Falls, then flows northwest, through the Waikato Plains. It empties into the Tasman Sea south of Auckland at Port Waikato. It gives its name to the Waikato region that surrounds the Waikato Plains
  • Tepapa