The giver

The Giver

  • Jonas' Community: Birth

    Jonas' Community: Birth
    When you were born in The Community, you would obtain your number and be taken to the nuturing center.
  • When I was born

    When I was born
    The day I was born, I was given a name.
  • Jonas'community: Ones

    Jonas'community: Ones
    When you first become a one, you would eventually get your name and family unit.
  • When I was one

    When I was one
    During the year I was one, this is when I took my first steps and began to steadily walk.
  • Jonas' community: Twos

    Jonas' community: Twos
    As you became a two in The community, you recieved (and began using) the discipline wand.
  • When I was two

    When I was two
    While I was two, I learned to talk. I talked alot more ( and better) then the average two year old. This probably wouldn't surprise any of my teachers...
  • Jonas' community: Threes

    Jonas' community: Threes
    Eventualy when you became a three, you recieved a group that you would do everything with such as recreation time and mid-day meal.
  • When I was three

    When I was three
    During the period of time that I was three, I became old enough to use the bathroom by myself and FINALLY got out of the dreaded diapers. I'm a big boy now!
  • Jonas' community: Fours

    Jonas' community: Fours
    When you became a four, you recieved your first ever back-buttoned jacket.
  • When I was four

    When I was four
    The year I turned four I bought my first bike and learned how to ride without using training wheels.
  • Jonas' community: Fives

    Jonas' community: Fives
    As you got older and turned to become a five, you recieved a NEW back buttoned jacket as you began to grow.
  • When I turned five

    When I turned five
    When I was the age of five, I started my first year of school. I went to kindergarten at Fall Creek Elementary,
  • Jonas's community: Sixes

    Jonas's community: Sixes
    Once more, as you began to grow even bigger, you recieved a larger back buttoned jacket.
  • When I turned six

    When I turned six
    During the year I was six, I recieved and began riding my first 125cc Grizley ATV.
  • Jonas' community: Sevens

    Jonas' community: Sevens
    When you became a seven in the Community, you then recieved another jacket. This time, the buttons were placed on the front and they were significatly bigger
  • When I turned seven

    When I turned seven
    When I was seven, I learned to swim. It was the one and only year that I went to swimming lessons.
  • Jonas' community: Eights

    Jonas' community: Eights
    When you became an eight, you would expect alot of change. First off, you would begin putting in volunteer hours. You would also have your comfort object taken away from you. Lastly, you would recieve a jacket with pockets so you could begin carrying some small personal items of your own.
  • When I turned eight

    When I turned eight
    The year I was eight, I began playing tackle football in an organized league. My first year of tackle football my team ( The Raiders) went undefeated and won the championship.
  • Jonas' commuity: Nines

    Jonas' commuity: Nines
    Turning nine was probably the seoncd most significant achievment in the community. The year of nine, you recieved your first bike and traveled on it everywhere you went.
  • When I turned nine

    When I turned nine
    About the middle of the school year when I was nine, I was moved into my first advanced class.
  • Jonas' community: Tens

    Jonas' community: Tens
    When you were a male ten in the community, you recieved your first haircut in a manly fashion.
  • When I turned 10

    When I turned 10
    The year I turned ten I ran my first season of competitive track and field. My first year I broke four school records in all the events I competed in.
  • Jonas' community: Elevens

    Jonas' community: Elevens
    In Jonas's community, when you were an eleven, you recieved a new set of clothes. Also, the Elders begin to observe your attitude and adributes as they start to see what assignments would fit them best.
  • When I was eleven

    When I was eleven
    During the year I was eleven, I added new advanced classes and made the travel lacrosse team for a second time.
  • Jonas' community: Twelves

    Jonas' community: Twelves
    This is the most important cermony of all your years. This is the age where you recieve your assignment that you will work at for life. Right as you become a twelve, you begin training for your new assignment.
  • When I turned 12

    When I turned 12
    During the time I was 12, my dog I had since I was six passed away. Later, we got a new dog. Her name is Lexi and she is a lab mix.
  • Jonas' community: House of the Old

    Jonas' community: House of the Old
    At this stage you are released from your duties of your job and put into the House of the Old.
  • When I will turn 63

    When I will turn 63
    Within 10 years of the age 63, most people are put into retirement homes.
  • Jonas' communtity: Released

    Jonas' communtity: Released
    When you are released, you are let go from the community and never aloud back in.