Tech N Talk Timeline

  • Setting

    Brainpop-Feudalism and Medieval Age Students created their online names using a random name generator and used Brainpop online to increase their knowledge of out stories setting.
  • Period: to

    Bella at Midnight

  • Author

    Diane Stanley's site Students visited several sites with information about the author of our book. They left comments about the author's life.
  • Vocabulary

    Students will work with new vocabulary by playing charades. Reading assigned: Ch 1-4 to complete by February 7
  • Characters

    Voki Avatars Today the club members are creating avatars to represent the characters introduced into the book so far. Reading assigned: Chapters 5-7 to complete by Feb 9
  • Cover Art

    Cover Art
    Big Huge Labs The kids redesigned the cover of Bella at Midnight. They also created a magazine cover to persuade others to buy the book.
  • Field Trip to Medieval Times

    Field Trip to Medieval Times
    Medieval Times Dallas Students will travel to Medieval Times in Dallas,Tx to immerse themselves in the setting of our book.
  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day
    Various legends are related to Valentine’s Day. One is that of the Feast of Lupercalia and another is of the martyrdom of Saint Valentine. The linking Valentine's Day with love in the Middle Ages was strengthened by the notion that birds began to look for mates during this time of festival. Valentine’s Day gained much popularity in the middle ages when people in love began to exchange simple gifts like flowers, chocolates and cards.
  • Period: to


  • Airman begins

     Airman begins
    Eion ColferWelocme back to TNT!
  • Inventions Timleline

    Inventions Timleline
    Timetoast.comTo build background knowledge on the topic of inventions students are creatign a timeline using Timetoast.
  • Inventions Timeline

    Inventions Timeline
    Second day for timelien work... awesome researchers need more time!
  • Foreshadowing in Airman

    Foreshadowing in Airman
    Eoin Colfer uses a lot of foreshadowing (clues) in his stories. We will keep track of the clues.
  • Foreshadowing

  • Imagery part 1

    Imagery part 1
    There are seven types of imagery. Check them out at thinkquest.com
  • Imagery part 2

    Imagery part 2
    Create imagery poems and speak them through a Voki
  • Storytelling

    The author tells a good story-how about you?
  • Liberty part 1

    Liberty part 1
    Learn more about the Statue of Liberty and why it is such an important topic for our book
  • Liberty part 2

    Liberty part 2
    Use your liberty pictures and knowledge to create a mosaic at big huge labs
  • Genre

    Discover the genre of your book and respond to the survey questions posted
  • Author

    Meet the author and create a movie poster usign Big Huge Labs
  • Conor's Character

    Conor's Character
    Fake texting Create a conversation between Conor and one of the main characters.
  • Meet the Author

    Meet the Author
    The club members will visit three sites about the author before they partner up to view a final site with an interview with Dtuart Gibbs.
  • Period: to

    Belly Up

  • Meet Henry

    Meet Henry
    Visit a Zoo The kids spent the day getting to know Henry, our main character.
  • What is a Domain

    What is a Domain
    The kids learned about domain as a setting and public domain as a source on the internet for free music. They used approved sites to collect PD pictures and musis.
  • Flip Out!

    Flip Out!
    The kids had a chance to get their hands on a Flip camera and learned the basics of movie making and editing.
  • Film Prep

    Film Prep
    Take time to prep for filming
  • Rehearsal

    Take time to rehearse your scripts
  • Storyboarding

    Use the AFI tutorial to help you create a storyboard
  • Spy Training

    Spy Training
    [Clay Yourself](www.clayyourself.com/)Create your secret spy identity using Clay Yourself.
  • Period: to

    I, Q

  • Spy Language

    Spy Language
  • Foreshadowing

  • Point of View

    Point of View
    Point of View Game Students will review an article and a game, as well as discuss point of view, to help understand the concept.
  • Mission 4

    Mission 4
    Describe a character from the book.
    When you have that done you may go to[ www.voki.com](http:// www.voki.com) and create a Voki of your character. Have your character talk in first person.
    Read pages 200-260
  • Write the author

    Write the author
    Write to the author, Roland Smith, today
  • Chasing Vermeer Welcome

    Chasing Vermeer Welcome
    Chasing Vermeer at ScholasticGet your book, learn about pentominoes and get to know the characters with an audio book reading.
  • Period: to

    Chasing Vermeer

  • Vermeer Vocabulary

    Vermeer Vocabulary
    Create vocabulary cards with power point, and make a crossword puzzle.
  • Break the Code

    Break the Code
    Club members will use codes and anagrams to decipher messages from the book.
  • Vermeer Art

    Vermeer Art
    How is the art of Vermeer important to the book? What is the style of Vermeer's art?
  • Lo and Behold

    Lo and Behold
    Learn more about the book Lo! by Charles Fort by visiting real news sites with articles about the same strange rain as reported in Lo!
  • Tell It Like It Is

    Tell It Like It Is
    Use the printed article from Wormwood like a reader's theater on Voki. Make and avatar, record your voice, and we will post the Vokies in order to hear the whole artilce.
  • Meet the Author

    Meet the Author
    And boy did she-Mrs. Cardon lucked out and met our author this week! Learn more about the authog by following the links provided,
  • Build a Museum Box

    Build a Museum Box
    Museum BoxNow you can create a museum display all about Chasing Vermeer.
  • Welcome

    See a book trailer on our blog for today's post.
  • Period: to

    Among the Hidden

  • Population Control

    Population Control
    Graphing for KidsStudents will observe charts and graphs about the population of the world. They will also create a graph using data collected from wordatlas.com.
  • Say What?

    Say What?
    Webster's Dictionary
    Students will use an online dictionary to find definitions of vocabulary words. They will create a matching game using Power Point.
  • Meet the author

    Meet the author
    Learn more about our author and the other books she has written
  • Glogsters

    Show off what you know-pick a topic from the book and make a glogster poster
  • Utopia

    What is a utopia?
  • Period: to

    The Giver

  • Vocabulary

    Make a crossword of some of the words you will read in the book
  • Birthday Cards

    Birthday Cards
    Make a birthday card for Jonas and Lily at GreetingsIsland. Your cards will be chared scrapbook style with Flipsnack.
  • Resumes

    Resume Maker<a What does is mean to be an adult and how can you use a resume to help you get a job?
  • Color and Emotion

    Learn more about how color affects our emotions, and use synonyms to convey exact language.
  • Color Me Crazy

    Color Me Crazy
    Use slideshare and blendspace resources to learn more about color. Go to BigHugeLabs to create color palettes.
  • Meet the Author

    Meet the Author
    Visit articles about the author, see a video about her writing, and visit her personal website.
  • Get to Work

    Get to Work
    Blog Post Learn more about the jobs given to the kids in the City of Ember.
  • Period: to

    City of Ember

  • You Grow Girl!

    You Grow Girl!
    Blog Post Discover Greehhosues, hydrponics, and mobile farming. Connect these ideas to the production of food in Ember.
  • How to Survive

    How to Survive
    Welcome back, let's check out Antartica and probabilty to get warmed up.
  • Period: to

    Surviving Antartica Reality TV 2083