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The Campus center dining hall food and chartwells nutritional run down.

By fcousar
  • sunday's brunch

    sunday's brunch
    Sunday's delight wasnt your typical lunch. You were given the choice of a brunch meal, Which consisted of egg omlette station, chicken marsala and seasonal vegetables along with many other favorite foods.
  • what i ate for brunch

    what i ate for brunch
    My plate consisted of an omlette with the calorie count of 34 calories, fried bacon a calorie count of 42 calories per bacon strip, and tator tots with 150 calories. The total amount of calories for this meal is 226 calories.
  • tator tots

    tator tots
    This was the most famous menu dish which went pretty quick. with its calorie amount per serviing of 150 calories i would say tator tots will never get old but we should also watch exactly how much we take in.

    How many of us love bacon?, I know i do!.The crispy but kind of salty strips of bacon is what satisfied my tongue as well as several other students enjoying their "brunch meal" for the afternoon. According to www.livestrong,com the avg amount of calorie per bacon strip is 42 calories, may sound good but when eating too many at one time it can be quite harmful to our health.
  • style your own omlette

    style your own omlette
    With chartwells unique style, it charms the minds of students who love variety. here at the omlette station as displayed you're offered the select choices of whichever food item to put into your omlette. The avg calorie count in a regular omlette is quite good @ 34 calories per omlette. If you ask me this was the most healthy item on the "brunch" menu.
  • plain waffles

    plain waffles
    Warm maple syrup layered on top of your waffle is the highlight of eating the waffle. With that being said it isnt so bad eating them. with the calorie count of 88 calories per waffle i would advise you to be easy of how much you consume,. This was another item offered on the brunch menu this sunday at suny OW.
  • FYI

    FYI: for your information according to, gives you the option to be able to determine how much calories you are supposed to eat per day. for females between the age of 19-59(most college students) should be 1940 calories, for males between the age of 19-59 it should be 2550 calories.
  • chicken marsala and seasonal veggies

    chicken marsala and seasonal veggies
    A buffet of chicken marsala with the calorie count of 232.5 calories and for seasonal veggies which is the more healthy item it has 143 calories per serving.
  • just some fun facts

    just some fun facts
    Just some fun facts from, they give you info on estimated calorie requirements. and it says " calories are a measure of the potential food eneergy that can be absorbed and utilized by the body.
  • Period: to

    mondays lunch

    mondays lunch was great. although the volume of students entering and exiting the cafeteria was a frenzy the quality of the food today at OW wasnt one to complain about
  • nutritious and delicious

    nutritious and delicious
    Although many students complain about the food variety, here at old westbury chartwells offers the students the best of both worlds. Both foods of fast food like motifs and as displayed in the picture a salad bar of choices once again backing up the "go green" example that theyre trying to live by.
  • fruits!

    According to the USDA, the required amount of servings for fruits are 2-4 servings per day. Each day which i have ate in the cafeteria there was a consistent offering of fruits and vegetables. In another sense i would question the caterers for OW, i would question the intake of what the students prefer to eat as opposed to whats being offered.
  • facts

    To back up what i said about the intake of what students prefer to eat, i examined my own choices of what was offered on this particular day. Just to name a few there were choices of pork roast, baked chicken, cornbread, season vegetables etc. Along with other nutritional facts sodium is another element, according the body requires only 500 milligrams of sodium per day.
  • my lunch

    my lunch
    Consisted of baked chicken(231 calories), low in sodium of (119mg) the bad points is that its high in cholesterol. I loved the potato wedges which is low in calories of 123, low in sodium of 49mg. The cheese burger calorie count is 359 calories this particular dish is high in sodium of 976 mg and high in saturated fat. and lastly the barbeque sandwich consisting of 392 calories very high in sodium (1420 mg). All in all my total calorie count for this meal was 1,005 calories now thats a lot.
  • potato wedges

    potato wedges
    This item as i observed today was the best yet. the amount of times the chartwells staff had to refill this particular food item was crazy. although it sounds bad with the name "potato wedges" it isnt that bad as far as nutrition wise is concerned. according to, the avg amount of calories per serving is 123 calories being low in saturated fat, no cholestorol (leading cause of death*high cholesterol) low in sodium with 49mg.
  • bbq chicken sub

    bbq chicken sub
    Students scurried to eat the what is known to be famous bbq chicken sub. I, however didnt really like it. It looked as if it had been pre-made(which it was) and sitting there for awhile. With the ingredients of sub bread, cheddar cheese, crispy bbq chicken, i wouldnt recommend so much consumption of this sandwich. It appears to be worse than the hamburger with the calorie count of 392 calories in addition being high in sodium of 1420 mg per sandwich, this sandwich is extremly unhealthy.
  • the "fresh grill"

    the "fresh grill"
    Today's fresh grill was the burger station. In this picture you get the feel of many different items you can put on your hamburger/cheeseburger. There were choices to name a few of green peppers, onions, turkey burger or vegetable burgers. With the calorie count of 359 being high in sodium and saturated fat, it isnt so bad as it is being read, according to the nutrition facts it depends soley on the amount (consumption) food you take in which determines if you're eating more than you should.
  • Period: to

    tuesdays lunch

  • nachos cont'd

    nachos cont'd
    Nachos are my favorite, and was another popular dish offered in the cafeteria today. the accent of the multi colored tortilla chips accentuated the mexican themed flow. However tortilla chips according to the nutrition facts are in fact not healthy for us. They are high in sodium and can leave you feeling bloated ultimately leading to weight gain.
  • hand made french fries

    hand made french fries
    These freshly peeled hand made french fries were really good;so good that almost every student in the cafeterai had some on their plate. With none of them ever thinking about whether or not the food they eat is healthy for them. In some cases it is and then in other cases it isnt. With the calorie count of 539 per lg serving i would say no, And for those with history of sodium issues i wouldnt recommend you eating this.
  • tuesday's lunch menu in the campus dining hall

    tuesday's lunch menu in the campus dining hall
    Taco tuesday was the subliminal theme behind the food offered today at the campus hall dining center. This station was specifically set up for students at will to select many different dips for their nachos. the three dips as shown in the picture was beef sauce, bean dip and chicken. the amount of calories for the bean dip per cup was 376 calories very high in sodium. the reason i chose this dip to analyze was due to the fact of its popularity in the cafeteria on each and every students plate.
  • Period: to

    wednesday's lunch

  • bistro sandwich

    bistro sandwich
    the choice selections were chicken cordon bleu, or steak with provolone cheese and mediterranean vegetables. i preferably did not choose this sandwich i didnt like it. however a lot of students tried it out and said it was very healthy. roughly about 200-300 calories in a bistro sandwich depending on which meat you get in the sandwich. overall from students perspective this was the best thing on the menu.
  • nutritional facts chart for OW students

    nutritional facts chart for OW students
    This chart just shows basic nutrition info from the chartwells website of how many students actually observe their health through their food.
  • grill cheese station

    grill cheese station
    today the cafeteria offered students a different approach for food choices. with the grill cheese station , here as shown in the picture you have a different selection of meat from tuna, ham, to turkey, many different cheeses along with the choice of white bread or wheat. one thing about these meats is that they are not high in calories or sodium, so if you're looking for a more lean choice choose the sandwich station.
  • Period: to

    fridays lunch

  • cafeteria food on friday

    cafeteria food on friday
    Part of the selection today was pizza. Traditionally known for its italian tastes pizza isnt the best selection for a healthy meal. With it's extremely high calorie count of 1,446 calories per slice this is not a healthy choice.
  • meat lasagna

    meat lasagna
    This dish is very popular according to the OW students. The meat lasagna has flavor and is almost every one's favorite American dish. This dish is not so bad when it comes down to the amount of calories present, which is 290 calories per serving. The dish is high in saturated fat and high in vitamin A which is good as opposed to the saturated fat.
  • spimach lasagna

    spimach lasagna
    For my first time trying this it was okay, not really my cup of tea. After speaking with a lot the resident s here at the college, they like the lasagna says its more healthy or is it?, according to, spinach lasagna has a calorie count of 379 calories per serving which again isn't bad. However it is high in calcium which is good for your bones, low in sugar, and very high in vitamin A.
  • my lunch/brunch

    my lunch/brunch
    This is what i chose out of what was offered, an omlette calorie count of 24 calories per omlette which as a down turn is very high in cholesterol but still considered a healthy breakfast choice, the spinach lasagna with 379 calories per serving and chicken nuggets 280 calories(per 5 nuggets). The total calorie intake for my lunch was 683 calories which is good being that, that was my 1st meal of the day.

    To add conclusion to my timeline, the SUNY Old Westbury food has its good, bad and sometimes ugly habits as to what should be produced for the students daily eating habits. I honestly dont think students are aware or even care to think about the nutritional aspect when it comes to what they eat. I hope in some way shape or form this timeline helps them to become more eco-friendly with what they eat and "health conscious."