Helpless Hobos

  • First encounter

    First encounter
    I first met this guy in 2nd grade (I dont think the date is correct at all). He looked so mean and so Asian and so fat, but I wouldnt wanna mess with him. We didn't really talk that much but I saw him everyday with his mickey mouse water thermos around his neck and his lunch box filled with cut pieces of bread with chocolate sprinkles. At the end of the school year I was assured that he was really smart cuz he and I were the only students who received the most outstanding student award.
  • Period: to

    Helpless Hobos by Pepper

  • Interactions

    Constant teasing and belittling was our form of communication in the 4th grade. We got along pretty well despite being rivals. Perhaps there were also feelings involved somewhere along the way. The four of us; you, me, dave, and ayme. I think this was also when the whole westernized trash phase started. HSM just came out along with Suite Life and Hannah Montana. Yup, definitely obsessed with the portrayal of western culture by Disney. We started singing too.
  • The end...or so I thought

    The end...or so I thought
    I cant even talk about this one... It was just awful. I was stupid and you were mean and everyone was mean and it was just really bad. I thought the only way was to just forget about it, forget about everything. Pretend that it never happened. Avoid you altogether. It was the safest way for me to escape everything that happened.
  • Blur

    I dont remember this but you said we were in drama club there's that.
  • First time in a long long time

    First time in a long long time
    I was so shocked and nervous when js told me that you were coming with us to talim's party before val's. I personally didn't want you there. I kept telling her to cancel with you...sorry. Cuz I just couldnt face you after years of avoiding you. When I got to her house and saw you there like that was it for me. I tried my best to pretend you werent there but after a while I just couldn't anymore. Idk what happened, I honestly dont but we were conversing. Then u apologized and I said aaww...
  • Start of something new

    Start of something new
    <-- That's exactly what you did :)
    It felt right that start a friendship all over agan. I didn't need to pretend that the past didn't happen. We both knew it happened but it was about establishing something new. It just felt good to start talking to you again and learn about you because we've definitely changed from the last time we spoke.
  • Harder We Fall

    Harder We Fall
    You like the photo? Hehehe
    I guess we only saw each other once in the making of this video but it's something that we're both a part of that will forever be on the internet. I made you sound like a black man...idk if you like that or not
  • Sedudo

    We decided to create a mashup for this cas. I remember we couldn't find the perfect songs to mashup but once we got to the waterfall, inspiration hit. We were sitting on the rocks of the waterfall and we heard the story of the waterfall and the two songs just came together to create this story. I also remembered the question you asked me when we were there...
  • Costume Party

    Costume Party
    It was kenneth's 17 birthday and it was fun and all. You came that afternoon to practice the duet we were supposed to do for the party. I threw squirrels at you. Then we changed the HSM song into just give me a reason. We also cooked eggs for lunch. I was hesitant to ask you for the photo but I didn't regret it. so...
  • Amazing Spiderman 2

    Amazing Spiderman 2
    This day started in school. We were analyzing Roy's essays with Mr. Minh. Then you, me, dave, and val went to alfamart. We were cramped at the back of dave's tiny smart car. I still dont know how I feel about that. You hogged space man...Then we went to eat at Bu Kris and dave dropped us at gm. We were totally late and I remember the woman said "2 tiket utk spiderman sekarang ya". After that we went to my house to finish the mashup. It felt awkward recording and singing but it made a good story.
  • Birthday

    Who's idea was it to kidnap me and bring me to school on a sunday?? It was really sweet though...aside from the waxy tasting cake. FYI, I recently saved the message you sent me for my birthday and you kept calling me procelain. I was touched when I first read it so you did a good job on that one.
  • IB nite

    IB nite
    I just thought I'd share this photo...IB night was a fun night. I saw Jay the next day :p
  • Thanksgiving

    This was the first time I got invited to a social gathering with your friends. I was really nervous but everyone was really welcoming and nice. The food was great and the sofa race was also really super awesomely fun.
  • Terang Surabaya

    Terang Surabaya
    <-- Remember when you gave me that? You said it was the house from "Up". I gave you a little pink balloon. It was fun but then we had to go back to school and listen to a lecture about ToK...
  • Psychology vid

    Psychology vid
    I didn't even remember this photo until I saw it. This was when you came over to ask me to edit the psychology video and I made you do it yourself...while I watch over. I think you tried to imitate one of the crazy flexibility photos I showed you.
  • Dave's birthday

    Dave's birthday
    I kinda felt bad for Dave because everything was last minute and he couldn't get everyone to come to his party. It was fun tho...there were people playing beer pong and then we danced for dave, weird but fun.
  • Cangar

    BRAID!!! and forhead wrinkles...
  • Valentine

    This day made me so uncomfortable with the games and stuff. I got us all heart tattoos which were really cute. I think I was the one who helped you with yours. The just dance part was really I love just dance. I also learned that I could balance on my toes without pointe shoes which is pretty cool. But then I got sick for a week...but I lost a lotta weight so yayyy
  • Lenmarc

    You got to really hang with the collective...and I think salt said something about you being so proud of yourself because you arranged all this and provided a ride for all of us so we can't say no. Chanelling our inner beyonce during karaoke was something i thought was impossible but yet it happened.
  • Signature

    Uggghhh this recital was just uggghhh...
    But thank you for being there to listen to us crash and burn.
  • Hot Tamales

    Hot Tamales
    Last CAS...and it was so freakin AWESOME
    I loved this so much. I cant believe we didn't have any professional helping us and we could still create our own choreography and pull it off like we've been doing this forever. It was crazy fun. Kinda gross when you think about 4 people sharing sweat for hours and hours. The lift was really nice even though I hurt my arm every time. This is definitely a highlight...
  • Snails

    You guys ate snails...whyyy
    Then we walked together and played cluedo together and played cards together and played truth or truth together. (i guess they call it truth or dare but no one chose dare so...) Then you and salt came to my house where you ate eggplant and helped me with my composition that I still couldn't believe I finished so quickly.
  • Rooftop

    We didn't take any photos aside from this so...enjoy harman smoking weed. We rushed from school to CW so that we could watch Home. Turns out the movie wasn't even playing anymore. We ate at Hungry Joe's and watched X-men days of future past so there's that. We also started the whole going up to rooftops thing. I think you hurt yourself when you tried to limbo through the projection of celine dion.
  • Surprise

    Ohhh...we got ayme red velvet terang bulan with snickers, bengbeng, and cream cheese.
  • Snapchat!

    First time I snapchatted you...wasn't sure what I was gonna get. Turns out it was a shirtless you making faces that I can't even put words to. I didn't know that when I took a screenshot that you were gonna be notified...

    This was a pretty unique group of people...I dont think the four of us went out together again after this. I thought you were gonna go watch with your friends but Idk why I asked anyway and you said yes.
  • Janice

    Not the best memory but it's just on here to add the times we've gone out together...
  • Last day of school

    Last day of school
    I was pretty sad about the last day of school but I wasn't that sad cuz I knew that we were still gonna see each other again. It was still a long way from actually being free cuz of the IB exams and graduation practice and holidays. There I thought there was still so much time left.
  • Lenmarc 2

    Lenmarc 2
    Denim dayyy...we were supposed to get terang bulan ugh
    Instead we talked and stretched and posed like a bunch of retards.
  • TP Rooftop

    TP Rooftop
    Marugame Udon then Fish and Co then rooftop. And dont forget about motherly salt that joined us because you ran away to get drinks and I was left behind.
  • Pool Party

    Pool Party
    So much skin...
  • Tomorrowland

    I thought you got mad on the way to the theatre because you were gonna be late and such but I couldn't compromise by going to sutos. You came anyway and watched the movie with salt and pepper. Then there were fries and ice cream and mammoth sized drinks and card games. I remember we were waiting for my mom to pick me up and you told me that you were leaving on the 5th. I couldn't believe how soon that was.
  • Church

    I felt bad forcing you to take me to church. But I wanted to go, it didn't feel that foreign to me when you dragged me there the first time. I was also inspired by the stories about grandma. One of them was the fact that she was 75% deaf and she still insisted to go to church every sunday. And here I am with perfect hearing, not doing anything with it. The quest to find dinner was also fun and Domicile was a good choice. I had a great time.
  • Graduation

    Totally bittersweet. This is the real last day of school. I know you were kinda disappointed but no one can deny that you're intelligent. I was surprised when you put your arm on my shoulder but then you said little time left and idk...the inevitable separation started to feel real.
  • Tua Baru

    Tua Baru
    That was the first time I saw you laugh uncontrollably like just really loose...and thanks to harman, I will never be able get that moobs video out of my head. That night you mentioned the yearbook testimony I wrote and you said you felt honored?...and yes, a part of that testimony was sorta inspired by our relationship.
  • Last "lunch" and dinner

    Last "lunch" and dinner
    It was nice to get to reminisce about our memories. As much as I dont wanna be a constant reminder of your unsettling past, you can also sometimes remind me of my unpleasant past. That's something we cant run away from I guess...but I hope all those posts and photos can remind you of a happier time...and thank you for choosing to save me by the way
  • First farewell

    First farewell
    I didn't write you a letter or a chat or a text but I hope this is enough to validate the state of our friendship. I didn't cry in the airport but it was really really hard not to. The fries helped me suck the tears in. As soon as I ran out of fries (on the way back from the airport), I just lost it. You told me I was confident...apparently not confident enough to ask for a selfie or a hug. I really wish I did...