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Our angel Annie

By shepmom
  • Happy Birthday Baby Annie

    Happy Birthday Baby Annie
    Today, after 19 hours of labor, and a Cesarean Section, you were born. You weighed 8 lbs 6 oz. and were 21 inches long. You were beautiful from the start and Mom and Dad were instantly in love with you. You had a blood incapatability with Mom, so you were given some antibiotics and your blood levels were constantly being tested. Dad even went and donated blood just in case you needed a transfusion. You had to stay in the special nursery and Mom and Dad weren't able to hold you very often.
  • First Family Photo

    First Family Photo
    This was our first family photo. You were placed under the bilirubin lights because you had jaundice really bad. They rarely let Dad or Mom hold you, so about a week after you were born, you got to come home. This picture was taken right before we left the hospital to come home
  • Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Z

    Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Z
    Great Grandma and Grandpa Z came for Christmas this year from California. This is a picture of Great Grandma holding you for the first time. She was smitten. You were her 3rd great grandchild.
  • Blessing Day

    Blessing Day
    Today was a special day. You were given a father's blessing at church by Daddy. All of your cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents were there. Some of Mommy and Daddy's friends came too. It was a great day. Grandma Z made your dress too. It was beautiful and you looked like an angel straight from heaven.
  • Cousin Time

    Cousin Time
    This is you and your cousin Alex. He was born 7 weeks before you were. We get together with him and his parents often, so you two have bonded. You are both sitting up and getting stronger about the same time.
  • Cereal Time

    Cereal Time
    You love to eat rice cereal. It was the first solid food that we introduced to you. It took you a while to warm up to it, but you love it. I usually mix it with apple juice and warm it up a little. That is your favorite. You also like to eat applesauce and bananas. You aren't too fond of many vegetables, although you will eat sweet potatoes.
  • Photo Shoot

    Photo Shoot
    Mom took you to get your pictures taken at the mall. You were really sleepy and kept sucking your thumb. I was frustrated because each time I would pull it out and jump away, you would put it back in. The photographer suggested he take one with the thumb in anyway. I'm glad he did, because this is my favorite shot of you! This is what you love to do!
  • You Did It!

    You Did It!
    You have mastered the stairs at Grandpa and Grandma's house. It took you some time, but your gross motor skills are in line! You are so active and love to be on the move now!!!
  • Silly Girl

    Silly Girl
    You are always doing funny things. You like to listen to Dad's CD player and put his headphones on. Your Dad definitely has taken an active role in your life. When he is not at school or work, he is with you.
  • Oreos

    Everytime we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house they have Oreos. You have learned to dunk them in milk just like Grandpa does. You are getting so big and you imitate things that others do. You also love to be with adults who you know. You don't warm up easliy to strangers. You seem to be a bit shy.
  • Big Sister

    Big Sister
    Today you became a big sister. You are not even 2 yet, but you act so big. Your sister Katie was the spitting image of you. This picture is of the two of you in her crib. You love "reading" to her. You role play and like to be her mom.
  • Potty Training

    Potty Training
    You are so big Annie. You always immitate what Mom and Dad are doing and wanted to sit on the toilet after we did. So we bought you a tiny potty chair. You would sit on it before and after your bath and before we knew it you were peeing in the toilet. We bought you some big girl panties and you love to wear them. Everyone says it is too early, but we knew you were a genius. You aren't even 2 years old and you are officially trained.
  • I love my Daddy

    I love my Daddy
    You love to do whatever Daddy is doing. When he comes home and takes off his hat or shoes, you love to put them on. We have so many pictures of you wearing things of Dad's. Of course you love your Mommy too, but you love it when Dad is home.
  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast
    You love this movie. You got it on VHS for Christmas and you love to watch it. You are starting to imitate roles of people you see on TV and in movies. You sometimes role play and think that you are Belle. It is fun to watch you learn and grow.
  • I'm a Big Girl Now

    I'm a Big Girl Now
    You are getting so big. You love to run and play outside. The weather is nice and we live right by a big park. When you are not outside, you love to play house inside. You love your play dishes and food. You also love to play with the basketball hoop that Dad bought you. You are getting pretty good at shooting hoops! You also are a great artist. You love to draw pictures and color.
  • You Love Books

    You Love Books
    This is a cute picture of you at Grandma and Grandpa's house. When we go there, you go straight for Grandma's books. She is a school teacher and has rows and rows of books. You can't quite read on your own, but you try to. It is so fun to listen to you "read" to your sister.
  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz
    You and your little sister love to watch the movie "The Wizard of Oz." We took a trip to Las Vegas and stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel because they had a huge Wizard of Oz display and convention going on. We were able to meet Dorothy and all the other characters. You were so excited to meet the characters.
  • Dance Recital

    Dance Recital
    You are in a dance class with a friend of Moms. This recital was your first. You were very nervous, but did a great job. It was outside in our friend's backyard. The weather was perfect and we were so proud of you.
  • Surgery Day

    Surgery Day
    Today you had your very first surgery. You had your adenoids removed. You were having lots of problems with breathing and sleep apnea, so the doctors decided to remove your adenoids. It was so sad. You didn't eat anything for a couple days after. It helped though and you can breath so much better now and you are a much better sleeper!
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    We moved to Wisconsin at the end of August. Dad's company transferred us there. They statrted school later than they did in Arizona, so we waited and you started Kindergarten there. This is you on the first day of school. You were all smiles, until Mom and Dad left. We were heart broken, but you soon learned to love school, your teach, all your many friends.
  • Family Photo

    Family Photo
    This is our latest family photo of you and your siblings. You are a great big sister and love your little brother so much. He makes us all laugh and you and him have a special bond. Your birthdays are two days apart and Mom was in the hospital durning your birthday, so we celebrated there.
  • Baptism Day

    Baptism Day
    Today was your baptism day. You were baptized a member of our church by your Dad. It was a very special day. All of your cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents were there.
  • Family Photo

    You are now the oldest of 5 kids. Your baby brother Jack was born in September of last year. He is a fun kid and you are a great older sister to him. You can change his diaper and help mom do all sorts of things around the house. You told me you can't wait to be a mom someday!
  • Halloween 2001

    Halloween 2001
    You have always loved Halloween and dressing up for it. You will be 10 next month and you still enjoy all the fun things about being a kid.
  • 5th Grade Photo

    5th Grade Photo
    This is your 5th Grade Photo. You are getting so big and grown up. You love school and all of your teachers have loved having you in their classes. One even called you Mary Poppins, because you were "Practically perfect in every way!"
  • 6th Grade Graduation

    6th Grade Graduation
    Today you graduated from 6th grade. You are such a big girl and you were able to get your hair highlighted as a sign you are growing up. These are your best friends Sarah, Morgan, and Aubrey.
  • 1st Year at Girls' Camp

    1st Year at Girls' Camp
    This is a group shot of all of the 1st year campers at Girls' Camp this year. Our church lets all of the youth girls ages 12-18 go to camp over the summer for a week. You had so much fun.
  • !st Day of School Sophomore Year

    !st Day of School Sophomore Year
    Today you started High School. You technically started last year, but Mesa Schools has Freshmen at the Jr. High. So you are now at the big High School. I know you will do well, as you always do.
  • Halloween

    You and your friends dressed like the Muses from the Disney movie Hercules. I think you all look amazing.
  • Homecoming 2009

    Homecoming 2009
    This is you and your date Kyler. I think you had a great time. You looked amazing as always.
  • Senior Photo

    Senior Photo
    Our friend Kim took your Senior photos. This was my favorite.
  • Senior Prom

    Senior Prom
    You went to Prom with Brody. You said you guys had a blast and I can't get over how beautiful you looked.
  • Graduation

    Can't believe we have a graduate. We are so proud of you Annie!