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UAB RMWP Middle School Summer Writing Camp


    1.) Go to www.rmwp.org
    2.) Click on Middle School Writing Camp
    3.) Print off the brochure and fill it in.
    4.) May payments out to: UAB School of Education
    5.) Send form with $75 registration fee to
    Dr. Tonya Perry
    UAB School of Education
    EB 110 A
    901 13th Street South
    Birmingham, AL 35294 OR
    Call Dr. Perry at 205-934-7896
    Email Dr. Perry at tperry@uab.edu
  • Camp at Glance

    Camp at Glance
    -For 5th-8th graders
    -8:00 am-3:00 pm
    -Drop off as early as 7:00 am
    -After-camp care available until 6:00 pm
    -Lunch included!
    -Call Dr. Tonya Perry for more information at 205-934-7896
  • Cost Information

    Registration Fee (non-refundable): 75$ Week 1: $150
    Week 2: $165
    Week 3: $165
    Week 4: $165 Pay by check, cashier's check, or money order.
    Ask about our pay plan! Registration fee due at time of registration.
    No camp fee refunds after May 1, 2011. May Payments to: UAB School of Education
    Send Payments to:
    Dr. Tonya Perry
    UAB School of Education
    EB 110 A
    901 13th Street South
    Birmingham, AL 35294
  • Making Mystery Begins!

    Making Mystery Begins!
    Week 1, Day 1 Tusday, May 31st is the official first day of RMWP Writing Camp! Get your WRITE on!
  • Period: to

    Week 1: Making Mystery

    Begin your summer with an opportunity to craft your own mystery! Learn to build suspense, a key element in mysteries. Develop your style as you describe characters, especially the suspects. You'll learn to creat the mood and set the scene that gives mysteries a unique feel. Hook your reader using effective dialogue and thought shots. Discover the art of story structure as you write the climax and resolution of your story. Watch your mystery unfold in a Photo Story presentation!
  • Period: to

    UAB Red Mountain Writing Project Youth Writing Camp

    www.rmwp.org Sample Daily Schedule:
    8:00-10:00- Quck writes, sharing, speakers, media viewing
    10:15-12:15- Instruction, guided practice
    12:15-1:00- Lunch
    1:00- 3:00- Writing Workshop, individual conferencing *Every Friday the RMWP will host a Friday Showcase, inviting family and friends to enjoy presentations of student work! Students will have many opportunities to practice their writing-on-demand skills as well as experience the writing process.
  • Week 1, Day 2

    Wednesday, June 1. How's your mystery going? 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Week 1, Day 3

    Thursday, June 3. What are your suspects like? 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Friday Showcase: Photo Story Presentation!

    Friday Showcase: Photo Story Presentation!
    Week 1, Day 4. Friday, June 3. Watch your mystery unfold in a Photo Story presentation that plays to an audience of peers and guests at Week 1's Friday Showcase! 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • The News of Writing Begins!

    The News of Writing Begins!
    Week 2, Day 1. Monday, June 6. Journalism uncovered.
  • Period: to

    Week 2: The News of Writing

    Become a journalist! You'll learn to gather reliable sources through research and to weigh facts and opinions. Come to understand perspective and point of view from those who deliver the news. Professional reporters and journalists will discuss the style of writing for different segments of broadcasts and newspapers. Students will use computers to format newspaper articles and even write a broadcast to be videotaped. Each student will contribute to the class newspaper and a taped broadcast!
  • Week 2: Day 2

    Tuesday, June 7. Define "credible."
  • Week 2, Day 3

    Wednesday, June 8. I can't wait to see what story you've uncovered.
  • Week 2, Day 4

    Thursday, June 9. And now, the news.
  • Friday Showcase: News Articles & Broadcasts!

    Week 2, Day 5. Friday, June 10. Invite your friends and family to Week 2's Friday Showcase! You've worked hard all week- it's time to share!
  • Writing for a Change Begins!

    Writing for a Change Begins!
    Week 3, Day 1. Monday, June 13. Have you ever felt like you wished you could do something about an issue facing your community? Now you can!
  • Period: to

    Week 3: Writing for a Change

    Writing has the power to change people's minds, inspiring them to make a difference in the world. This week, you'll learn about different causes and issues the Birmingham community faces. Identify a cause that impassionates you to write about. Speak your mind in a variety ofwritten forms: blogs editorials, poetry, pamplets, PSAs, and video footage. Guest speakers will inform students how they make a difference with their powerful words. Showcase your writing in the "I am the Change" Fair!
  • Week 3, Day 2.

    Tuesday, June 14. Birmingham is a great city! But we also have our share of issues- what did you learn? How can your WORDS help?
  • Week 3, Day 3

    Wednesday, June 15. How do others in our community WRITE for CHANGE?
  • Week 3, Day 4

    Thursday, June 11. What mode of writing do you find most effective for reaching an audience? How does writing on the internet have the power to reach people?
  • Friday Showcase: I am the Change Fair

  • Writing Music to My Ears Begins!

    Writing Music to My Ears Begins!
    Week 4, Day 1. Monday, June 20. What influence does music have in your life? What song is the beat to which you walk? Even the musically challenged (like some of the camp instructors) have music to share!
  • Period: to

    Week 4: Writing Music to My Ears

    Discover the musician within you! Experience the music of words and the rhythm of language. Explore the relationship between poetry and song lyrics. Put your words to a beat, rhythm, and style using GarageBand. Guest speakers and instructors will teach students about the process of writing lyrics, putting them to music, and prepearing music for performance. We'll study music genres, the message within, and related tones. End the week with a Cafe Performance of original pieces.
  • Week 4, Day 2

    Tuesday, June 21. What is your reaction to the connection between poetry and song?
  • Week 4, Day 3.

    Wednesday, June 3. How can music relay important cultural information?
  • Week 4, Day 4

    Thursday, June 23. Now that you've written your words (and added to 21st century culture), how are you going to add sound to really stress your message?
  • Friday Showcase: Cafe Performances!

    Friday Showcase: Cafe Performances!
    Week 4, Day 4. Friday, June 24. Your family and friends are going to be so impressed by the song you've written this week when they attend Week 4's Friday Showcase!