The Evolution of Media from 2003 to Present

  • LinkedIn

    It is the world largest professional network, helping people find and share opportunities every day.
    Personal Insight- I haven't used it before but I think the concept will help people looking for opportunities and they can also learn new skills with this app.
  • WordPress

    Is just software that you used to build your very own website or blog and publishing on the internet. It is also called a content management system or CMS.
    Personal Insight- I haven't used it before but I think it's good especially for bloggers, it's easy to use and it's also a good website to create more blogs and contents.
  • Myspace

    Is a social networking website offering an interactive user-submitted network of friend personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos.
    Personal Insight- I haven't tried it yet but when I saw it on google it seemed like it was the same as Facebook and I think when the app was released it was good to use, maybe similar to what we are experiencing now with Facebook but ours is more updated.
  • Skype

    Is an app that allows users to communicate with their family and friends. you can used it to send messages, pictures, videos, make calls and video chat.
    Personal Insight- I've used it before and it can help a lot, especially if you have family or friends in other countries that you want to talk to. You can talk to them well because the app is good, you can also chat and there are many more features of skype that can be used.
  • Orkut

    It is a social networking service owned and operate by google. this service created to help users to make new and old friends.
    Personal Insight- I'm not familiar with the name and when I saw it on google it seemed to be the same as Facebook and with so many applications released. I didn't try it but I think it's also good especially if you're friendly and love to post.
  • Facebook

    It is a social networking service that enables you to share your views, opinions and contribute to other people’s posts. Also, it is a huge online platform that allows you to post status updates and send messages as well as share videos and photos. it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg.
    Personal Insight- This app is good to use because everyone is there and you can also post a lot of memes that can be seen and the videos can really entertain and you won't really be bored.
  • Flickr

    Is a photo-sharing platform and social network. Also. it is an image and video hosting website. Users can store photos and videos on Flickr.
    Personal Insight- I'm also not familiar with the app but it looks like it's just the same as Instagram, it's good especially for those who like to look at pictures and videos.
  • Gmail

    Is a free messaging system provided by google that offers email, file-sharing, google search, video chat and more.
    Personal Insight- I use it only for school and especially now that there are online classes. Sometimes I also use it to send files and pictures so overall it is okay and works well.
  • YouTube

    Is an American online video sharing and one of the biggest social media platforms on earth. It’s a video sharing application that allows users to view, like, share, comment and add their very own videos.
    Personal Insight- In this app the videos are very entertaining and you can also watch more than 1hr video. It is not just for entertainment because you can also learn from what you watch. It's also nice because it has a feature that reminds you if your favorite vlogger has uploaded a new video.
  • Reddit

    Is a social network where people can share their interest, hobbies, and passions.
    Personal Insight- I'm also not familiar with this app and I still haven't used it but it also looks good especially to people who like to share their interests.
  • Wattpad (December 2006)

    Wattpad (December 2006)
    Is a social storytelling that allows users to interact with their favorite authors, read stories and allows you to writes your own story.
    Personal Insight- I tried this app only once and it's super nice, there are so many great authors and you can learn a lot and expand your vocabulary because you can read a lot of good stories.
  • Twitter

    Is a social networking website. it’s about sharing what’s going on in your world and following along with topics that are important to you. it’s a bit like Facebook, but it’s not geared toward finding your friends and we’re connecting with people you already know.
    Personal Insight- I super like this app because this is where I rant especially when I have a problem. It is beautiful because when you are in private mode and tweet not just anyone can see but your followers and you.
  • Tumblr (February 2007)

    Tumblr (February 2007)
    It’s a streaming scrapbook of texts, photos, videos and audio clips. It can be a great outlet for creative teams who want to share cool things they discover and follow others with similar interest. users can post text, images, videos, audio, and links.
    Personal Insight- I've only heard of this app before but I haven't used it but I ask those who have used it, it's beautiful and it's just the same as twitter, so I think it's also good to use but I don't know if it’s still available now.
  • First iPhone release

    First iPhone release
    The first smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.
    Personal Insight- I've been using apple since 2018 and until now it is beautiful and the functions are good. I think the first design is also good but the real beauty of apple is in the cam so I think the only update on the iPhone is the design and they added new functions. I hope they change the batteries because it drains really quick.
  • Asus Eee PC

    Asus Eee PC
    The Asus netbook computer line, the meaning of three E’s is “Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play”.
    Personal Insight- I haven't seen an Eee PC yet but I searched it on google and it's beautiful, I think all Asus products are good. It is said in the description that it is easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to play, so it looks strong and good to use.
  • Edmodo

    Is a social learning network for students & teachers, it provides a secure network for teacher and students to interact and collaborate online.
    Personal Insight- I have never heard of this app but I think it is useful especially to teachers and students. I searched it and it is the same as Aralinks, but Aralinks is better since this app has been around for a long time.
  • WhatsApp (February 2009)

    WhatsApp (February 2009)
    Is a communication app, you can used it to send text messages, pictures, videos and make phone calls and more.
    Personal Insight- This is the app that is used especially in other countries, I also downloaded it and I think it's beautiful but you still need the number of the person you want to call. It is very similar to Viber because you can contact people overseas.
  • Quora

    It is a social question and answer website where users can work together by changing questions and commenting on other people’s answer or replies.
    Personal Insight- This is a super useful app, especially when I have assignments or questions that I can't understand. I get ideas from the answers posted here and I can construct my own answer.
  • Pinterest (January 2010)

    Pinterest (January 2010)
    Is a social media platform used for searching visual content to discover new ideas or get inspiration, also it is a website that helps you find and organize pictures ideas and interesting things.
    Personal Insight- This app is super nice, you can also chat with this app. Here I often search for pictures to get an idea for designing posters and many more, here you can find different themes of the picture aesthetic, retro, and more.
  • Instagram

    Is a media or mobile application that allows you to take, edit, and share photos and videos.
    Personal Insight- This one is my favorite app because here I post or story pictures more often than on Facebook and it's super nice to use a lot of pictures that can inspire you. This app can also help if you like to take pictures with photographers. It's also good because you can see the updated pictures of your idols and here I often take pictures because the filters are also good.
  • Viber

    Is a free application, allowing users to make free phone calls and send text, pictures, and video messages to other Viber users. It is suitable for mobile devices and computers, and you can message or connect with people all over the world.
    Personal Insight- I've used this app only once, it's good for calls and it also has the same function as a normal phone call, it's also often used in other countries.
  • Zoom

    Is a cloud-based video communication platform that allows you to create virtual video, webinars, and other collaborative features.
    Personal Insight- This app is really helpful especially to teachers and students, especially now that there is a pandemic. This is what we use now in education and all I can say is that it is good and clear especially when the teachers are teaching. Its functions are also good, you can adjust the brightness of your cam and you can even put a background.
  • Snapchat

    It is a messaging app that allows you to send your friends private messages, photos, and videos that get erased once they’re opened.
    Personal Insight- This app is good if you want to talk privately because the messages after seeing the person you are talking to will be deleted immediately and I always used this before until now and the filters and effects are also super nice.
  • Messenger

    It is a free mobile messaging app and developed by Facebook. users can instantly message, share photos, videos, audio recording to their family and friends.
    Personal Insight- This app is super useful now and it is super helpful because since the pandemic, we have used this app more and more to update on school activities and announcements. You can also use this app to talk and update your family & friends who are far away.
  • Grab

    Singaporean multinational company headquartered in Singapore. Through a mobile app, the company provides meal delivery and digital payment services.
    Personal Insight- This app is super good and convenient because when you are lazy to go out or go to fast foods you can order food here and at the same time you can book a ride and it is also safe to use because they send the rider's information when you book for a meal or a ride.
  • Lazada

    The southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination.
    Personal Insight- I never tried this app but some of my family and friends have tried it and it is good, safe to use and super approachable and the seller replies quickly and the order can be delivered quickly. They also give a lot of free vouchers, and discounts.
  • Tinder

    It’s a mobile dating application that allows users to meet new people. It links to your Facebook account so you don’t have to type in tons of information when you create your profile. Once two users have matched, they can exchange messages.
    Personal Insight- I haven't used it yet but I searched it online and figured that it's a dating app. I think it's suitable for people looking for a life partner.
  • Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts
    Is an app that developed by google. Users allows to communicate with a single person or a group, you can start making video or voice calls immediately, whether on your phone or on your laptop.
    Personal Insight- I haven't used it yet because I have another app that is used to communicate such as messenger, so I have no experience with our app and no one uses this app with my family & friends.
  • Telegram

    Is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. Users can use telegram on all your devices.
    Personal Insight- I've used this app but only once, it's good especially if you send files because the messages you send are really fast and secured.
  • Musical.ly (April 2014)

    Musical.ly (April 2014)
    Is a music application in which you can show your talent and can connect with many people in the world. It is also a social media that you can make or share 15-seconds music video.
    Personal Insight- I used this app before it was super popular at the time it was released too. I had an account here before and I also post videos because I had followers back then. This app is super entertaining because there are many videos to watch and if you like to make a video, this app is for you.
  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom
    Is the most popular free online tools that teachers can use to set up assignments, grades, and more. it aims to effectively eliminate paper in the classroom and achieve digital learning.
    Personal Insight- I haven't tried it yet because private schools usually use zoom for classes but public schools often use it especially now that there is an online class. This is also an app that they use to submit their works and they sometimes also use it to interact or communicate with students.
  • Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa
    Is a voiced enabled virtual assistant produced by amazon. by using your voice Alexa can play your favorite song, read the latest headlines, and more. It makes your life easier and fun. Personal Insight- I haven't tried to use this app yet but I can watch it from bloggers who use this app, super cool and nice because by using your voice you can talk to it. You can also have it do things for you like playing of your favorite song and many others. Your tasks are also easier when you use this app.
  • Shopee

    Is an online marketplace that connects sellers with buyers. buyers can buy products in different categories, including Foods, fashion product, and more.
    Personal Insight- This app is the one I use the most because it is proven and tested and the sellers are super trustworthy and at the same time the delivery of orders is fast. Their products are also cheap and Shopee provides free shipping and vouchers as well as a discount.
  • Discord

    Is a chatting platform specially made for gamers. Users can communicate with voice calls, video calls, text massages, send files in private chat.
    Personal Insight- Most of the people who use this app are gamers because sometimes they talk here just for gaming. It is similar to messenger but here you can find many groups that you can also join. The good thing about this app is that you have many options with the reaction button and you can also send files and can also make calls.
  • TikTok (September 2016)

    TikTok (September 2016)
    Is a popular social networking application that allows users to create, watch and share 15seconds, 1mins, and 3mins of videos on mobiles phones.
    Personal Insight- This app is my go-to when I'm bored, it is super entertaining because there are also many videos to watch here. I also have an account and I make videos, I dance and also uploads just for fun. The good thing about this app is that you can go live, take pictures and you can also do my-day, the effects here are also super nice.
  • Rules of Survival

    Rules of Survival
    Is a free to play, a 3D mobile battle royale game, in which 120 unarmed players are placed on a huge desert island. Use weapons, vehicles and resources on the game map to fight to death.
    Personal Insight- I already used this app and this game is super cool. So many characters to choose from, guns and characters' clothes. It's so much fun to play, especially when your friends play with you. You can also call your friends while you are playing.
  • IG TV

    IG TV
    A standalone video application that Instagram developed, it allows users to watch longer videos unlike to Instagram feeds.
    Personal Insight- I like this app because it has improved the duration of the videos you can watch which is more than 1 minute.
  • Call of Duty: Mobile

    Call of Duty: Mobile
    Is a free to play shooter game founded by TiMi studio group, it witnessed one of the greatest mobile game releases in history of game. The gamers can communicate with his team via chat or microphone feature during a game. Personal Insight- This app is popular now especially with young people and it is almost the same as the rules of survival game. I also played it and it is also good, You can talk and chat here, especially with your teammates. It also updated many features that have been added.
  • Aralinks

    It is a collaborative learning environment that enable students and teachers to participate in virtual classroom and improve curriculum and assessment capabilities with instant feedback and real-time responses.
    Personal Insight- This website is super helpful because it's easier for me to see if I have pending school works. I'm also thankful because there are added features to this app such as message features where I can chat with my teachers when they can't be contacted by messenger.