Steve jobs holding iphone

Appian Timeline of Historical Events

By Missa27
  • Jobs becomes the permanent CEO of Apple

    Jobs becomes the permanent CEO of Apple
    The Appians' wouldn't exist without Jobs. Probably. He created both them and their home. Pretty good for one guy! (Even though it was actually thousands of workers...the one in charge always gets credit.)
  • The ILOVEYOU worm (one of the most damaging worms ever created)

    Also know as the Loveletter and Love Bug worm, this virus infected millions of computers worldwide within a few hours of its release. Although Appians may not have been in existence at this time, the extent of damage this virus created is something that can't be ignored when you rely on internet connects. Appians are in constant fear of virus infection.
  • iPod released

    iPod released
    The first step towards creating the Appians' home. If the Appians' had a bible, this would be the first chapter.
    "Let there be light!"
  • iTunes music store opens, and hits 25 million iTunes downloads

    The creation of iTunes is an important step towards the creation of the Appians, as this is soon where they would be found before being put into their Apple-made homes.
  • MyDoom emerges - holds the record for the fastest-spreading mass mailer worm

    This speed of this virus is just scary. And, as mentioned before, Appians have a fear of viruses. This one just turns it into a phobia.
    Side note: There is actually a phobia of viruses - it's grouped with technophobia, the fear of advanced technology.
  • The Witty Worm - exploited holes in Internet Security Systems

    This virus was the first internet worm to carry a destructive payload and it spread rapidly using a pre-populated list of ground-zero hosts. Appians continuously use this virus as an argument for having safe, secure connections. After all, if your device gets infected, so do they!
  • iPod shuffle released

    iPod shuffle released
    The next step of the iPod, which means one step closer to the creation of Appians!
  • iPod Nano released

    iPod Nano released
    Another step towards creation...
  • OSX/Leap-A - first ever malware on apple (Trojan)

    This is a scary one for the Appian culture. It basically confirms to them that they are not safe from the viruses and deepens their phobia. All new Appians are taught to fear this virus, like a huge monster under your bed but scarier. It actually exists.
    You can sometimes see older Appians threatening the younger ones using this.
  • Apple announces the iPhone with a "virtual" keyboard

    ALMOST THERE! Just a couple more steps! If you look closely, you can dimly see the outline of an Appian sitting on your iPhone waiting to be stores...
  • Apple unveils the iPod touch

    Apple unveils the iPod touch
    This is an important event to Appians, as making the iPod touch as well is what would give them the chance to exist not only on iPhones and iPads, but your iPod as well.
    That's right. They're everywhere.
  • Apple opens the doors to the App store as an update to iTunes

    Apple opens the doors to the App store as an update to iTunes
    (This store features small applications - from games to social and buisness tools - that add functions to the iPhone and iPod Touch.)
    Creation is complete! The very first Appians arrived on this day to take over your apple products! Bet you didn't realize you were fostering a culture when you bought these little guys, did you?
  • Koobface - worm that targets users of Facebook and MySpace

    New variants of this virus are constantly appearing, which means the Facebook and MySpace Appians have to constantly be on guard to avoid running into them. Especially considering these are the two more popular Appians downloaded!
    Remember, while to you viruses may be an annoyance, to them it's their life!
  • iPhone 3G

    This was an unsure time in Appian history, as is any update. The fear of the unknown is hard, especially when it comes with possible glitches and unintentional deletions.
  • Jobs announces a leave of absence due to health reasons

    This was a hard time for the Appians. If you were to look in thier history books, you would see an outbreak of depression as their leading man deserted them.
    It is also during this time that you will see an increase of shock therapy within the culture. The Appians would wait impatiently for days just for a power surge to rush through your apple product.
    Coincidence? I think not.
  • Jobs returns to work

    This was a time of Appian celebration! Their creator was back to take care of them once again!
    I wish I could say that the shock therapy stopped at this time as well, but unfortunatly Appians had gained their first sense of addiction.
  • Jobs announces the iPad

    Jobs announces the iPad
    The iPad immediately became another home (and a roomier one at that) for the Appians. Although Appians between different devices don't typically communicate, it's always nice to know that your culture is getting stronger and holding its own.
  • Apple overtakes Microsoft as the most valuable tech company

    Although this wasn't a huge event to the Appians, everyone enjoys a little bit of bragging rights.
  • SpyEye and Zeus merged code seen. New variants attack mobile phone banking information

    The banking Appians had a bit of a break down after hearing about this event, and almost went on strike. This was the first time there was a need for negotiation in the Appian world.
    In the end, the banking Appians were legislated back to work by the unknown control. However, they still continue to fight for secure connections and safe internet usage.
  • Jobs takes medical leave, again

    And again, an Appian world-wide depression takes place. Luckily, this one was shorter lived and therefore no unneccesary addictions popped up. That we know of.
  • Jobs returns to introduce the new iPad

    There were two reasons for celebration this day. The Calender Appian has marked this date down in a private database to never be forgotten (at least for as long as the device's memory manages to stay in tact).
    However, suspicions were also starting to arise about the condition of Jobs. The fear that he would leave again became very real for Appians.
  • Steve Jobs dies at age 56

    The Great Depression. Appians were glitching out all over the world this day, angering many "Great Ones". For every 5 seconds, you could hear an apple product being thrown against a hard surface - perhaps unintentional suicides?
    Thankfully the Appian community was quickly able to pull themselves back together and live on through the pain in their hard drives.
  • 55.28 million iPads sold

    A population boom to be sure. Yet, Appians have still not hit their peak and are growing by the day. Individual communites are greeting new comrades almost every day, whether they are wanted or not.
  • 37 Million iPhones sold so far

    Nope, still haven't stopped growing. Soon they will take over the Apple world! (if they haven't already. Worried?)
  • New iPad released

    New iPad released
    This has been the newest "condo" built for the Appian culture so far, and many are looking forward to finding their room and moving in.
    Side Note: Did you know that some individuals waited in line for this iPad for a week, and then sold their spot for 10,000 dollars? Do you know how many iPads you could buy with that?!