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Video game history

  • Spacewar!

    First video game widely available to people. It Had two spaceships, having a battle.
  • Pong

    Simple tennis-like game with two paddles and a ball. atari
  • Space race

    Space race
    Space themed game, where spaceships race against each other. First Racing game.
  • Breakout

    Similar to pong, but there's a paddle at the bottom, and the objective is to break blocks above it. First widely available single-player game.
  • Space Invaders

    Space Invaders
    Consisted of a spaceship at the bottom with the objective being to shoot aliens above it. First life-based game.
  • Pac-Man

    Had a circular character that could be navigated through a maze while simultaneously fleeing from four different colored ghosts. First game that focused on individual characters, and in which the main character can freely move.
  • Wolfenstein

    A stealth game, where the objective was to avoid detection, and escape from a nazi stronghold. First stealth game, and first popular first-person shooter.
  • Q*bert

    You play as an orange ball with legs. The objective was to jump up and down on a series of platforms, with the least amount of jumps and jump on every platform. First puzzle game
  • E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
    Based on the movie, you play as e.t. and run around catching things. Similar to snake. Atari
  • Duck Hunt

    Duck Hunt
    For Nintendo entertainment system and arcades. You use a physical gun, called a NES zapper to shoot ducks out of the air. If you shot the right amount, you can keep playing, if not, a virtual dog who thinks he's better than you will laugh at you.
  • Golden Axe 3

    Golden Axe 3
    Side-scrolling hack-em up game. You see how far you can get into the game each time you play. Originally for arcades.
  • DOOM

    Computer game, objective was to kill monsters in the world, and survive. It was almost like being in hell, or on another planet.
  • Marvel Super Heroes

    Marvel Super Heroes
    Super hero game that followed the infinity gauntlet storyline. side-scrolling. originally for Arcades.
  • Super Mario 64

    Super Mario 64
    Open world game that starred the main hero from Donkey Kong, and of course, from super Mario. Only difference was that it wasn't a platform game, where the objective was to make it to the end; this was an open-world game, where you could basically do what you want.
  • Goldeneye 007

    Goldeneye 007
    great first person shooter where you could play multiplayer and have a spy off, or just essentially play through the James bond movie with the same name. Nintendo 64
  • Legend of Zelda: The ocarina of time

    Legend of Zelda: The ocarina of time
    Thrilling rpg where you play as the hero to rescue the princess from the villain, and along the way, you could play a flute-like instrument called an ocarina, but you had to learn the songs. Originally on Nintendo 64.
  • Super Smash bros.

    Super Smash bros.
    platform game that starred characters from many Nintendo games. They called this group the Nintendo all stars. They all fought to see who could survive the longest against each other.
  • Spider-Man

    Game where you played as the superhero spider-man, and of course, fight crime. You could also explore the city while climbing walls and swinging to different rooftops, but you have to stay on the rooftops. Xbox, and PlayStation 2
  • Morrowind

    Open world rpg, where you play as a hero that has to do missions for people, and ultimately save the world. Before oblivion in the elder scrolls series.
  • Viewtiful Joe

    Viewtiful Joe
    Side-scrolling game where you basically beat up anything that got in your way. Viewtiful Joe
  • Grand theft auto: San Andreas

    Grand theft auto: San Andreas
    Game where you play as a gangster in California. You must do gang-related missions to keep your poor gangster happy, and help him rise in the economy.
  • Bioshock

    Game where you play as a man in a power suit. You choose to save little girls or harvest them. Your choices impact the game. Game that came in and freshened the first-person shooter genre, because it wasn't just one-sided war that takes place in WWII.
  • Minecraft

    Game that consists of blocks, that can be used simply to build, or to create complex caves and mountains. Survive and explore, or build and strive. Your choice.
  • Skyrim

    You play as a character that you customize, that is half dragon, but are just a human. People call you Dovahkiin, which is dragon language for Dragonborn. Because you are part dragon, you can shout words in dragon language, which have different abilities. Also, everyone expects you to do things for them.
  • The last of us

    The last of us
    Game that takes place in a zombie Apocalypse. You must travel across the country to find allies with supplies, and find materials and weapons to survive the horrors with. Story follows a man named Joel, who loses his daughter, and a teenage girl named Ellie that survives with him.