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minecraft timeline

  • First Update The Cave Game Update

    First Update The Cave Game Update
    This added some important blocks to the game that we still use so much today like grass and cobblestone. you see lots of these blocks in caves and mines
  • The Survival Test Update.

    The Survival Test Update.
    This added the first hostile mob the creeper it will blow up when you get too close to it. they also added the health bar to the game witch is a major feature.
  • Indev Update 0.31

    Indev Update 0.31
    This added 3 amazing things to the game that we still use today. this update added crafting tables tools and diamonds which is super rare and nice to find.
  • Minecraft Indev

    Minecraft Indev
    This added armor to the game and also added farming, furnaces and a day-night cycle. this is all really important things especially the armor.
  • Minecraft Infdev Update

    Minecraft Infdev Update
    This update added dungeons in caves, rails and an infinite world. the main feature of the update was dungeons because people cold make XP farms now.
  • Redstone Update

    Redstone Update
    This update added the ore Redstone witch you can me cool creations with just the flip of a lever with. Redstone acts like a type of electricity in the Minecraft world.
  • Alpha 1.1

    Alpha 1.1
    This update was about the compass being added to the game. the compass guides you towards spawn so you never get lost.
  • Minecraft Halloween Update

    Minecraft Halloween Update
    This was a huge update that added new biomes pumpkins and the biggest one out of all of them is the nether. the nether is a new dimension that you need lots of stuff from to beat the game.
  • Beta 1.2

    Beta 1.2
    In this update they added note blocks and cakes. these are not major updates to the game but they are nice little touchups.
  • Beta 1.3

    Beta 1.3
    In this update they added beds are Redstone repeaters. beds are used to speed up the night and Redstone repeaters are used for slowing down or speeding up the time of your Redstone.
  • Beta 1.4

    Beta 1.4
    In this update Minecraft added wolves and also they got a new logo. you can tame wolves by giving them bones and they will become your pet dog.
  • Beta 1.5

    Beta 1.5
    This update added achievements, rain, thunderstorms, snow, and powered rails. this update was big weather-wise and it was so cool seeing new weather added into the game.
  • Beta 1.6

    Beta 1.6
    This update added maps trap doors and tall grass. this was a pretty outdoor update it added some nice grass and some cool maps you could fill out and put in your house or use this for decoration inside your house.
  • Beta 1.7

    Beta 1.7
    In this update they added sticky pistons and regular pistons and shears. the pistons can be used for all sorts of things like cool secret doors. sheers are used for getting wool off of sheep.
  • Adventure update

    Adventure update
    In this update a lot was added like a new mob the enderman came into the game they are neutral at first but if you look into their eyes they will attack you another big thing added to the game was the hunger bar now you need to eat to regain your health. they also added a creative mode where you can build whatever your heart desires. they also added villages where you can trade with villagers and they added strongholds.
  • Adventure update 2

    Adventure update 2
    In this update they added the final dimension and it's called the end, this is where the final boss is the ender dragon you need to beat him to finish the game. enchanting was also added to the game you can use enchanting to get cool side effects to your armor to make you stronger. also, breeding was added to the game you can now breed animals to make a baby animal.
  • 1.1

    This update brought spawn eggs in the creative mode they arent too big but it was a nice update. there are also beaches added into the game.
  • 1.2

    In this update Minecraft added a new biome the jungle it has tall trees and lots of vines. they also added iron golems ti the game they protect villages and if you hit them or a villager they will fight back.
  • 1.3

    In this update they added desert temples and jungle temples they have treasure in them but they also have traps so be careful. they added trading with villagers for goods this usually cost emeralds because that is their trading currency.
  • 1.4

    In this update, they added a new boss the wither he is really hard to beat so good luck. they also added beacons anvils and bats, beacons are giant beams of light shot up into the sky.
  • Redstone Update 2 1.5

    Redstone Update 2 1.5
    In this update they added Redstone blocks hoppers and quarts this is all used for Redstone contraptions. you can use hoppers like a funnel to put your items into a chest automatically.
  • Horse Update

    Horse Update
    In this update the main thing that Mojang added was horses. you can tame them out in the wild by feeding them and building trust with them. you can ride them around to become faster.
  • The Update That Changed The World

    The Update That Changed The World
    This update is a huge one this update added so many new biomes that the whole Minecraft world will be changed. this update added 11 NEW BIOMES such as mesas, taigas, snow biomes and so much more. they also added a brand new world generator on top of the new biomes.
  • The Bountiful Update

    The Bountiful Update
    This update added ocean monuments which have rare treasures but there is a sea guardian lurking there so if you go to one be ready for a fight. this also added a new mob the rabbits into Minecraft they can be used to get some meat off of.
  • The Combat Update

    The Combat Update
    In this update they added end cities and elytra's to the game also they added shields this update brought a huge change to combat now with bocking hits. also you can get elytra's from end cities you can use them to glide around and you can fly with them using fireworks.
  • The Frostburn Update

    The Frostburn Update
    This update added polar bears and magma blocks to the game. if you get near a polar bears babby then they will become hostile so you need to watch out. magma blocks will hurt you if you stand on them without crouching down.
  • Exploration Update

    Exploration Update
    This update brought woodland mansions into the game they are very rare and are giant houses filled with treasure. they also added lamas and totems of undying that are like a second life into the game.
  • World Of Color Update

    World Of Color Update
    In this update they added colored blocks and cute parrots that spawn in the jungle. they also brought in colored beds and you can tame the parrots and keep them as a pet they are really cute.
  • Update Aquatic

    Update Aquatic
    In this update they redid the whole ocean bringing new mobs biomes and blocks. this update brought dolphins kelp different fish and a new hostile mob called the drown it's like an underwater zombie they also added another hostile mob called the phantom they fly in the night sky and will swoop down to land hits on you they will appear when you don't get enough sleep.
  • Village And Pillage Update

    Village And Pillage Update
    In this update they added pillagers pandas cats foxes and raids. pillagers will attack you and villagers if you kill pillagers the next time you enter a village a raid will happen when all of the pillagers will appear in one army.
  • Buzzy Bees Update

    Buzzy Bees Update
    This update brought bees to the game and lots of other bee-related things like hives and honey blocks. if you hit bees they will attack you and they will poison you they also fixed loads of bugs in Minecraft.
  • The Nether Update

    The Nether Update
    This is the latest update called the nether update and it revamped the whole nether bring ing new Newley textured mobs into the game new armor and 3 brand new biomes it was a crazy update. they added the strangest armor into the game yet and it's called nethrite armor it's very hard to find the ore its really rare. they also retextured the pigmen in the nether to look a bit more pig-like.