The future life

By geobet1
  • birthday and place

  • present day

    I played soccer in the fall for the varisty team
    I play soccer outside of school for two teams
  • goals for high school

    To move my GPA up and get A's and B's this year
    I want to go to North Park University after high school.
  • What the futre will look like.

    I will be done with college by the time its 2021 from most likely North Park.
    -I will proabable be working with what I studyed in collage which will be bussnins.
    -I will be still living in illinois in Skokie, I wll own a car and it will be a sport car.
  • In 10 Years

    I don't know what the future holds but Most likely my job will be management analyst and I will be making around 72k. The place I will be living in depends where I get the job. If I'm living alone I'll live in an apartment. I won't be married in 10 years.