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The Future Freaks Me Out

  • Start Saving Money

    Start Saving Money
    Money burns a hole through my pocket, but it's time that I put my spending addiction aside and start saving money for my future.
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    The Future Freaks Me Out

  • Florida Vacation for a month

    Spending time in Florida to work with my internship
  • Entertainment Business and Entrepreneurship

  • 19th Birthday!

  • Driven Pro Hollywood, FL Conference

    Internship; holding a music conference with founder of Alternative Press.
  • Introduction to Management

  • Move To Florida/Switch to Campus

  • Work the Vans Warped Tour

    Work the Vans Warped Tour
    The hottest, most popular summer tour, something I've wanted to expierence the tour side of since...well, forever.
  • Work with a major record label

    By this time, after being on Warped Tour, I want to be able to work with a major record label/recording artist. Whether it be Tour Managment, Photography, or something else completely.

  • Work Bamboozle!

    Work for a band playing Bamboozle
  • Have a band I work for regularly

  • Graduate from Full Sail

  • Have numerous offers from bands & labels

  • Have Traveled the world!

    or at least Eurpoe, all 50 states...and Australia?
  • Start Saving for Start Something

    Start Something is the brain child of my friend Kaitlin (an artist), to create a music/art gallery that doubles as a place to stay for bands on tour.
  • Be widely known throughout the music industry

  • Launch a building for Start Something