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the first hominids

  • 99,999 BCE


    they started to bury people that died (becoming religious) around about 100,000
  • 90,000 BCE

    how they walk

    species of the early human who lived 1.5 to 2 million years ago
  • 80,000 BCE


    discovered in 1960 in Tanzanina (southeastern Africa)
  • 9000 BCE

    the first hominid

    the first hominid was austlopithecus
  • 8000 BCE

    first discovered

    they was first discovered in 1924
  • 3000 BCE

    when mesopatamia existed

    mespoptamia was found around 3000 BCE
  • 3000 BCE


    it existed around 3000 BCE
  • 2700 BCE


    the first known peace of literature was found around 2700 BCE
  • 2500 BCE

    how they wrote

    they would use cuniform for there writing
  • 2000 BCE


    a group of nomadic raiders around 2000
  • 2000 BCE

    what they are referred to

    they are referred to a subcontinent because they are so large
  • 1000 BCE

    Iorn age

    the iorn age happened around 1000 BCE
  • 1000 BCE


    largest ploytheistic religin in the world over 1 billion members
  • 1000 BCE


    the polytheistic would use cows as there sacred animals
  • 1000 BCE

    the rights

    they had to follow the right darma to get the best karma
  • 1000 BCE


    there was a nomadic tribe from Europe called the aryans
  • 700 BCE


    Assyrain empire conquers most of mesopotamia around 700 BCE
  • 100 BCE

    must respect everyone who is superior

    must respect everyone who is superior
    ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, older brother and younger brother, friend and friend.
  • 100 BCE


    its not religion but a philosophy
  • 100 BCE


    one thing that sonfucius advised was for the chinese goverment to establish a civil system
  • 99 BCE

    how the land was

    grease is a very mountainous area with a little tillable farm land
  • 99 BCE

    how many people

    there was roughly around 10,000 people there
  • 99 BCE


    for democratic government only the males could vote and they had to be 18 or older oligarchy government if you were a male over 30 your were a elder.
  • 33 BCE


    Ancient Rome is surrounded by three seas Mediterranean Sea, adeitic, and the Tyrrhenian.
  • 33 BCE


    on march 15th 44 ice chaser was assassinated by a group of senators
  • 33


    rome made the alphabet
  • 33


    they created a republic view point
  • 33


    there was three wars between roman and cartrige
  • 99

    there farming

    there wasn't much farm land so this forced many to innovate using terrace farming.
  • 99


    Alexander became king when he was only 19 years of age when his dad died, he was very ambitious and smart.
  • 100


    they belived that you just go with the flow and what happens happens and was ment to be
  • 100


    they invented the great wall of china to protect them during wars from other people and countries
  • 300


    the belive in gilgamesh
  • wepons

    they would start to use iorn wepons
  • religion

    the egypt religion was knows as polytheistic
  • humans

    humans are a type of early hominid
  • farming

    men began to farm and as a result abandon hunter gather life style
  • early humans

    early humans who lived 1.8 million years ago