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House Hunting; Judaism style

  • 1800 BCE

    Abraham recieves message

    Abraham receives a message from god to go and travel north to Haran. circa 1800 B.C.E
  • 1775 BCE

    Abraham is again directed to a location

    God informs Abraham to leave Haran and travel to a yet unknown location. Circa 1775 B.C.E
  • 1770 BCE

    Covenant is created

    Abraham creates a covenant or pact with god on his journey. Circa 1770 B.C.E
  • 1760 BCE

    Isacc is born

    Isacc is born
    Abraham and his wife Sarah give birth to their first son Isacc at impossible ages. Abraham was 99 and his wife Sarah was 90. Circa 1760 B.C
  • 1723 BCE

    Sarah passes

    Sarah passes
    Abraham's wife Sarah passes at the young age of 127. Circa 1723 B.C
  • 1684 BCE

    Abraham passes

    Abraham is somehow able to live to the impossible age of 175 when he passes away. Circa 1684 B.C.E
  • 1684 BCE

    Isaccs in charge

    Isacc takes up the mantle of Covenant leader after his father passes. He then marries Rebecca the second matriarch. Circa 1684 B.C
  • 1683 BCE

    Rebecca's twins

    Rebecca's twins
    Rebecca gives birth to twins, two sons for Isacc. Esau and Jacob
  • 1663 BCE

    Jacob flees

    Jacob, fearing his brother Esau, flees to Paddan-Aram to escape his brothers wrath. Circa 1663 bc
  • 1650 BCE

    Jacob's favorite son is sold

    Jealous of Jacob's affection with his son Joseph, Jacob's other sons sell their brother Joseph into slaver in Egypt. Circa 1650 B.C
  • 1633 BCE

    Jacob and Polygamy

    While away Jacob marries two women, Rachel and Leah, and fathers a daughter and twelve sons. Circa 1633
  • 1623 BCE

    Jacob returns

    After twenty years away Jacob returns with his family and is named Israel. He is pronounced the third patriarch. Circa 1623 B.C
  • 1600 BCE

    Joseph forgives

    Joseph discovers his brothers, who sold him into slaver, and his father and allows them safe passage into Egypt. Circa 1600 B.C.E
  • 1516 BCE

    Jacob passes

    Jacob follows in his grandfather's footsteps and lives to an incredibly old age. Jacob dies at the ripe old age of 147. Circa 1416 B.C.E
  • 1315 BCE

    Pharaohs rise up

    Powerful pharaohs rise up to reclaim their land in Egypt. They enslave the occupying Hyksos and the Hebrews as well. Circa 1315 B.C.E
  • 1279 BCE

    Ramses II and paranoia

    Ramses II fears that he will be overthrown, so he declares that all male Hebrews infants be put to death. Circa 1279 B.C.E
  • 1279 BCE

    Moses the prince of Egypt

    Moses is found in a basket and is taken in by the pharaos daughter to be raised as a prince of Egypt. Circa 1279 B.C.E
  • 1259 BCE

    Moses exiled

    Moses accidently killed an Egyptian overseer who was viciously beating a slave. Racked with guilt Moses fled to become a Shepard. Circa 1259 B.C
  • 1249 BCE

    Moses saves the Hebrews

    Moses saves the Hebrews
    Moses, with the power of god behind him, saves the Hebrews by bringing disaster upon the Egyptians. The Pharaoh let the Hebrews go. Circa 1249 B.C.E
  • 1220 BCE

    Moses dies

    Moses passes away in 1220 B.C.E after a long trip through the desert.
  • 1200 BCE

    Israelite judges

    The twelve judges serve as rulers and protectors of the holy land starting in circa 1200 B.C.E and ending around circa 1100 B.C
  • 1006 BCE

    First Israelite king

    Saul is appointed first king of the Israelites. Circa 1006 B.C
  • 1004 BCE

    Greatest King David

    Saul falls in battle, and his successor I named, King David. David is called the greatest of the forty-two kings of Israel.
  • 965 BCE

    David passes

    Great king David passes around 965 B.C.E probably at some impossibly old age.
  • 964 BCE

    Solomon takes over

    Solomon takes over
    Solomon takes over king when his father David died. Circa 964
  • 928 BCE

    Solomon passes

    King Solomon dies after a very unfavorable rule. Circa 928 B.C
  • 722 BCE

    Israel captured by Assyrians

    Israel captured by Assyrians
    The Assyrians moved in and conquer the country of Israel. Circa 722 B.C.E
  • 586 BCE

    Babylonians take Judah

    Babylonians take Judah
    The small country of Judah south of what was Israel is conquered by the Babylonian empire. Circa 586 B.C
  • 539 BCE

    Babylonia overtaken

    The Persian Empire takes over Babylonia and reinstates the country of Judah. Circa 539 B.C
  • 332 BCE

    Persia falls and in come the Greeks

    The Greek empire moves in and takes over Persia. They spread their language and culture throughout their empire too Judah. Circa 332 B.C
  • 175 BCE

    Civil war arises

    The Syrian King Antiochus Epiphanes despised the Greek culture and caused infighting among the people at Judah. Circa 175 B.C
  • 143 BCE

    Peace is made

    Judah and Syria finally make peace after long fighting. Circa 143 B.C.E
  • 63 BCE

    Romans in command

    The Roman General Pompeius took over the city of Jerusalem and captured it for the Romans. Circa 63 B.C.E
  • 1 BCE

    Roman Crucifiction and the death of Christ

    Roman Crucifiction and the death of Christ
    The Romans crucified radical religious zealots, and of them some were peaceful such as the "lord and savior" Jesus Christ himself. Circa 0
  • 100

    Jews Persist

    The Romans raze most of Jerusalem and change the name of the area to Palestine. The Jewish people persevere and continue to carry on their legacy ever more.