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World History timeline

  • Rome Political

  • Rome culture

  • Rome social

  • Rome economic

  • Rome interaction with the enviorment

  • Greece Social

  • Greece Political

  • Greece Culture

  • Greece Econimic

  • Greece Interaction with enviorment

  • Indus Valley social

  • Indus Valley Economic

  • Indus valley Interaction with enviorment

  • indus valley political

  • Indus valley culture

  • Chia Social

  • China Political

  • China interaction with enviorment

  • China Economic

  • China culture

  • Egypt Social

  • Egypt political

  • Egypt ecomonic

  • Egypt interaction with enviorment

  • Egypt Culture

  • Mesopotamia Political

    1.Sumarian culture was ruled by dynasties- a series of rulers from one family
    2. Social Pyrimid- King and rulers were at the top, priests artisians and merchants in the middle, and peasents and farmers at the bottom
    3. Government and religion crossed paths- priests were often advisers to the king
  • Mesopotamia Social

  • Mesopotamia Ecomonic

  • Mesopotamia Interaction with enviorment

  • Mesopotamia culture