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General Human History

  • 270,000 BCE

    Oldest Homo Sapiens Bones

    312,000 BCE - TIMELINE DOESN'T GO THAT FAR BACK. Morocco cave; 60 mi west of Marrakesh, in a rocky outcrop called Jebel Irhoud
  • 270,000 BCE

    710,000 BCE - Homo Erectus in Philippines

  • 270,000 BCE

    700,000 BC - stone tools in Abu Simbel Egypt

  • 270,000 BCE

    Oldest Denisovan bones

    In Denisova Cave, Russia, where they had 17% of genome from Neanderthals, who were also there.
    Also, remains have been found in Baishiya Karst Cave in China, greater than 160,000 BCE.
    Denisovans probably were an earlier migration of H. erectus out of Africa. Their genetics are present in Aboriginal Australians, Melanesians, and Negrito Filipinos / islanders ~ around 5% of their genes.
    they made bracelets
  • 224,000 BCE

    Oldest Hominid Rock Art

    By Denisovan children (handprints) in Quesang hot springs, Tibet.
  • 178,000 BCE

    H. Sapiens bones in Levant & Middle East

    Misliya Cave, Mt Carmel, Israel, and other sites
  • 150,000 BCE

    Tents in Egypt

  • 128,000 BCE

    Evidence of humanoids in America

    Nature magazine, Tom Demere, April 2017
  • 100,000 BCE

    Spear tips in North Africa

  • 70,000 BCE

    South Coast of Asia Accessed

    by East Africans
  • 50,000 BCE

    Oceania Accessed

  • 48,000 BCE

    Evidence of humans in S. Carolina

    the Topper site
  • 46,000 BCE

    Lascaux Caves Created

  • 40,000 BCE

    Oldest animal figurine

    Carving of a lion, which took 200 hours, meaning people had time on their hands for non-essential creativity. Germany.
  • 38,000 BCE

    Last Neanderthals

    Neanderthals were in Europe at least 430,000 years ago with fire, seaworthy boats, ponchos, weaving. 20% of their genetics survive today, due to interbreeding. Only sub-Saharan Africans have no Neanderthal ancestry.
  • 24,000 BCE

    Yenisei River Basin Culture

    Mal'ta-Buret People. Semi-subterranean homes built with animal bones. Genetic ancestors of Native Americans, Yamnaya, Botai, Siberians.
  • 21,000 BCE

    People in New Mexico

    Footprints at White Sands National Park
  • 20,000 BCE

    Last Glacial Maximum

  • 18,000 BCE

    Oldest Homo sapiens sapiens pottery in China

    Xianren Cave near Yangtze River
  • 14,300 BCE

    Last Denisovans

    Last stronghold in Papau New Guinea
  • 13,000 BCE

    Natufians Establish Jericho

    Beer, grains, sedentary life
  • 13,000 BCE

    Cueva de las manos, Argentina

  • 12,000 BCE

    Northern Eurasia Accessed

  • 12,000 BCE

    Australian land bridges to New Guinea & Tasmania

  • 12,000 BCE

    British Isles Land Bridge from Europe

  • 12,000 BCE

    South China Sea Land Bridge

    Links Java, etc., to Indochina
  • 10,800 BCE

    American megafauna extinction

  • 10,600 BCE

    Beringian Land Bridge Opens

    was open before, but now is habitable for human migration
  • 10,500 BCE

    Mesopotamian / Levant Neolithics

    Mesopotamian / Levant Neolithics
    "Fertile Crescent." Earliest in Gesher (Israel). Local grains, sedentary life in semi-subterranean houses.
  • 10,000 BCE

    Göbekli Tepe Occupied

    (Stone Circles) Human skulls hung for display. Of the "skull cult."
  • 10,000 BCE

    Agriculture in Egypt

  • 9600 BCE

    Great Flood

  • 9000 BCE

    Beringian Land Bridge Closes; Global floods

  • 9000 BCE

    Yangtze & Yellow River Basin Civilizations

    Oldest site at Nanzhuangtou, China near Baiyang Lake. Millet, domesticated dogs,
  • 9000 BCE

    New Guinea Highlands Culture

    Sedentary agriculture
  • 9000 BCE

    Oldest cult skulls in Levant

  • 8000 BCE

    Ancient Mayan Era

    They never had a consolidated political power - just scattered cultural values. No standing army or police - massive architectural projects.
  • 8000 BCE

    Overgrazing or Climate create the Sahara

  • 6500 BCE

    Anatolia Develops Wheel/Harness/Meat Culture

    Horses, cows, grain
  • 6500 BCE

    Tigris & Indus River Valley civs. begin

    Sedentary agriculture in city of Balochistan (Afghanistan, Iran, India, Pakistan) Sumerians follow in 5500 BC.
  • 6200 BCE

    8.2 kya Cooling Event

    Caused by Laurentide ice sheet collapse, and arctic lake draining including Missoula floods
    lasted 150 years
    Main effect on Mesopotamia and N. Africa was aridification

    3 degrees lowered in 20 years
  • 6000 BCE

    Proto Indo European Splits

    into Anatolian and all other descended languages
  • 5500 BCE

    Hemudu Culture Cultivates Rice

    Eastern China
  • 5500 BCE

    Nile River Valley Sedentary Tribes

    agriculture & animal husbandry
  • 5000 BCE

    Sub-Saharan African Agriculture

    Sedentary farming, unknown
  • 4000 BCE

    Greenland Accessed

    By expansion in Arctic Turtle Island
  • 4000 BCE

    Celts colonize Paris

  • 3500 BCE

    Oldest Written Sumerian Texts

  • 3300 BCE

    Liangzhu City Created

    Yangtze River Delta
  • 3300 BCE

    Indus River Civilization begins

    Indus River Civilization begins
    NW India, E Pakistan
    eventually 1 - 5 million individuals before ends in 1300 BC
    its written language, Indus script, is still undeciphered
  • 3200 BCE

    Oldest heiroglyphics

  • 3114 BCE

    Mayan fourth world - 13th baktun

    Ended on Dec 21, 2012.
  • 3102 BCE

    Kali Yuga starts

  • 3000 BCE

    Indo-Aryans spread Mithras to Punjab, Anatolia, and Iran

  • 3000 BCE

    Mesopotamian shekel - first mined currency

  • 3000 BCE

    Oldest Mayan Glyphs

    Guatemala - logograms complimented with a set of syllabic glyphs, similar in function to modern Japanese
  • 2600 BCE

    Mohenjo-daro has 60,000 people

    Mohenjo-daro has 60,000 people
    and so does Sarappa, in Pakistan
    wells, etc.
    Original name could have been Kukutarma, City of the Chicken, as they did a lot of cockfights and chicken sales
    They had weights and seals
    No kings or queens, probably elected officials or a council
  • 2500 BCE

    Oldest mention of Kingdom of Punt

    Ethiopian area, or land of god, the Tigray people's region
  • 2334 BCE

    Oldest mention of village of Babylon

  • 2300 BCE

    Floods from E China Sea Destroy Liangzhu City

  • 2100 BCE

    Kutch district of India first mud cities

  • 2000 BCE

    Earliest mention of Etemenanki

    (temple at center of Babylon - to god Marduk) 91m tall but if it was this tall the materials don't support the height
  • 1592 BCE

    Italian Jerome's date for birth of Moses

  • 1500 BCE

    India has swords

    India has swords
    vedic period
  • 1446 BCE

    Israelite slaves - exodus from Egypt

    led by Moses
  • 1400 BCE

    anti hittite league of assuwa

    deny hittite sun goddess arina
  • 1400 BCE

    Lion Gate Constructed

    Lion Gate Constructed
    indigenous group there since 2000 BC, in middle of Turkey, became capital of Hittite Empire
  • 1391 BCE

    Rabbinical date for Moses' Birth

  • 1334 BCE

    Akhenaten Amenhotep IV dies

    (noted for abandoning polytheism in worship of the singular Aten sun deity
  • 1300 BCE

    The Vedic Texts written

    foundations of Hinduism
  • 1250 BCE

    "Sea People" Height

    WIDESPREAD PIRACY. Myceneans, Hittites, Egyptians, being taken out by displaced peoples of the Mediterranean. No written language in Greece until 700s...
    15m long ships...from sardinia, lycia
  • 1213 BCE

    Ramses dies; Egypt - Palestine - Syria Broken Up

    Egypt soon loses access to gold mines in Sudan / centralized rule in egypt until 700 BC
  • 1208 BCE

    oldest mention of Israel

    by Egyptians on Merneptah Stele
  • 1100 BCE

    The Black Chinese Shang Dynasty

  • 1050 BCE

    Isle of Cypress fell to Sea People

    horned god statues, Ingot god, wearing a horned helmet and standing on an ingot, which was thought to value 4 oxens as an early concept.
  • 1000 BCE

    Mayan numerals

  • 1000 BCE

    Aramaic Kingdoms Est. in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan

  • 1000 BCE

    Timeframe of King David of Israel

    supposed ancestor of Jesus
  • 1000 BCE

    Shell money in China

  • 931 BCE

    Time of King of Solomon

    His son with Queen of Sheba (Menelik I) steals Ark of Covenant and takes it to Ethiopia
  • Period: 930 BCE to

    Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia

    claim lineal descent to Solomon son of David
  • 800 BCE

    Modern Greek poleis form

    modern Greek writing found - if Homer were real they lived here
  • 800 BCE

    Yahwism becomes monotheistic

  • 770 BCE

    Great Wall of China Begun

    In Chu State of Yangtze River valley
  • 753 BCE

    Rome founded

  • 600 BCE

    Torah written down from oral tradition

  • 600 BCE

    Ge'ez Script Invented (Ethiopia)

  • 550 BCE

    Persian Empire height

    Persian Empire height
    It was the largest empire that had existed at that point (?) Capitol: Babylon. Known for roads, central bureaucratic control, large army, civil services, one language, postal system
  • 539 BCE

    Persians (Babylon / Assyrians) Rule Israel & Babylon

    89.66 Enoch - first temple (Solomon's) destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar Ark of covenant taken to Ethiopia and guarded by monks in 586 BC
    Book of Enoch 89.56
  • 525 BCE

    Persia conquers Egypt

    some revolts in the 4th century BC but Egypt could never again retain a native ruler
  • 516 BCE

    2nd Temple Period in Israel Begins

    89.73 Enoch. until 70 CE, when Rome destroys the temple and Jerusalem (Book of Enoch 90.2) Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots and early Christianity begin their sects at this time Aramaic is the language spoken, written
  • 515 BCE

    Persia (West) learns of Indus River

    sends Greek subject Scyalax to explore
  • 510 BCE

    Fall of last Athenian tyrant

    Begin Classical Greece
  • 470 BCE

    Exaltation of the Flower carved

    Exaltation of the Flower carved
  • 332 BCE

    Greeks Rule Levant

    After alexander's conquering, now colonize in city of Alexandria and Antioch. Ends due to Christian whittling or unknown.
  • 332 BCE

    Alexander the Great conquers Egypt

    (Greek) without a battle as the egyptians welcomed an overthrow of the Persians
  • 330 BCE

    Alexander the Great conquers Persian Empire

  • 323 BCE

    Classical Greece ends

    Alexander the Great dies
  • 321 BCE

    Chandragupta Maurya coronated in beginning of Maurya Empire

    Chandragupta Maurya coronated in beginning of Maurya Empire
  • 320 BCE

    Serpent Mound Built

    Near Peebles, OH. Or 1070 CE by the Fort Ancient Culture (?)
  • 300 BCE

    Great Pyramid of Cholula begun

    finished 900 CE
  • 167 BCE

    Maccabean Revolt Begins in Levant

    against Greek Seleucian army
    Hanukkah festival from 164 BC victory
    Refusing to worship Greek Gods, leave their children uncircumcised, to sacrifice pigs at the alter. Went against Antiochus IV.
  • 140 BCE

    Hasmonean Dynasty Begins

    Greeks are expelled from Judea
  • 100 BCE

    Book of Enoch (quoted)

    written pieces date to 300 BC. Ancient hebrew text, canonical to Ethiopians and Eritreans, also found in Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • 63 BCE

    Rome invades Hasmonean Judea

    After Rome had weakened Seleucid Greeks and prevented them from securing a conquering of Egypt
    Herod the Great installed as King in 37 BC - becomes a Roman client state.
  • 31 BCE

    Conquest of Ptolemaic Egypt

    Battle of Actium lost by Cleopatra and Antony who commit suicide. Rome achieves Mare Nostrum.
  • 36

    John the Baptist killed

    Enoch 90.8
  • 36

    Jesus executed

    (Born around 6 BC) Enoch 90.16
  • 70

    Most Dead Sea Scrolls Deposited

    at Qumran, in the library caves of the Northwest Shore of the Dead Sea
  • 136

    Bar Kokhba Revolt Fails

    Roman exhaustively defeat Jewish rebels after they secured heads of state beginning in 132. Simon Bar Kokhba leads, Jews viewed him as the Messiah. Around 580,000 Jews died and 985 villages, by six Roman legions and 6 on reserve. Sacred scrolls burned Jews sold into slavery for the price of a horse at Hadrian's Market Jews barred from entering Jerusalem, Talmud and rabbis become more conservative and cautious, calling Bar Kokhba a false messiah. Israel becomes renamed Syria Palaestina
  • 200

    Pyramid of the Sun Built

    150,000 Toltecs live in multi story apartments in Teotihuacan 200 BC - 750 CE
  • 285

    1st time Rome Splits in 2

    Rome, Italy no more than 100,000 people
  • 313

    Christianity becomes Roman Religion

  • 357

    Mayans discover Zero

    The Mayans' first recorded printing of the word for 'zero.'
  • 380

    Ancient Egyptian Religion becomes illegal

    Edict of Thessalonica = only Nicean Christianity is valid in Roman Empire.
  • 400

    Ireland Christianizes

    Officially in 440
  • 400

    Mithraism sweeps Roman army

    A mystery religion, began popping up 1st century. Based on Persian god Mithras from Zoroastrianism
  • 476

    Western Roman Empire Ends

    Odoacer becomes King of Italy - imperial crown sent to Constantinople
  • 500

    Om Manipadme Hum

    Kāraṇḍavyūhasūtra delivered in a box to the ceiling of 28th king of Tibet, Lha Thatori Nyantsen. 'I in the jewel-lotus' - Om Manipadme Hum
  • 500

    Casarabe Culture in Amazon Rainforest

    Pyramids, causeways, motes, canals, "forest islands", inhabit 1700 square miles of Amazon. Structures oriented to the north northwest
  • 500

    Abuna Aregawi founds Debre Damo Monastery

    in Tigray, Ethiopia
  • 555

    Byzantine Empire - the Eastern Roman Empire @ Height

    Byzantine Empire - the Eastern Roman Empire @ Height
  • 651

    Zoroastrianism loses to Islam in Iran

    death of Yazdagird III (King of Iran/Persia)
  • 661

    Sufism gains adherents

    beginning of materialistic Umayyad Caliphate
  • 707

    He Xiangu Ascends to Heaven

    "in broad daylight" during Tang dynasty. A purple cloud is said to bring you towards your death
  • 800

    Lotus-born est. Buddhism

  • 814

    Death of Charlemagne

  • 950

    Underwater Panther Mound

    Granville, OH. Thought to be in conflict with the thunderbirds. Copper hair. Deepest parts of lakes, causes storms.
  • 1000

    Kāraṇḍavyūha Sūtra Translated into Chinese

  • 1000

    ᏁᏆᏏ (Nikwasi) Mound Built by Cherokees

    100 acre village in modern west N. Carolina
  • 1021

    Oldest Mayan "book"

    an astronomy of Venus - found in a Chiapas cave.
  • 1066

    Battle of Hastings

    Normans become a ruling class in England over the Indigenous Anglo-Saxons
  • 1100

    Hopi live in Oraibi

    they moved here possibly due to drought
  • 1200

    Incan Civilization Arises

    10 million subjects on South American Pacific Coast
  • Period: 1235 to

    Muslim Mali Empire

    Mansa Musa, born 1280, sometimes called the richest person to ever live
  • 1300

    European Renaissance

  • 1326

    Witchcraft declared heresy & triable under Inquisition

    by Pope John
  • 1346

    Bubonic Plague Begins

    until 1352. Most fatal pandemic in history. Killed between a third and a half of European population.
  • 1400

    First Colony

    Sugarcane plantation in Caribbean
  • 1400

    Transatlantic Slave Trade Begins

    12.5 million people enslaved, 10.7 survive the ships over.
  • 1453

    Eastern Roman Empire Ends

    Constantinople Falls to Ottomans and becomes Istanbul
  • May 29, 1453

    Ottoman Empire Conquers Constantinople - Byzantine Empire (Rome) Falls (Eastern Roman Empire) Falls to

  • 1519

    Aztecs meet Cortes

  • 1564

    Shakespeare born

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Woyane rebellion in Tigray, Ethiopia

    grassroots; fails when Royal Airforce fights against it on the side of the emperor
    "there is no government; let's organize and govern ourselves"
  • Adolf Hitler commits suicide

  • Period: to

    2nd Woyane against Derg Regime, Ethiopia

    The T.P.L.F. - many royal family members imprisoned but women released 89 men released 1990, fall of communist regime in 1991, left country, many have since returned
  • 3rd Woyane in Ethiopia

    Ethiopian federal government genocide & cover-up vs the Tigray Defense Forces
  • 800 Tigrayans murdered in Axum

    as soldiers destroy part of Church of St Mary of Zion where the ark of the covenant is supposed to be