The Catholic Church

  • 313

    Freedom of Christian Religious Practise

    Edict of Milan by Emperor Constantine provides for Freedom of Christian Religious Practise
  • 325

    Formulation of Nicene Creed

    First Counciul of Nicea and Formulation of Nicene Creed
  • Jan 1, 1054

    Division of Christianity

    Division of Christianity into East and West
  • Jan 1, 1095

    First Crusade

    First Crusade proclaimed by Pope Urban II
  • Jan 1, 1209

    Order of Friars

    Saint Francis founds Order of Friars and of the Poor Clares
  • Jan 1, 1378

    Papal States Peace

    Saint Catherine of Siena succeeds in bringing peace between Papal States
  • Jan 1, 1517

    Protestant Reformation

    Martin Luther King begins the Protestant Reformation
  • Jan 1, 1534

    Church of England Establishes

    Henry VIII establishes the Church of England and begins persecution of Catholics
  • Jan 1, 1544

    Council of Trent

    Council of Trent
  • First Vatican Council

    First Vatican Council
  • Second Vatican Council

    Second Vatican Council
    Beginning of US Military involvement in Vietnam
  • Completion of Saint Mary's Cathedral

    Completion of Saint Mary's Cathedral, Sydney