The biography of my father, Lim Jin Joon

  • Lim Jin Joon was born.

    He was the 5th child of his family.
  • Started his primary school education

    He brought woodensticks and hammers along to protect himself from gangsters and bullies in school.
  • Watched his mother try to attempt sucide

    She was a gambler and had a lot of debts. Loan sharks came to harass her daily and she was so depressed that she drank detergent, wanting to die but she was fortunately saved when the neighbour discovered her and sent her to the hospital.
  • Met his four life long best friends

    My father got to know his friends through fighting and they still meet up often to catch up on life till today.
  • Went to polytechnic for production engineering

  • Graduated with a diploma

  • Period: to

    Military service

    He entered NS for 2 and a half years, as a commander where many interesting stories took place.
  • Started his first job at Mitsubishi company

  • Met my mother and fell in love

    My father was actually my mother's employer and after he caught her dozing off during work, their love blossomed.
  • Got married and bought his own flat

    My father and mother had saved up really hard and could finally create their own family :) They lived at a HDB block in woodlands.
  • My father became the sole breadwinner

    My mother had quit her job to become a housewife and care for her upcoming child. And so all financial burdens fell on my father
  • First child

    My oldest brother, kengsiang was born (in thomson medical centre)
  • Second child

    My father and mother added another baby girl, my older sister wenting to the family.
  • Moved to a private property

    Sold his house and bought a private apartment with a swimming pool, it was an upgrade
  • The birth of a legend

    I was given birth to as the youngest of the family
  • Retrenchment

    One of the worst times in his life
  • Sold his car

  • Period: to


    He was 45 years old and he could not find a job as there were so many university graduates and foreign talents.He was depressed, and stressed.
  • Started his tutoring career

    Tuition gave him hope and he soon found a passion in teaching, at first he did not have a lot of students but as he gained experience, his customers increased too.