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Ten Year Career Timeline

  • Work Expirences

    Work Expirences
    Volunteer work with maintenance man around my housing complex had given me a lot of hands on knowledge.
  • Elementary - Valedictorian & Drama Awards

    Elementary - Valedictorian & Drama Awards
  • Community Volunteer Award

    Community Volunteer Award
  • Resume Created

    Resume Created
    A job fair came to town, and to prepare, my sister and I created resumes to go and look for work.
  • Job Interview

    Job Interview
    After the job fair, and interview for myself was set up with Family Video.
  • Graduating High School

    Graduating High School
    Recieve my SSID. A 'permission slip' of sorts to University.
  • Get First Job

    Get First Job
    Recieveing a quick, in town job to finance my small neccesities.
  • My First Car

    My First Car
    A Crown Victoria from my Grandfather when I get a license.
  • Recieve Drivers License

    Recieve Drivers License
    Taking Drivers-Ed an following through to get my full license.
  • Begin University

    Begin University
    Attend University for Sound Design and Radio Broadcasting.
  • My First Flat

    My First Flat
    Moving into my own apartment for a short period of time before moving again.
  • Move to Europe

    Move to Europe
    Moving to Cardiff for my dream job.
  • Get job with Big Finish Productions

    Get job with Big Finish Productions
    Getting a job with Big Finish Productions for their Doctor Who range and respective spin-offs.
  • Continue University

    Continue University
    While getting training at Big Finish, continue through University to get my full degree.