Tatiana Noemi

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  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    i was born on may 26th, 2000. im a gemini.
  • First Time Walking

    First Time Walking
    my tia yoli taught me how to walk. i was obsessed with animals crackers, and my tia would tease me and make me go get them. so finallly i got up and started walking.
  • First Time Playing in the Snow

    First Time Playing in the Snow
    i was like 2 and i fell into. i sunk into the snow all quick, so i started crying and snow got in my boots. but then i made snowballs like things and was throwing them at my big brother.
  • First puppy

    First puppy
    i got a pitbull puppy on my fourth birthday. we named him bobi and he passed away in 2009
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    i was super nervous, and i didnt want to go to the class. i was afriand to be left alone, but i ened up liking school alot.
  • First Crush

    First Crush
    my babysitters son, chase was my frist crush, i loved going over, we always rode bikes, and went swimming, and played hide and seek. it was great. i liked ever sinc ei saw him, it was like love at first sight. lol ands still to this day i still like him.
  • Baby sister and brother

    Baby sister and brother
    my little vrother and sister were born like back to back. thry are 11 onths aprart. and i was so excited to be big sister, but now i just want ot have a big sister instead. itwas a lot of responcibility
  • First summer spent in mexico

    First summer spent in mexico
    my parents finally let me pend my summer with y grandpa in mexico. it was greast he spoiled me so much. every morning we would go to the tiendita down the street and buy groceries then we would go to my cousind house all the time.
  • Disneyland

    i was so excited to meet all the disney charachter i seen in the movies. i finally met cinderella and minnie mouse, i was super anxious. and i was so excited. i loved the ride. it was a trip to remember.
  • Cracked head

    Cracked head
    i was playing with brother and all his friends, and barrorwed a bike. then i was going super fast and hit a rock and flew like superman. but when i fell i started feeling light headed and my brother almost died because he thougth i was gonna die because my head whas bleeding. it was on my moms birthday too...
  • Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber
    I was one of the craziest fangirls ever. i still abosoulutley adore the biebs, but im not so crazy over him as i was when i was little. i was his number one belieber and in 200 is when he rise to fame began.
  • Laughlin

    it was our first trip with only my mom,my dad stayed home becasue dont remember. but it was such a fun trip, my aunts went and my cousind it was so much fun better than disneyland.
  • Losing Sombody For the First Time

    Losing Sombody For the First Time
    i took it so hard. no words can expain how much i mkiss my tia yoli.she was like a secound mom to me. i love and miss her so much.
  • First Kiss

    First Kiss
    i went to a quincenera and i met this cute guy. he was very school envolved. he cared alot about his grades, and was a great guy to meet. he walked me to the car becasue i was leaving. but before i ihe opend eth door he told me how beautiful i was and kissed me. my first kiss wasnt awkward like most people dsay it was good.