Summer 2012

  • Last Day of School

    Last Day of School
    May 21st was are last day of school. But for me May 18 was my last day. That day i took out everything out of my locker and took it home. After that day i didn't have to wake up early no more.
  • Cousin time :)

    Cousin time :)
    My cousins came to Iowa from California June 15. They stayed at my grandparent's house. I saw them the day after they got here, and showed them around here. The next day we went to Sioux city and showed them all around.
  • Fishing

    My cousins, sister, dad, grandpa, and I went fishing in the afternoon. We were there for a couple of hours but didn't catch nothing. After we went fishing we went home to my granoarent's house. We ate food and relaxed.
  • Swimming

    My mom, dad, sister, granparentd, and I went to Omaha. We went to my aunts house to visit. My sister, cousins, and I went swimming. I had fun swimming with them because i had never gone swimming with my cousin.
  • Party

    My godparents came to Iowa from Texas. I hadn't seen them in a long time. They had a party because they were going to baptise their son. Before the party we went to church.
  • Shopping for school supplies

    Shopping for school supplies
    August 14 was the day befor school started. That day my sister and I registered for school. At 6:30 we went to walmart to buy are school suppplies. That wasn't fun because I don't like shopping for school supplies.
  • Haircut

    My sister and I got a haircut. We got our haircut at South SIoux city walmart. My sister cut her hair really short. But i only cut three inches off.