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  • Last Day of 6th Grade

    Last Day of 6th Grade
    It was my last day of sixth grade. My friends came over to my house because, I was moving the next week. We went to a party at school at 7:30.
  • Trek

    We went on a weeklong trip with my math teacher and a few more teachers. We went to Duluth and stayed at a hotel. I broke my glasses by scratching my nose on Wednesday, though.
  • Wedding

    I went to my mom's friend's wedding. One of my best friends caught the bouquet when Natalia threw it. I fell down a while afterwards.
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    After getting home from the wedding my mom, sisters, and I changed and got everything in the car. I forgot to return my friend's book and movies. We came back a few weeks later so I could return them.
  • 4th of July

    4th of July
    I did nothing. My sisters and my mom went out to see the fireworks. I was with Jissel in the park watching some fireworks from the basketball court.
  • Nauvoo

    I went to Nauvoo with my church group. We went to the fair and went dancing. We watched a lot of plays and the Olympics. We even got to go to the fudge factory.