Sui empire compared to the Americas

  • 589

    Sui empore begins

    Their empire started when they conquered Nanjing in 589.
  • Period: 589 to Jan 1, 618

    Sui empire

    The Sui Dynasty (589-618) was a dynastic clan that ruled for 39 years over much of the region.
  • Period: 589 to Jan 1, 618


  • Jan 1, 600

    Teotihuacan demise

    An unknown event destroys the civilization at Teotihuacan, along with the empire it supported. Tikal becomes the largest city-state in Mesoamerica, with as many as 500,000 inhabitants within the city and its hinterland
  • Feb 16, 600

    Pope Gregory

    Pope Gregory decreed “God Bless You” as the religiously correct response to a sneeze
  • Dec 4, 600

    Manufacture of Bark Paper by Mayans

  • Jan 1, 602

    Invasion of Vietnam

    He sent an army south in 602 and captured Hanoi.As the army went further south, though they won battles, their troops died of tropical diseases.
  • Jan 1, 604

    Emperor Yang takes controle of the empire

    He ruled for 14 years until 618, and then he was assassinated.
  • Jan 1, 605

    First stage of Grand canal Finished

    So he started to build the Grand Canal. It is the longest canal in the world. The first stage of the construction was finished in 605.
  • Jan 1, 607

    Caracol society expands

    The Caracol city-state, part of a coalition with Calakmul and
    others, prospers with some 120,000 people in a 65-square-mile metropolis
  • Nov 29, 611

    Rebellions begin

    In 611, peasants from Mt. Changbaishan in Shandong began a rebellion. Before long, rebels from all over the country formed into several powerful groups. Among them, the main military force was called the Wagang Army which was led by Zhai Rang and Li Mi. The force captured the granary of the Sui Court and issued the food to the peasants.
  • Dec 4, 615

    Tiahuanaco Civilization appears in S. America

  • Jan 1, 618

    Emperor Yang Dies

    There was a lot of discontent about the loss of life, the forced labor, and the heavy taxes. Various leaders led rebellions. Emperor Yang was assassinated in 618. He was killed by his advisers. In the northern part of the empire, Li Yuan (李淵, 566 to 635) and his clan emerged as powerful rulers. After capturing Changan, Li Yuan declared himself the Tang Dynasty Emperor in the year 618.