Sudan Interactive Timeline

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  • Sudan Gains Independence

    Sudan Gains Independence
    Sudan gains its independence from rule of Egypt and Britain. Egypt wanted Britiain to get out of Sudan territory, and since the people of Sudan favored Egypt, they wanted it too. After three years of Egypt and Britiain staying out of Sudan due to an agreement that allowed Sudan to be self- governed, Sudan finally got it's independece. This is an important political event because it recognized that Sudan had the strength to have power over itself.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    In the south, a Civil War breaks out between the northern part of Sudan and the southern part of Sudan. Leading to this war were many factos, such as: religion, ethnicity, and the economy. This is a significant social event because these two groups each wanted more representation and the right to their own independence.
  • Economic Recovery

    Economic Recovery
    An economic recovery strategy was adopted and closely followed over the last couple of years in order to restore fiscal conditions after a long time of suffering from a poor economy. Along with that, the government made plans to also help the economy by getting foreign trading partners as long as the peace between the countries can be maintained.
  • Oil is Found

    Oil is Found
    Oil is discovered in southern Sudan. The oil becomes an important factor because it allows Sudan to develop economicly by being able to trade oil for other natural resources.
  • Second Civil War

    In the south, Civil War breaks out again because of the ongoing military and political troubles. This time though, it includes government forces and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement. This is significant because the Second Civil War was a social factor that showed that there were a lot of struggles within the country, and it was also a sort of continuation from the first Civil War that proved that the problems were ongoing and not being fixed.
  • Numieri's Loss of Power

    After becoming a close U.S ally and introducing the Islamic Sharia Law to Sudan, Numieri is overthrown by a military coup. This is a significant political event because it shows that the people of Sudan were not happy with the decisions he was making for their country and it made way for a new leader.
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    A new Constitution is voted in by over 96% of the voters. The Constitution gave people hope during the time when there were hard living standers, and it gave people more rights to be equal to one another. The only problem was that they left out a lot of important concepts, like the rights for health and the rights for education. This is a significant political event because it shows both how Sudan was positively progessing, but how it still lacked proper treatment of the people.
  • Famine

    3 million people in Sudan are killed, or affected, due to famine and starvation. This is a significant economic factor because the famine was a result of unstable conditions in Sudan, and it shows that the people of Sudan were in such trouble, with the droughts and floods, and that no one was there to aid them enough to help save their lives.
  • Industry

    The industrial and commerce sector contributed to a 7% unenployment rate in the workforce in Sudan. Shortages of importated inputs, the defective foundation, power cuts, and lack of skilled man power is making it hard for large- scale industries to get their jobs done. This is a significant economic event because it shows how a lot of different factors contribute to sufficient industries, and that even one small factor can provide problems to the economy.
  • Problems with the President

    Omar al- Bashir, the following President after Numieri was overthrown, was accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Darfur. This is a significant political event because he has been the President of Sudan since 1989, and makes the people of Sudan want to overthrow him because it questions if he is an unfit ruler because he is commiting those crimes.
  • Darfur Wants Wealth

    Darfur Wants Wealth
    President Bashir announces a ceasefire in Darfur, but the two main rebel groups in Darfur reject this because they are still upset that they aren't getting the same kind of wealth in Darfur. They want the government to agree to share some of the power, so the groups continue fighting.
  • War is Over

    War is Over
    The six- year war in Darfur is declared over. Although there are little disputes within the region, confirms the head of the joint African Union- United Nations mission in Darfur, the overall and real war is done with. This is a significant social event because it shows progress over time, and how they were able to come to some sort of a peace agreement that didn't make Darfur feel neglected any longer.